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  1. As a player that's purchased all the cards, I'll look back and say the core set's corp is pretty bad. It's *almost* always led to a negative player experience for me. Whenever I showed the game to newbs, I'd play as Corp, because it seems the more complicated of the two sides. If the person I'm showing it to is completely new, then the game is quite tense, because the player doesn't know the strength of the traps. Once they start getting a hang of it, or muster some courage, they'll learn that face-checking is really too good. This led to some negative player experiences for me that stuck with me for a few years because I blamed *myself* for my failures as corp; surely despite the game being asymmetrical, they'd've balanced the core set, right? Not really. Over time, even after I got a bunch of cards for the game, I kept revisiting core corp decks, and the outcome is the same. Corp always loses. Corp has no Jackson Howard for agenda flood, nor any nasty tricks to stop the runner. You can re-optimize the core set deck with its own cards, but then the runner gets to do that too, meaning the runner still wins. If you're playing Core Corp without modifying the deck lists, you lose. If you build a corp deck with just 1x core set, and allow the runner the same privledge, you lose. You might stand a chance if you cherry pick 3 core sets with a nice non-eratta'd triple astroscript deck, but why don't you just buy more data packs at that point? If you play against a newb, of course you'll win if you want to. If you play the Core set with the intention of "tasting" the full netrunner experience, you'd better like losing as corp. I guess the core set was successful though, I mean look who's talking, I ended up buying a lot more cards. If you're going to buy the core set, chalk it up as a fun learning experience, and don't worry about it if you lose.
  2. Hyperspace Tunnels! House Rule: Jumping to hyperspace gets you away from the cops so easily. If you think about it, the only way Lucas was able to stop a rebel gang from easily getting away from the bad guys was by damaging the hyperdrive itself- a plot device he used twice! This new rule reflects the more "Imperial Cops"-like nature of EotE and allows the astrogator and space pilots to really shine in play. The rule disregards lore in favor of fun and game balance (because seriously, short jumps are stupid)... by adding Hyperspace Tunnels that the pursuer can follow. The New Rules: Activating the hyperdrive costs system strain equal to the ship's silhouette. To jump, the astrogator selects a destination. The distance to travel creates the base difficulty of the astrogation check. The farther the destination, the higher the base difficulty. A pursuer can jump and follow the exact course that the target ship takes. The pursuer's astrogation difficulty is the same as the target's difficulty, but he adds +1 difficulty for every difference in range increment that the target is farther from the pursuer's sensor range. eg The Falcon jumps at 3 astrogation difficulty and is at extreme range from a Star Destroyer. The Star Destroyer has a sensor range of long, so it adds +1 difficulty to its check for a total of 4 difficulty to follow the Falcon. On a success, the pursuer jumps into the same shared hyperspace tunnel! The tunnel is always one silhouette larger than the largest ship inside the tunnel. You can fight in this hyperspace tunnel, and the walls of the tunnel represent the bending of space-time (very deadly to touch). If you want to exit hyperspace, you have to do it slowly to be safe. (This rule deters pilots from jumping into hyperspace and then cutting the brakes to escape pursuers). Immediately exiting hyperspace has destructive consequences on your ship. Slowing your ship in hyperspace by one speed every round has no penalty, but slamming the brakes will do hull damage equal to your ship's silhouette for every speed decreased past one. Other not so important details: Your hyperdrive rating determines how fast you travel in a hyperspace tunnel. 3 Speed for a hyperdrive rating of 5+, 6 speed for a rating of 2, 7 speed for a rating of 1 and so on. Determining a pursuer's range from a target ship in the tunnel seems confusing, but it's pretty straightforward. Start with the base distance where the target jumped into hyperspace, and then for every round that the pursuer didn't yet jump, you just add that much range increment in hyperspace speed. Remember, you aren't necessarily going faster in hyperspace as much as you are just taking a shortcut! eg Round 1: YT-1300 jumps away from Nebulon B Frigate at medium range. Round 2: Nebulon flies towards YT's general direction at 3 speed, YT is flying in hyperspace at 6 speed, so the difference is 3 speed. Round 3: Nebulon jumps and is in the same tunnel, so since they're only 3 difference in speed from each other, they're considered to be still at medium range. Hyperspace tunnels exist for up to a day after a ship has traversed it. A pursuer can follow the trail using the same astrogation difficulty as the target's but upgrading the difficulty once for every two hours since the target had jumped.
  3. So there's two issues: 1. Being in the obligation order before 10 means that you're immune to the doubles rule, since you can't roll a 00 (because 00 belongs to 100). 2. Having an obligation value that's under 10 means that you might not even run into doubles. So if a player's obligation is 10-19, then he has a 10% chance of rolling a doubles, right? Then shouldn't a player with 1 obligation value have a 1% chance, and so on? So how about... Roll for obligation, but ignore any 'doubles' results. Instead of having the double result of the dice being the trigger, roll another 1d100 against the PC's obligation value to check if the PC gets 4 strain.
  4. If I asked George Lucas what he meant, I'd imagine he'd say: "It's about robots turning against their masters. It's just a Space Odyssey reference. The line is really just spoken by Obi-wan as a one-liner. Don't take it too seriously." Star Wars is a space opera is anything you want it to be. There really isn't any logical reason for the Battle Droids to do any of their comical antics as seen in The Clone Wars, apart from the producers wanting to add humor. On one hand, there's a good EU on IG-88 and how he's involved with the robot revolution, and then there are Clone Wars pranks between the droids. It really depends on who's writing the story. If we're asking Lucas's Obi-wan, it's just a one-liner. To a different EU author, you could expand this into its own story about the robot revolution. Star Wars simply isn't consistent in tone to answer your question.
  5. Every cannon you mount requires power. How much power does your ship's reactor generate?
  6. I handled this type of situation recently. When the enemy came into range, the PC and the Enemy both made vigilance checks, creating a mini initiative order within the initiative. Boosts or setbacks apply depending on how distracted the enemy/pc is. After that, the Enemy/PC involved in the attack of opportunity get 1 action against the target. I had to come up with it on the fly, but it seemed pretty simple.
  7. My reaction to the images: "Sweet. Awesome. Okay, whatever man."
  8. More like reward good play with XP
  9. I probably shouldn't have said "abusing", and should have said "cheesing/spamming". I'll throw in about 40% combat, and they still just spam it. I also failed to mention that I've already been taking their strain from other sources, as suggested. They can't always do a double aim, similar to P251's post, but when they feel like their strain is lowering, they do single aim instead. I guess I do have to have the chat with them. I mean, what's the point of playing fun combat if the players aren't going to make it fun? One of the players is an exception to this though. He's doing just fine, not spamming X2 Aim as nearly as much. I kind of want to reward that style of play, but he's not always successful as X2 aim is. Maybe reducing the house rule nerf so that it's just 1 strain for the first aim? There's the three main approaches to a player problem like this: 1. Resolve the problem out of game. 2. Correct the problem with in-game situations. 3. House rule. I'm thinking this could be a good situation where the house rule is merited, and everyone can stand to benefit from it.
  10. My gamers are abusing Aim Aim Shoot. I'm tired of it. Honestly, I think they are too, but Aim Aim Shoot is just too good. I want to make Aim cost 1 strain, so if you want to Aim Aim Shoot, that's 4 strain you just took. Orrrr maybe I should just have a talk with my gamers, and tell them winning isn't everything, and please do cool things when I draw all these cool maps and they just stand in place and aim aim shoot. What do you guys think?
  11. Easy answer: There is no surprise round. PCs were hiding out in an enclosed area in the forest for a few days. They set traps. The enemy NPCs close in, and one of them gets his foot ensnared, which lifts him upside down. The NPCs are a little smart, so instead of helping their dangling friend, they run for cover. I ask for initiative. Player says "I want to make a stealth check, and then I want a surprise round". Me: "No. This ain't 3.5. The rules don't have any sort of surprise round. Combat starts as soon as anybody needs to turn into a combatant. The very moment they see their buddy ensnared, imagine as if the NPCs asked me "Can we roll for initiative to run away?" and then I say "yes" to them." Player: "That's BS. We should get a surprise round". Me: "I might consider it if you guys were somehow continuously all aiming your weapons at the same trap for the past three days, and ready an action to shoot the next NPC that wasn't ensnared. Consider that the snare IS the surprise round, and the surprise round is finished. You can do additional things to catch them off guard, like having a silent alarm where only the PCs are alerted, but instead of granting you a surprise round, it would grant you boost dice to your cool check" Player: "BS! We should get a surprise round!" Me: "Okay, we're not argue about it, so I'm going to use my power as the gm (it was a heated debate), and declare that I'm right, but I will consult the overlords on the FFG forums to see how they feel about it." How do you guys feel about this?
  12. Alright, thanks guys. I'll just stick with Sebulba. I was kinda thinking that Sith Lords also partake in enjoyment as well... I mean, Emperor Palpatine collects art. Darth Vader's office is known to be spartan though. I guess he just likes meditating and torturing himself over Padme all day. That's what Vader does. "Eugh. I need another Padme flashback."
  13. Hi guys, I have a little problem with JoY. The racers in JoY all suck compared to my PC's pilot. I want to up the ante... I want your permission to add Darth Vader to the race. I was thinking Sebulba, but hey, I think this is a great chance to dazzle the gamers. Maybe add a weakpoint, that Captain Ozzel is Darth Vader's gunner. Honestly though, I'm not sure if this would sit well with my group. Two of them don't nearly know enough Star Wars to realize how this would break canon (actually, I'm not sure if it breaks any established EU at all). The other two know their Star Wars pretty well. I've never introduced a Star Wars Film character to the campaign before, and I can't just ask them because that would be spoiling the surprise. So my question: The game's been pretty serious in Star Wars lore. If Darth Vader shows up at the race as a last minute entry, and you're a hot shot pilot, are you pleased or do you think the game has jumped the shark?
  14. It's odd. Ever since Bob picked up a few ranks in Defensive Slicing, the team all of the sudden started getting hacked a lot more often.
  15. I don't like it, it makes "rolling for rolling's sake" very good. Players might knowledge check everything, and players with a generalized skill set will eventually have more XP. A face type character is going to charm everyone for XP's sake. It's too easy to game, and it's difficult to tell when a player is trying to game the system, even if that player is inadvertently doing so. Not all players at the table make the same amount of checks, and proactive ones will usually try to do something before anyone else gets a chance. I could easily imagine someone gaining a massive XP lead over other players from a variety of reasons, purposefully or not. What is your experience with that houserule?
  16. Seeking critiques for my house rules that I haven't put into effect yet. "Harsher Obligations" 1. When your obligation is rolled, your obligation gains the text "-2 obligation value, and the player's choice of either -1 strain threshold or +5 critical injury to his/her own critical injury rolls. This text stacks every time your obligation is rolled, and having an obligation value of 0 does not remove the obligation" A PC can completely remove the obligation through in-game actions ergo removing the stacked penalties as well. 2. Normal obligation penalties no longer apply. Rolling doubles on an obligation does not apply either. You and your party do not get a temporary strain threshold penalty when any obligations are rolled. 3. Obligations are now removable, instead of the Obligation 5 minimum. A character is allowed to have no obligations at all. A PC may now involuntarily gain an obligation, instead of the general spirit that only a player may take on an obligation. Reason for change: Makes obligation harsher on the players (so they don't just take them recklessly). Now, I could do this non-mechanically by simply making obligation type encounters more difficult than normal, but I wanted to have a universal mechanical fix for this, because -1 or -2 strain threshold really isn't difficult enough for people to care. As a rider to this bill, you can also remove obligations, which is pretty much needed because a player would eventually be running around with -5 strain threshold at all times. "Double Roll" When a player makes a check that certainly uses two skills at the same time, you make both checks and allow the first "minor" check to modify the main "major" check. Example: You are trying to extract venom from a foreign snake. Venom is a poison, so it falls into Medicine, but it's also from a snake, so that's Xenology. 1. A double roll is called for in the example, and is not optional to the player. The Player declares which of his skills should be the minor and which to be the major skill. 2. Roll the minor first. The difficulty of the minor roll is not necessarily the same as the major, but for the most part, it's going to be. After that, you roll the Major roll, except the you can consult the minor roll's adjustment table as follows: At least 1 success: Allows any of the following bonuses to apply to the Major roll. 1 success (after the first success) for 1 boost die. 2 advantage for 1 boost die. Triumph can be traded for 2 boost dice, unless the GM can come up with something extraordinary with the Triumph. At least 1 failure: Allows any of the following penalties to apply to the Major roll. 1 failure (after the first failure) for 1 setback. 2 threat for 1 setback die. Despair can be traded for 2 setback dice, unless the GM can come up with something extraordinary with the Setback. Reason for change: Nothing really changes except now players can use two skills at once. Adds a bit of realism and could eventually reward creative thinking. "Harsher critical injuries" Rule: When you heal a critical injury, you can only heal half of it, so +10 crit injury becomes +5. After the day of initial treatment, you may make a medicine check at 1 lower difficulty to heal the target and lower his critical injury by 1 point per day. Reason for change: As stated somewhere else on this forum, Doctors just seemingly make teams invulnerable from the effects of lasting critical injuries. I don't necessarily like this rule because it unreasonably penalizes the Doctor specialization, but I'm not sure what else I can do, so critiques and further proposed changes would be appreciated for this one.
  17. I agree that finding rpol games is difficult. http://www.dailydoserpg.com/ Here's one game that's running off the Far Star campaign. Many people can join, and I recommend you do as well. The game is just starting its second chapter, and it's a good starting point. As for the method of PBP, yeah, there's a lot of back and forth information going on between dice rolls, but what I suggest is that you simply make a check and ask the GM to take care of everything else, that'll heavily reduce the posting times needed. Luke: I use the grappling hook on the beam. GM: Leia gives you a boost die with a kiss on the cheek, stormtroopers are firing for a setback, you take a strain for leaping over a scary gap, 3 coordination difficulty, I'll roll for you and you get a net of 1 success.
  18. You could also use (spoilers for Beyond The Rim, spoilers.... spoilers) arboreal octopus stats.
  19. I don't want to speak for the whole group, but 5 players is pretty much a cap for a game like this (game only works well with 4-5). Like I said, I don't know for sure, and I'd hate to refuse a fellow fringer, but that's just my take. If you're willing to GM though, feel free to start a new thread. There's always a large amount of players looking for GMs. This thread and the other LFP thread filled up in under two days.
  20. My main gripe with YT-1300 is the neck leading to the cockpit. GM: Han, you're in Docking Bay 94, stormtroopers are shooting at you. Han: I run up the landing pad and run straight into the cockpit. GM: No, you can't do that. You have to run up the landing pad, around the turret base hallway, and then make a sharp turn down the neck of the cockpit. Han: Why is that there? Wouldn't a pilot want a more direct approach? GM: ...Look. Just play. What do you do? Want to do an extra maneuver? Han: No. I'll spend one maneuver to go the whole way around into the cockpit, and downgrade one action into a maneuver to get into the cockpit seat. With an incidental, I'll scream "CHEWIE GET US OUTTA HERE!"
  21. Yep. Google Hangouts provides webcam chat, and people that are camera shy can just play with microphones. It's got a nifty EotE Hangout Tool that lets you do public rolls, so no cheating, hehe. Google Hangouts also has Roll20 which lets you put up tokens and maps...which is nice if you plan on actually utilizing it, otherwise just consider it a bonus. It's relatively easy to setup.
  22. Well, as long as you make it super clear that you're willing to GM, the players will come in droves by the end of the night, hehe. I can run Beyond the Rim if you need a GM break, so consider me in your game (and not necessarily out of my Wednesday game just yet). I'm available on all days at any hour except Weds and Thurs.
  23. Venthrac also desperately wants to play: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/104856-looking-for-an-online-game/?view=findpost&p=1074041 I suggest you guys write down when you're available for play. Personally, I'm on the fence of dropping out of my Wednesday game because my group doesn't play long enough for me to warrant scheduling my Wednesday out for it. (Sorry glewis, totally not your fault)
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