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  1. I guess I started a wildfire with the word "upgrade"! I just meant you wont need to "expand" into the realm of hardcore wargaming, that Dust Tactics will still be supported and kept relavent with future FFG products! While I do intend to play Warfare, I and my friends will still play Tactics for quicker, more casual games whilst enjoying a beer or three! I was in no way implying Warfare would be better than Tactics! I'm still a Grid-Head!
  2. I'm a Golden Daemon winner!! ( well, actualy, I just spray-painted a D&D Daemon figure metalic gold, and ran around my house yelling, "I'm a winner! I'm a winner!", but that counts, right?) I'm just kidding, I dont even think I could win the Lead Goblin award ( wich would be a free mini given out at the end of the compatition, for "most Hopeless Painter"!) Any way, I realy like your army's look, subtle but detailed. Cant wait to see one of your walkers! Have fun blow'n stuff up!! Show-off!!!!
  3. I'm just too much of a mini-hoarder, I am SO planning on buying 2 of each! ( gotta have'm for Dust Warfare...eventualy...) With the axis walker, it should be interchangable, so far all of them are ( except the Blackhawk). but contantly swapping them really wears out the peg holes. making them loose and rattley ( as has happened to my oldest Ludwig/Luther), and I'm afraid the bigger, heavier parts will "droop" and not stay on firmly. I might just have to magnetize them, wich I havent done to any others yet. we will have to see. I cant wait till the Axis walker seen on every other page of the book as a faint background is out!! It looks like a JagdLuther armed with 2 HUGE freak'n Laser canons!! That will be very welcome on my army list! Have fun blow'n stuff up!!
  4. The only problem with relying on "common sense" in a game, is that I've found it isnt so "common" after all! Many gamers are simply too competative, and if they can find an interpritation of the rules to their advantage, they most certainly will!! This is why some "other" wargames have over a hundred pages of game rules and explanations in the game books!! I sorta like using the rules AS WRITTEN when playing with new people. We all know what trouble can be caused by "interpretation"-anger, strife, religious wars, toxic cool-aid, etc.!!! And then, once everyone is numb to the head slapping frustration of how the rules are written, then start "house-ruling" the game back into shape!! ( the other reason for this post, is to see how many times I can misspell "interpretation"....) Have fun blow'n stuff up!
  5. You are the only one who can say if you think $100 is too much of an investment for time played.( I wish I could get in 1 day a week for DT!) For me, with all the fun I have with this game ( and since I'm also a hobbiest not just a gamer) the Original box set was a great value!! So much so that I bought 2! and then 2 more Revised sets when they came out!! I know, I have a problem...but admitting it is half the battle! You can have a fun time just using the Box set minis, and playing your own easy scenerios, or finding ones online, and never have to spend another penny on it again. BUT, when you see all of the cool new minis and expansions coming out, you might find them all hard to resist! And even if you arent into typical "wargames", FFG is making everything in the future usable for the simpler Dust Tactics, wich plays quickly and is easy to learn. You wont have to upgrade to Dust Warfare (a much more rules intensive wargame) if you dont want to. So if you decide to jump into war-torn 1947, a big welcome from all us at the Madhouse....I mean forum....excuse me. Have fun blow'n stuff up!
  6. Those walkers look incredible! great use of weathering and highlight! Its hard to see, but did you do a design on the light walker pilots jacket? I did an easy one, a big yellow smiley face!!!
  7. Is the above artwork from the Dust world? I would SO buy that model!!!
  8. I feel kinda guilty now..... I have no kids, not married, no lawn to mow ( and have said mower brake!), and a job that supports my mini addiction quite well!!! I will be getting all the new stuff the day my local store get them in! ( I think its worth a little extra to support my helpful game stores.) BUT, one cannot buy what is not on the shelves.......... Hurry up FFG! I'm begging you!
  9. BRAVO! Great begginers tutorial! ( sorry about butting in with my 2 cents, got carried away with ideas.) one question, do you touch up the white markings after you add the green? Or do you just avoid getting the green on the markings in the first place? Or is that part of the alcohol rub down!? Do a Ludwig next! Please, please, please!
  10. One trick you can do to add detail to a model befor you paint the weathering and chips, is to go over the areas you feel would be most banged up, like the knee plates, and the feet and lower legs, as well as the rear hull edge, with a hobby knife and lightly score the edges, rounding them off and making them look less "factory fresh". add a few deeper gouges on corners and bolt ends. You can also do this with a cheap hobby file set, using flat, round, and tri-angle files, going across the edge if you dont like knife work! then paint the chips and scratches on the places you scored and gouged for a 3D look to the weathering. ( for the realy adventurous, try using a heated soldering iron to press "bullet dents" into the armored spots like the turret side and knee plates, you have to clean them up with a knife befor you paint, but they look really cool). Have fun blow'n stuff up!
  11. Dont fight it Gimp, you know you'd buy one! you may only display it in the bathroom...in the basement.....of your neighbors house, but, being a collector, you couldnt live without one! Although, I think the walkers would be faster than the current game implies, if it had open ground to build up speed, and a pilot willing to take some risks. So maybe a sort of "trample" or "stampede" type of attack could work? Move through enemy occupied squares and squash a few on the way over? You would risk getting a mine clamped to your armored butt on the way by though!
  12. I dont know, I imagine a person who has to be a soldier for 18 hours a day would want to unwind playing games like "Accounants and Corporate Ladders", or knitting, or something as far from "military" as possible! If the commute from Portland, Oregon wasnt such a killer, I'd love to get a game together! But I'm strange, I only want to play with worse painters than I am, so it doesnt leave me with many opponents! ( except this one guy who painted his Slaaneshi Marines entirely with nail polish stolen from his wife!)
  13. I could model up a Disco Ludwig real fast! Platform feet ( good for spins and stomping!) covered in bright multi colored lights, (to blind and bedazzle the enemy), a huge pompadore made of razor wire ( to arrange stylishly and perforate would be attackers!), and spikes all over the ends of the barrels, to make minced meat out of the Allied commandos whilst it does the "Electric Slide"!! It would only take me a year or two, and a good place to hide from shame after!
  14. I use a large, soft case called "Motor Pool", it has 6 trays inside made of pre-perforated foam that you remove to custom fit your models. It has trays 5 inches deep that fit the walkers on there side ok and room for about 100 troops, and 8 to 10 walkers. This case was also used to cart around my IG army including a Baneblade! So I have no doubt it will accomodate the Heavy Walkers once they arrive!!! If I remember correctly it was about $100, including the inserts, of wich more can be bought seperatly. It has the obligatory pouches and book pockets and such. It also takes the aplication of Punk Spikes, wich I have liberaly covered on 5 of its 6 sides, making it my Spiney-cube of Nerd Power! And I'm sure ruining any water-proofing potential the bag once had! It works well for me. Have fun blow'n stuff up!!
  15. Need extra cash? Just sell your body to science! Not the whole thing,mind, just bits and pieces! When I need extra model-money, I BLEED for it! I cant tell you how many Terminators I got from donating blood-plasma. ( not to mention school books!) Believe me, knowing you gave you very life giving JUICES for that mini ( and a good cause as well!) will make you appriciate the game even more! "brought to you by the society of lazy vampires. Here's your cookie." Have fun blow'n stuff up!...do I look a little pale?
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