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  1. Glad to hear it! Those two observations kind of make my day.
  2. I had fun last year, but it's just tough for me to sign away 1/4 of my GenCon for one event. I'm there to work, and losing a whole day -- especially the first day -- makes it really tough, sometimes.
  3. Did you mean Steele's D-Ball, maybe?
  4. She's basically Antilles on every ship.
  5. Yeah, I've gotta go Correllian Corvettes or Assault Frigates, here. I think it'd be fun either way.
  6. Why WOULD they have counter 1? Why DO they need to be further differentiated from B-Wings? This whole topic's just got me scratchin' my head.
  7. Yeah. The fact we're getting those two, and they're both badass? Every other detail is just icing to me. I'm jazzed.
  8. I don't think it necessarily DOES suck. Just remember that you're not always building a fleet, or the entirety of one (just like not every "battle" in Warmachine is like thirty dudes, and the average Orkish horde in 40k probably has more than a hundred or two greenskins). Your individual Armada "fleet" is actually a smaller battle group, just part of a planetary picket (or attempt to race through it), or a small detachment sent to fight pirates/Rebels, etc, etc. Most of what you'll see in a 400 point list is much closer to a line than a "fleet," and with that taken into consideration, something like the (linked) 14th Roving Line is very doable. You can fit an MC80, an Assault Frigate, a Nebulon-B, and a Corellian Corvette in a list with a good 120-130 points to spare, depending on configurations chosen, right? That should be plenty of points to pick up a scattering of titles and other upgrades, then still sink 70-80 points into some squadrons (anything is thematic for Rebels, but I'm a fan of buying squadrons in pairs to make them feel "neat" and not-quite-clean-cut-military, with the occasional stand-out ace or scruffy rogue helping out). So there you go. You're not building a fleet, you're building a smaller battle group, a detachment or squadron or line. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy, right?
  9. Or, for a more dramatic explanation, it's a pretty solid trope for the remaining members of a unit to fight harder as opponents take out their buddies. Kind of like the Law of Conservation of Ninjitsu, cinematically we often see soldiers and dogfighters and stuff angrily pour on the fire and do better, not worse, after a few of their squadmates die. Luke still took out the Death Star despite being the last X-Wing in the trench, right?
  10. I am baffled as to why this is even a serious point of contention. It seems to be a to-the-knife Armada fight going back years, but the whole thing confuses me.
  11. "No romance" between leads isn't the same as "no chemistry" between them. I wish Hollywood would learn that.
  12. Good stuff, man! Keep 'em coming.
  13. I try to match my token/dial/command etiquette with however my opponent does it; if they're playing with their stuff along the sidelines of the table for a less cluttered play-space, I do that. If they're playing with dials and associated paraphernalia tucked in close beside their ships, I do that. Whatever doesn't fluster someone, I match. Also, look into marking your stuff somehow. For game purposes, you'll want a token to show your flagship, number tokens on any duplicate ships you're running, etc, etc, just like always (but a little moreso, so there's never any reason to think you're obfuscating which ship is which). But for meta purposes, you'll also want tokens where you might not normally put them -- tokenize ALL your squadrons, for instance, just so you can spot your X-Wings at a glance and not get them mixed up with your opponent's after the match, etc, etc. Likewise, look into tiny sticker dots (or marking with a permanent marker or something) for your terrain, your range rulers, all that sort of thing. Make sure it's quick and easy to spot your stuff, not just mid-game, but for in between rounds when you're both hurrying to clean up and be ready for the next round.
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