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  1. National vs. Regional Events

    Hi, Sorry to come back so late. An update: The organizer (I used the email as indicated on the FFG site) welcomed me last week to participate in the regional. I believe (but might be mistaken) that this is due to the your protest and many thanks also for FFG putting pressure on him. Many thanks! The biggest "discrimination" issue is, hence, resolved. I do not think that I was earlier mistaken about the information about the email (the organizer was very clear on this). However, the content and the tone of the emails just changed and I am happy for that. (Unfortunately, everything happened a bit late…) I was also given the following information about the French regional: 1) 3 persons qualify for the world championship 2) edge pays only the flight and hotel for the best French player among the top five. 3) only the best French player gets the title "French champion" I still think that 3) is not Ok, since this is not, as far as I know, usual in other tourneys (also other card games). For 2). I guess it is to a certain degree Ok, since edge finances the prize and has to have some say. Why it is important for them to send a French player I cannot say (it also does not seem to follow the usual rules of prizes, as far as I can tell). For 2) It can create the following strange hypothetical case: Imagine that the best French player is fifth (if it is very unlikely, why else do they use this rule?). Then, I guess only the first two non-French players go to the final and the fifth French player. (Otherwise paying the cost do not make sense). So, the third non-French player had bad luck… Best, Bearer
  2. Gathering of Culitists in Duesseldorf, Germany

    Dear Thorndor, Thanks for the advice! I'd like to. I am already a guy from Amsterdam. All the best, Bearer
  3. Looking for Players in NRW, Germany

    That's cool. I will send you a private message. Let's play some games! Best, Bearer
  4. National vs. Regional Events

    Thank you all for concern. I think one should just not care about nationality and just enjoy the game. About the French regional: I contacted about 3 weeks ago FFG and told them I feel discriminated, since I was not allowed to take part in the French regional (by the organizer) since I would not be French. They said they are sorry and would mediate between the organizer and me. Since then I did not hear anything from them (even after sending two further messages about this to FFG). The only message I got was from the organizer of the French regional, in which we - after FFG contacted him - reconfirmed what he said earlier, namely that only persons of French nationality are permitted to the French regional (with the further condition that they speak French). He even was so cynical to add that strangers are welcome to the event, provided they are French and speak French. So far I do not see that this is yet any resolution or solution to this problem. I hope that FFG will still intervene, but I fear that they do not want to deal with it and rather give in the French organizer. Best, B.
  5. Cultist Gathering April 14th in Duesseldorf, Germany!

    Hi Konx! - it is rather a playtesting meeting. We are at least three guys playing decks. Maybe somebody else shows up. (We might do a small tourney with 4 persons.) I expect also some newbies. - the event lasts officially until 4 pm. I will definitely stay until the end. But we can arrange a certain time with the other players. - You can buy the latetest APs, but have to order them first. (We have not established ourselves there yet enough to have the store preorder the latest APs.) Best, B.
  6. National vs. Regional Events

    A good point. If the host has to say who participates and who not, then he or she might exclude an potential rival. Too much freedom on the side of the host can be a real problem.
  7. National vs. Regional Events

    Hi there guys. I've got a problem. I wanted to participate in the French regional this year, but was told that I would not be admitted since I am not a French citizen. (The other dates of the regionals in Europe do not work for me at all.) One question: Are the regionals thought to be international or purely national? At least the categorization of the French event as "regional" (which supposed to be not national I suppose) seems a bit odd. What do you think about that issue, guys? Best, B.
  8. Gathering of Culitists in Duesseldorf, Germany

    A gathering of Cthlulhu LCG cultist will take place this Saturday (April 14th) at the mage store in Duesseldorf, Germany (, 5m from Duesseldorf mainstation), at the unlikely hour of 12.00 am (noon). Deck-players and interested newbies are very much welcome!
  9. A gathering of Cthlulhu LCG cultist will take place this Saturday (April 14th) at the mage store in Duesseldorf, Germany (, 5m from Duesseldorf mainstation), at the unlikely hour of 12.00 am (noon). Deck-players and interested newbies are very much welcome!
  10. Looking for Players in NRW, Germany

    Some friends and I are looking for Players in NRW, Germany. If you are interested to play regularly (or just from time to time), please let me know!
  11. Looking for Players in NRW, Germany

    I am looking for Players in NRW, Germany. If you are interested to play, please let me know! Best, Bearer
  12. Suggestion for Future Issues

    Hi, I really enjoyed the book Free Fall. For me as a newbie it added a lot to the places' and characters' vividness. A small thing that might be added is a list of characters, places, organizations, etc. appearing in the story (with possibly the page where they are first mentioned). This list would help me going back to the book and recapturing where and in which context the story took place. Best, Bearer
  13. Suggestion for Issues to Come

    Hi, I really enjoyed the ghouls of Miskatonic book. It found it especially interesting to see how the author made the pretty abstract concept of acquiring investigation tokens (from the Arkham horror game) much a part of the book's story. It would help satisfy my curiosity regarding Arkham Horror's connection with the books to have a list of characters, retainers, places etc. from the game that appear in the story (with possibly the page of their first mention). If you could include such a list at the end of the book, I would very much appreciate that. Best, Bearer
  14. On March 8th 2012 there is a Call of Cthulhu LCG day at the Mage Store in Duesseldorf, Germany ( starting at 3 pm! Play your first game and/or meet fans of the card game.
  15. Domain Drain - still operating?

    I definitely would like to listen to more domain drain episodes. Best, Bearer