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  1. I acctully have the exactly same problem. Bassicly he figured out a combination of skills and talents that let's him "superman charge" into close combat and kill most things in a single turn of close combat. I to very much do not like haveing to tell me players "No you can't play that". Luckily I've been DM'ing 4th ed D&D for awhile and learn how you have to deal with a player who is just a combat beast. 1) Consider incorperateing more Investigation and Role playing focuse to your story. Reward the players who concentrated on Non-Combat skills. I've found this lets other characters become bad asses in their own right. Since it will be these characters who move the story foreword and drive the plot. This will other make the player take pride in being "the muscle" of the party, or want to start makeing a character who wants to be part of the action. 2)This ties into the 1st point. When combat happens I make it something realy specil. Bassicly each encounter needs to be a boss fight. Alot of times I bassicly need a Marien Termy with simular stats and number of skills/tallents just to go toe to toe with the player in question. Sometimes even needs MORE then that just to give a decent challenge. Then have regularly leveled enemies for the rest of the party. Alot of times "the player" likes to pair up agiest the biggest threat, so don't have to worry about the wrong guy going after him. (That jump pack of his makes dubble sure.) Can cause some awkward situtations story wise saddly. Once had to make up the stats for a war elephant just for something that could give him a challenge. (Witch of course that elephant is now a running gag since I made it too strong and started rampageing threw the whole party.)
  2. I remember Melta Guns always being decribed as bassicly "Microwave Lazers", and that they don't make much noise when fired. Being described as a eirie glow on the end of the gun when fired. They have always been basicly specail ops weapons. In the Video Game Fire Warrioir the melta guns did this when fired. It confused most players who thought it was some kinda of Melee weapon since thier was no visable shot like all the other guns. This is why the shots in Dawn of War/Space Marien are more visable. =/
  3. I'm planning on a campaign in witch the PC's were the former bridge crew of a Warlord's ship. After a hostile take over by the 2nd in command, they find them selfs stranded on a feral world and have to find a way to escape. The other Idea i had was to rip off Demolition Man. The PC's were captured at the end of a war by the inquisition and put into staysis for questioning and exicution latter. But their was a accident and the whole facilitiy was buried under a ton of rock. It's hundrends of years latter and now it's a paradise planet. The facilitiy has been rediscovred and the PC's fitted with bomb collars. Now their the tools of the corrupt plantary govrener. (Witch oviously they will try to betray at some point.) So yah. Bassicly everyone gets to be Wesley Snipes! =D
  4. Deinos said: Amongst my circle of friends, there's sort of a cold war going on about super-evil characters; most of us have deep experience with supremely demented characters, either our own or someone elses', many of which who have gone beyond the limits of good taste in the past... so there's a treaty for the Dark Heresy GM to not push the PCs into a situation they cannot escape from without gassing orphans or whatever, because I told him I promise I can disturb him more than he can disturb me. I dislike conjuring the necessary bitterness to play an evil character, these days, but the only two archetypes that really speak to me is The Magneto (Seriously, I saw X-men First Class and was definitely not going into it looking for 40k tie ins, but it heavily reminded me of the story of a psyker becoming sanctioned and going to chaos, and his helmet even resembles a librarian's hood in form and function) and of course, an utterly decadent chaotic who practices slave trading, but try as I might, I can't bring my current chaos char to do so -- just feels too painfully hypocritical to oppose the Imperium but to have slaves of your own. I would sujest not playing a Chaos Charater as a evil fr the sake of evil charater. My best example I could give was a Raven Queen paladien I played in D&D. He wasn't in it for some concept of "Good" or "Evil" that other people would label him with. He would do what he did for further his own goals, and the goals of his God. (That and hunt Undead to the end ofthe earth if he had to.) He would acculy get alonge with most chararaters and NPC's, unless they got in his way. You bassicly need to play a Chaos Charaters with a more nutreal alignment in mind. They do not do anything "good" or "Evil" on purpose. They have their own moral code that they follow, regardless if the wider socitiy as a whole is accepting of it or not.
  5. Church of the Damned have Sister of Battle Palatine and celestines listed. I'm still reading threw Blood of maytrers but alot of church-related NPC's are listed thier too. The Imperal Creed makes natural enemies for a Chaos Party. I was realy surprised they were not listed as enemies you could run into. I've been still trying to figure out if thier is a book that lists them more complety. Besides that two monster books are great, since Genestealer cults and Orks always make good enemies no matter what side of the Imperial/Chaos divide you sit. Personally I think Rouge Trader Core is a must since it gives you the rules for REAL ships. (Instead of the "plot convince ship"). It also lists some more"human friendly" enemies. (I feel Rouge trader PC's are closer in power level to BC then most DH PC's.) Frozen Reach is a good buy if your getting the rouge trader core, since it lists Rouge Trader Balenced Orks that will be easier to convert to BC. Hope this made sence. @.@
  6. Chaos has a moral code, it's just not the same as a "imperal" moral code. Black crusade also has the best "fun police" of any game yet. The chaos gods them selves!
  7. I can't seem to find in the book were what happens. Do they turn to chaos spawn? If thier imperals do they fall to the lure of chaos? =O Any page numbers to point me in the right direction will help. thanks.
  8. I was just about to point out chart 5-22 my self. Thier is also a definition above the chart that mentioned it briefly. "Legacy of Slaughter". Bassicly a weapon that has emotional resanece with-in the warp. Other to past owners, acts commited with the weapon, ect. A weapon that belonged other to a great hero or great villain. (So dosen'y need to be a weapon of a chaos hero. Could be a weapon used by a imperial hero for example.) But I guess thier must be more do it, due to it's refrence in "Flesh-Fused Weapon". A deamonicly fused weapon fused to your arm dosen't sound like a good idea. Even for a chaos follower!)
  9. You mean in regards to createing Deamon Weapons?
  10. A dark Apostle is more like a Chaos priest or Cult Leader then the scor. Atleast that has always been my understanding of the fluff. They are the chaos equivilient of a Loyalist chaplain in all honesty. They will perform rituals and the such, but they don't sling around spells and stuff. I figured a Word bearer Dark Apostle would be a Unaligned Leader Type, being more a party face/party leader type charater.
  11. XiMao626 said: MILLANDSON said: Nah, you totally know that Donatello was Tzeentch, and Michelangelo was Slaanesh! On a slightly different note...do you suppose it was a Lord of Change that was bound into Liono's Sword of Omens? Combra Commander=Renegade with a leader build. Destro = Heratec Zartan = Apostate Baroness = Combat Renegade ..... 'A'
  12. Derp. I'm REALY tempted to drop some cash I shouldn't for that. D= SSSOOOOOO nice!
  13. The warhammer games are D10 based, not D20. If you never played in a table top RPG check to see if your FLGS hosts D&D encounters. It's a great way to be introduced to how these games play. Encounters is very combat focused as opposed to Roleplay focused. But it dose give you a idea. Well alot of vets hate 4th ed D&D, it's a great introdutory game for new players. It is also the best system for people who have never GM'ed before to learn. The whole game can be run with the dungonmaster guide, the 1st player handbook, and a D&D insider subscription. If you don't have a FLGS to help introduce you to rhe bassics of table top RPG's then I'd sujest watching/listening to Lordkat's D&D streams. Lordkat's Site: http://www.lordkat.com/ His archive for recorded D&D 4th ed games/campaigns: http://www.lordkat.com/wiki/index.php/Dungeons_%26_Dragons My personal favorit was wyrmwick. It starts realy slow, but once they start getting out of the citiy and exploreing it picks up. This campign is one of the most role play focused they did, and alot of the player characters realy got into thier roles. Also... The fan favorit at the time had her eyeballs melted out of her face. So if your a fan of Warhammer40k, it has your daily dose of grimdark. http://www.lordkat.com/wiki/index.php/Wyrmwick_campaign If you do try and start a gameing group and running these games, try to find someone realy familure with the lore to DM them. Thier is over 20 years of lore invested in the setting. PC's can no next to nothing about the setting, but if the GM can bring it to life and tell his own story, it will make or break the game. Hoped this helped. It's 3AM at the time I'm posting this and redy for bed. XD
  14. Mijal said: The rules for humans using Legion weapons are on pg. 166, and they already inlcude a class upgrade (so all the noise weapons would be Heavy under those rules). The RAW, of course, is that you need power armor, but any kind of power armor will do. If you were going to houserule in a version for non-power armor, I'd say have a backpack power supply (add 10kg, like the heavy flamer), make up a clip size before it needs to be recharged, and at least make it heavy, so it has to be braced (maybe a custom-built tripod that extends off of the backpack?). I'd also bump the availability up a notch (to Unique/Near Unique). You could use the full Legion rules if you want to, but by putting a -20 on top of needing an exotic weapon proficiency on top of getting a rare weapon when you could be getting a plasma cannon, multi-melta, Hell Hammer lascannon, or autocannon, I feel like you're basically saying "Don't use this without power armor", at which point you could just use the RAW anyway. Thanks for the Page number! Helps alot. Kept missing that box when reading threw. Yah. Also thanks for the sujestions of how to house rule. ^^
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