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  1. That is still a very awkward sentence. I can't even make sense of what it is trying to say.
  2. So, here is an update! V 0.30. What does it add? How about 50 pages worth of more content! Added in careers from Lure of Power Enemies of the Empire - essentially a beastiary. The Men of the Empire - character generationt to take into account the Five Imperial Islands and the Frontier. Two new homebrew rulesets - Reload and Cover to take into account the importance of guns in Candlelight This isn't it - I still belive there is more I can flesh out. I should do a History section for one, and a list of all the Noble Houses of each of the Islands, and drawing up Regime Diabolique, secret societies. I could also do important NPCs to help flesh out the wrld (and so I don't forget names). But beyond that? I'm looking for ideas.
  3. For starters, here's the link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-HhnLdq14qEN0NIMHpSa045Zmc/edit?usp=sharing. I decided to do a new campaign for my gaming group, but additionally I wanted to do a new setting. We've had done Warhammer twice now, and I wanted a change of scenery. I've had been playing Thief and Dishonored, so I wanted to do a dark steampunk setting that centered around a singular city. Thus, Candlelight. This is the rough rough draft of the setting, which most of the focus placed on converting all of the game's careers to lore compatable ones with the new world. What I am interested in is feedback - what do you feel is good about the world? What should I focus on more, and what needs less focus compared to others? How can I expand the setting? Constructive criticism is the name of the game people. Oh, and you are more than welcome to make use of this.
  4. The vaults are dependent on how many players you have in your group. I would say to get the Game Master Vault just for the GM screen regardless of size. It's not the most useful GM screen ever made, but it's a nice cover for your notes and helps immerse your players into the world. As for supplements, I would also recommend Winds of Magic and Signs of Faith first. You can get both for cheap at Amazon, and they both are Prime compatable, if you had signed up for that option.
  5. valvorik said: You have to buy a fortune dice and you record in the white box how many you have purchased over time. See advancement rules for the options on advancement, and the budget for each career card which notes fortune. You can only buy fortune dice in one of the two primary stats for your current career. This is all pretty clear in the rules if you read them, TOA page 37 Advancement. Ah, that explains it! I read the Core Rulebook all over, but I skimmed TOA because I saw it mostly as a GM advice guide than anything.
  6. So, you know that big box next to your characteristic diamond? The game rules says that is your characteristic's fortune box. But, it never says when you add to it. It says it's for all fortunes attributed to that characteristic - when the heck is that? Is it when you train a skill or specialise in one?
  7. 4th Edition had just come out. Why are they pushing out another edition?
  8. I've got two more things for you guys - roll tables for Distinguishing Marks, Star Signs Human, Elf, and Dwarf names, as well as a Dooming roll table. Distinguishing Marks, Star Signs, and Random Name Tables Dooming Roll Chart
  9. So I found on Strange Magic a very cool series of GM Merit Badges. I'd thought I would link them here and see how all us GMs compare and contrast with each other. But don't just post the image - tell us how it relates to you! My games will tell an interesting story - I place a huge amount of emphasis on the story of my games. If my players are not just as interested in the plot, the drama, their relationships with the rest of the NPCs, then I see myself as having failed at my job. My games use a pre-made Map and pre scripted content - I see this as directly related to the importance of storytelling in my games. It is hard to tell a good, gripping story when you don't know what is going on. You need to pace, you have to know your NPCs inside and out. Improvising is good for laughs, but for "serious" stories you need to have an outline of the story, with plenty of room for player influence. My games include Disturbing content - This is Warhammer. It comes with the territory! But in my Mage campaign, which deals with the corruption of power, I play this alot in terms of what Mages will do in order to create the "better world". My games focus on interesting Characters and Drama - Another direct result of the importance of storytelling in my games. I encourage my players to think up of interesting characters, as well as flawed ones, and their inter party and outer party relations are especially emphasized. I play By-The-Book and "rule-zero" is not being used to alter existing rules - I usually don't have major issues with the rules in my games. If I don't like the rules, I don't run it. If I like the setting, I use a different ruleset.
  10. And it would appear I screwed up doubly - not only did I post the same link twice, BUT the Deathwatch and Wraith border sheets were too small of a resolution to properly fit on a 8.5x11 paper! The base sheet is fine. Deathwatch Wraith the Oblivion
  11. I can say as a new player (first game is next week!) that this would be fantastic for me. I would love to be told exactly what I need to use right from the sheet. Makes me wish there was a way for me to do that on my sheet, but my philosophy was to be as ink saving as possible. However, there is a great deal of white space due to it being horizontal. Why did you choose not to go for a vertical design? Also, I assume there will be more pages coming, since there is still more than a fair amount of stuff miss
  12. Emirikol said: I think that's a cool idea that one of the characters has the same last name as a canon npc. That might be an interesting thing to add to characters that choose the affluent initial starting wealth. I'll probably hold off on that house rule however until after I get the slaanesh box. I find it interesting how RPGers find that to be a cool idea, while post by post Roleplayers and MMO RPers would cringe at the thought. I guess it is because RPgs are a more down to earth, friendly environment (and smaller groups!) while RPers often have to deal with hundreds of other RPers so they need to set up rules to regulate it all.
  13. The new and improved sheets! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8QSF5WYD Deathwatch borders - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3AUCWR9I Wraith the Oblivion borders - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3AUCWR9I
  14. * There's no space for general equipment or ammo I will do my hardest to get this in there somewhere, but I do not know where exactly. I could cut out 10 Questions for it, and create a 4th page dedicated to the character's backrgound. * The characteristics next to the skills would look better if abbreviated, otherwise all the text from the skills and characteristics looks like it runs together. This would also leave room for an "other" checkbox (talent, race or specialization "notice" check-box). Once it goes to form-fill, this will take up three letters rather than all the extra spce. I can do that, but what do you mean by an "other" checkbox? I don't see any mention of that in the official character sheet. * they want the career listed on the front instead of deity Why? They would need to flip to Page 3 to see what the specifics of that career is anyways. * characteristic font doesn't need to be so big as it's no longer lined up with skills. This saves on room for other things below. The decrease in font size would create a minescule amount of room, and it is still the same font size as Character (25pt) which it is currently horizoantly lined up with. * My form guy says don't worry about putting tabs for talent slots on the side as they can be added with a form field anyways. Is he referring to Page 3 at the top?
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