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  1. Watching the online game plays, AH3 is significantly different from AH2 (and AH1 - I didn't throw that away when AH2 was issued). I'm not convinced that I like the mechanism of AH3, maybe I will buy AH3, maybe not. Since FF Games doesn't require a yearly subscription to play AH2 it didn't disappear from my game table and is still fun to play. I don't see a problem. Tom
  2. Some players will want to win and screw the other players. It can keep the other players guessing; what will the insane player do? If you want, just do what the other arkham files would do & have insanity result in that investigator's elimination (player as to run off to the sanitarium for a rest). But the uncertainty of how a player will act is interesting in a mythos game. Fire can result in immediate elimination if there are too many fires when the investigator goes insane and picks the pyromaniac card. Maybe the first time that happens it is a bad surprise, but that means that the group has to keep the number of fires under control, particularly if someone is on their way to becoming insane -- just one more chore.
  3. The rules regarding insanity state: "An investigator’s Insane Condition might alter how that investigator wins and loses the game. In such a case, he may want to perform one or more actions that he would not otherwise want to perform." The words "may want to" do not seem mandatory to me. Unless a specific card says the insane investigator "must" (or other word with same meaning) do something, the investigator would not have to take actions that result in them winning. They can choose to take one for the team and lose themselves (or not).
  4. LTP pg 11 "When you kill an enemy, you gain XP (described later) equal to its level and discard the enemy from the map; it is returned to the supply. Then, you take a random enemy of the same type from the supply and place it facedown on the closest matching icon on the map that does not already have an enemy of that type on it. While an enemy is facedown, it is inactive."
  5. LTP Page 12 "CAMP ACTION Does all of this have you exhausted? When the wasteland is becoming too much for you, find a safe place to hunker down, recover a bit, and trade with your fellow survivors. When you perform a camp action, you recover three HP and unexhaust all of your exhausted cards. Then, you gain the Well Rested trait by taking the Well Rested trait token and placing it on your player board (traits are described later). Finally, you may trade with any other survivors within one space of you. You cannot perform this action if you are in the same space as an enemy."
  6. Looks good; where did you get the skulls from? Tom
  7. First, thanks for the great devastation counter art. Question about the rules. I'm playing with SM as the ancient one so Rome starts out as destroyed. One character is AshCan Pete who starts in Scandinavia. I need to move him to London. If Rome still existed I would use his rail line movement through Rome to London. I know I can't buy tickets in Rome (no longer a city), but what about rail movement. I couldn't find a rule that says rail lines in and out of devastated cities are no longer rail lines. Or "an investigator moving into a devastated space must stop movement in that space" (and thereby have a devastation encounter). But it seems that should be the case. Am I missing something. Thanks Tom
  8. Try this link. I find this app very useful. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/133312-eldritch-horror-companion-app/
  9. No, I believe he meant that one of the add on packs has the miniatures from edition 1. tom
  10. I got both the 45 and shotgun the first time I played COE. Those weapons made winning the game quite easy. The second game was much harder since I didn't get any firearms. I just barely won as the Star Spawn was about to turn the corner and come face to face with my investigators. Tom
  11. Thanks for the reply. I don't know what happened, but I just tried mine, and it works like it should. Sorry for the false alarm, but tanks again for the app and your quick response. Tom
  12. First of all, thank you for this app. Without it I can't fit the game and all its components on mt table. I have a question about how the app handles Expedition Encounters -- or maybe I've mis-interpreted the rules? When I click on the Expedition Encounter bar, the card shows up; I complete the encounter and tap on the encounter to close it. That takes me back to the main page of the app, but the Expedition Encounter bar still shows the same expedition. (e.g. If it was an Antarctica encounter I completed, the bar still shows Antarctica.) The way I read the game rules, after completing the encounter, discard the card and move the Expedition counter to the location shown on the back of the top card. The app doesn't change Expedition locations. Just to check that the "next card" in the app deck, I tapped on the bar, completed the encounter & tapped, multiple times. The bar still shows the same location (the card revealed changes, but is still that location. Checking the discard pool, shows the Expedition cards that I had 'completed'. The only way to get a new location, is to tap the discard bar next to the Expedition Encounter bar. But that means that expeditions to that location can only happen once in a game?? That's not how I read the rules. What am I missing? Thanks again Tom
  13. Cutievalkyrie said: why not? u can have 3+3=6 in ur hand right? From page 9 of the rules: "No more than three copies of any ally, attachment, or event card, by title, can be included in a player’s deck." Tom
  14. I wonder if it will just be a delux expansion or a hybrid to bring in new customers attracted by the movie. I would think that there will be some repeats of characters, but maybe as new cards? If a hybrid, it could be tricky for FFG to please both new blood and the current players. I would like to see some pre-Party Bilbo adventures. He has the right amount of sneaky adventurer in him to be interesting. tom
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