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  1. The "single attack rule" only applies to actions. Not sure where you are getting "or use an effect that forces you to attack" from. Parting shot allows you to interupt to perform an attack, it does not use an action to attack.
  2. The rebels only need 2 movement points to get Gaarkhan adjacant and they would instantly win. Gaarkhan would not have to end his movement their, just being in that space is enough.
  3. The only valid melee target from the red attacker (assuming the attacker has Reach) is the black defender. LOS cannot be drawn to any of the other points. "Reach", RRG, Page 22: A figure with this keyword may perform (melee) attacks that target figures up to 2 spaces away. • The attacking figure must have line of sight to the target in order to make this attack. This is correct. If the space with the black circle was empty however, the blue circle could be targeted with reach.
  4. That space can definitely be target if it is within 3 spaces. Page 9 of the RRG tells you how to count the spaces: Counting Spaces Many effects require players to measure the distance between two spaces. To determine this number, the player counts the number of movement points it would take for a figure to move from one space to the other. Impassable terrain, figures, and difficult terrain can be moved into and through without costing additional movement point for this measurement. This measurement cannot go through walls, doors, or blocking terrain. • If a figure’s ability specifies to choose something within a set number of spaces, players count spaces from the figure using the ability. Likewise, if an ability specifies to choose an adjacent figure, the figure must be adjacent to the figure using the ability
  5. It is not broken. The card overides the rule from the RRG that prevents you from using the same special action twice. That's it. Let's take your reasoning in a different direction. Let's say it is Gideon's activation and he plays the "Single Purpose" command card. He then uses his first action to gain 4 movement points. Then for his second action he uses the "On My Mark" special action to focus somebody. Can he then take a 3rd action to do the "On My Mark" special action again to focus somebody else? No he can't because even though "Single Purpose" overrides the rule that prevents him from using the same special action twice, it does not override the rule that says you only get 2 actions per turn. Just like it does not override the rule preventing more then one actions containing an attack.
  6. Are you suggesting that each figure would trigger the ability? The card is depleted the first time it is used.
  7. Correct. Lock On would remove one Evade from the defense result and Cunning would not add a block for that lost Evade.
  8. Can you put the pages in sheet protecters and then keep them in a binder?
  9. How about a skirmish upgrade card that allows you to discard a command card to pass on an activation if your opponent has more groups remaining than you do? Perhaps discard more than 1 command card or limit the number of times it can be done per round if needed.
  10. If I try this I will let you know how it goes. I do think things will balance over time though. Another thing I have been wanting to do is play some restricted matches which can vary from week to week. One week could be 5 or 6 Act limit. Next week could be no officers allowed etc. This might be good way to try out new things and to use combinations that you otherwise might not be wanting to use if you are highly competitive.
  11. I do not understand this. Perhaps it is a lack of sleep but I am just not getting it. An all can be activated and take its 2 actions whenever it is the rebels turn to activate a rebel figure.
  12. I think the card is Ferocity and not Wookiee Loyalty.
  13. You might start your Nexu's activation adjacent to a hostile figure that you want to attack. You can attack and then pounce around a corner and end up in a spot that would require 7 or 8 movement points.
  14. As has been said, when receiving movment points outside your activation they must be used immediately or they are lost. In addition there is this under Command Cards in the RRG: "A player cannot play multiple copies of the same Command card at the same time. For example, if a card provides “+2 Accuracy,” the player cannot play two copies of the card to gain +4 Accuracy for one attack."
  15. Your thinking is correct. If the mission rules do not specify that the original deployment points are no longer active, then they are still active.
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