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  1. thank you again for this information and links
  2. I tried on vistaprint website, they said me that the resolution was low and the result could be blurred. Did you have this avertissment also ?
  3. And for an idea, how much you paid for this ? You asked for a specific dimension ? Thank you
  4. Whoua ! I hope there will be more and more by fans ! Thank you very much Bruce
  5. Yes, you have missed that " Thanks Nikki, Kara, and Grace for your time and your stories! We can't wait to see what comes next for Mansions of Madness Second Edition! "
  6. Is this the FFG's Official forums or not ? I don't see any answer from FFG Team for this question, even if we post it many times..
  7. Same question and no answer... I think there's a problem with non english speaker...
  8. Edge doing already all they can, but FFG don't give the files for translation, so they can't progress it...
  9. Hi Fantasy Flight Games ! When will you give the files for the dlc scenario "What lies whithin" to the others editor's countries, like Edge Entertainment France ?? Foreigners customers are waiting for it, but you seems to don't care about us. The additionnals scenarios are not translate in French, even if we have the expansions available "Suppressed Memories Figure and Tile Collection " and "Recurring Nightmares Figure and Tile Collection" ... So What is the problem ?
  10. So true, a lot of people saying : There's a lot of versions Ok, so I want to play to the other versions, i can't organize a play with same players and saying : maybe it will be different, maybe not. It's not a party game, we spending a lot of time in a scenario. Some people have not time for playing 5 times the same scenario, hoping it will be different. It must be different by choosing option for "end" already done.
  11. Even if there's some scenarios differents, there's no way to select one, instead of another one, so there's no guarrantee you'll not play each time the same "map".
  12. And if the investigator is outside (like court 2), claustrophobia triggering, or not ? Thank you
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