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  1. I do like the card art. I just don't like the lay out. Maybe I'm the only one. I also don't like the fonts they use... but that's really me being petty.
  2. Apologies for the sass. I don't like the card aesthetic because I don't like it. It doesn't look good, but that's my opinion.
  3. I have no problem with different. I have a problem with it not looking good. Maybe that's my ultimate critique here. They sacrificed (in my opinion) a good looking card for some functionality, when they didn't have to.
  4. I understand this design. They use it in AGOT 2.0. I'm not a fan.
  5. I'm curious why the designers chose to lay out the cards the way they did rather than follow the old design aesthetic. Example: Strongholds would have the Title at the top, then on the right hand side have Province Strength, Gold Production and Starting Honor. The new cards have these three kind of equivalent stats all around the card. Province Strength bonus is now upper left hand corner, fate production is at the bottom middle and starting honor is in the lower left hand corner. These aren't even full bleed cards, so I'm curious as to why design went that route. Another question about card layout, why are the card titles all in different spots depending on card type? Why not just color code them the way the old game did? If there is anything I disliked about AGOT 2.0, was this similar design philosophy in regards to the titles. I don't find this to be intuitive at all to playing the game. If anything really bothers me about New L5R, it's the layout of these cards. With personalities, you could have even kept their design aesthetic by putting military strength on the left and political strength on the right, (though that could confuse people who think it's chi, but whatever.) I'm really left wondering why change the aesthetic? ~~Laz EDIT: I don't need an explanation on HOW the card titles work with the bonuses etc. I understand that.
  6. I have no doubt that clan loyalty will still be a thing. At the same time the 'Ronin' population will likely be much larger. ~~Laz
  7. Having just one forum for ALL of L5R is rough. Subforums for clans, rules and general discussion should totally be made. Just my opinion that no one asked for. ~~Laz
  8. Let's get some L5R memes going people.
  9. If anything changes in the game, I hope FFG can figure out a way to remove the advantage of going first.
  10. To Fantasy Flight Games and all the L5R players out there... I'm making this post so that we the players can share our favorite memories over the years. I don't know what FFG expected when they purchased L5R from AEG, but they picked up a pretty awesome community to go with it. It's my hope that folks posting their memories on this thread can help FFG understand what this game means to us. Because of the unique story line interaction between the players, design and story teams, we all consider ourselves the samurai, shugenja, ninja, monks, onis, horselords of the L5R setting. We've fought and suffered to save the Empire from Fu-Leng, the Darkness, Spirits, invasions, blood speakers, kolats and so much more. My best personal L5R memory has to be the Eye of the Needle tournament. It was the only big story line tournament I ever won. I traveled up there with my friends Jason and Mike. Jason had taught me how to play L5R and Mike was one of the dudes in our playgroup. I was playing corrupt scorpion blitz (like I always do) and Jason was playing a Daidoji Switch honor deck. Mike played Dragon. It was a really good tournament and I made it into the finals. My opponent for those finals was none other than Jason Rosander. My former master. It was very much a "Star Wars" moment, when the student became the Master. Jason even put on a Darth Vader helmet. However, I soundly defeated in a 2 out of 3 battle. This was such a cool thing to happen and almost felt like fate. But it wasn't. It was a testament to the hard work we had put into the game for several years. In the end, this is the card that guy made because of the tournament. In another twist, since I was playing corrupt, Rich Wulf, had her husband Soshi Eiji betray the scorpion, but he ultimately died redeeming his name with the clan. While I've had a lot of other great memories with L5R, this one really sticks out because of who I played in the finals. L5R isn't just a game. It's a family. FFG, please take notice. You just got a lot of new family members. Thanks for listening. With Love, Laz.
  11. Umm how about they keep the game mostly the same, but just balance it better. I'd prefer fewer clans to be honest.
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