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  1. Hi Can someone create a character card with the picture and all teh stats acording to the talisman digital edition for printing? link to character provided below: http://nomadgames.co.uk/talismandeillusionist/ Thank you =)
  2. Well I hope they do revise the FAQ when The Harbringer has been released
  3. Thank you for your replies! =)
  4. When you face your destiny at the "Meeting with destiny" with your path card and resolve all. It states that you gain a destiny. My question is regarding the two diffrent types of destinys there are. There a both light and dark types of destiny. When you gain your destiny, is it a free choise? Can a character that is darkbound choose any light destiny from the stack that he wants, or is it a random pick or is it restricted that darkbound characters only pick dark destinys? Cant seem to find any answears in the instruction manual.
  5. Hi Are there any swedish players around here that know any companies that print cards just like Talisman that look like them or very very similair anyway. If not have you printed them yourself and what did you use? My knowledge in computers and printers are very limited so I need the "Handbook for dummies" solution
  6. Whats the name of all you homebrew expansions. I find all but one on talismanisland. Adventure darkland dragonland timescape alternative endings whats the missing one? It´s the box between timescape and darkland
  7. Where can one get hold of the paper where you put your character card, and other cards on. I see that all the 5 players each have one. Looks pretty nifty
  8. When will the update the FAQ & Errata to include all the current expansions? And why haven't they uploaded the bonus cards I have read about from pre-ordering the reaper expansion? Does anyone have those cards and can upload them in an format printable. Am a new player but have bought all the expansions and it bugs me that I'm not ever gonna have a "complete" collection
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