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  1. Ohnomycocoa said: Elder Signs Omens on iPad / iPhone agrees with us - you can only buy 1 item per turn in total. Yes, but I never meant you could buy more than one item per turn. I meant that you could buy one item. rest of the game you may not buy any more items.
  2. bioball said: It means you can't by two at in the same turn. You buy one item, spell, or clue per turn. I think you are over thinking the phrase. I personally play it as one item only, buying allies is always more useful in long run than anything else, so I want to limit their availability. And with a stock of 8 allies they'd run out very early with their low cost of 5, that's about 3 adventures with or without monsters. Buying a single souvenir just sounds more logical to me, and it (kinda) solves the 'buying the last elder sign' issue thing too. Unfortunately it makes buying anything less than ally/elder sign pointless waste. But you might be right too, maybe i'm overthinking it, maybe it's because english isn't my native language, but that "the player purchases 1 (and only 1) of the listed objects" on page 8 of the manual confuses me. I don't think there would've been room for misinterpretation if the "(and only 1)" wasn't there. I just want some kind of official answer, is buying a souvenir limited to only once per game/investigator? Weird that i'm the only one who've had this question, it has been bothering me ever since the rules were posted online. Maybe it was too obvious to others?
  3. Thank you, I don't think I'm the only one who was waiting to see it scanned. Also, Is that a expansion symbol I spot in the lower-middle?
  4. Buying a souvenir What exactly does the "buy one and only one" mean? you can read it in atleast three different ways. It's there just to remind you can only buy one item at a time. You can buy only one item each. So each investigator can buy 1 clue, 1 common, 1 unique, etc. each. Only one item. that's it. each investigator may buy a single souvenir. Or maybe variant of 2: Limited stock. once a souvenir is bought it's gone from the list. First come, first serve.
  5. Jenkins said: Adding "Once per day," investigator so-and-so can... would solve several issues with investigator powers that are strong when there are less than 4 players. Once per day would be such a hassle to keep track without some out of box markers. I haven't tried either Vincent or Carolyn out yet, but i was thinking about fixing them by requiring them to be "at entrance on start of their turn". this way they might heal at start of their turn after they've spent a turn on entrance, or just won an adventure. This would also prevent them from trying 1 sanity/health adventure "non-stop". (i don't know if that's even a real issue with these two.)
  6. MajMalfunction said: I would interpret that her ability will only prevent monsters from appearing due to terror effects or adventure card rewards or penalties. I don't think "at midnight" effects occur during any players turn, but are their own phase, so monsters can still appear at midnight when she is the investigator. This is pretty much how i interpreted it as well. (though she's immune to terror effects anyways). I try to think it as "If Kate Winthrop directly affects spawning of a monster, monster won't appear". This way it limits to monsters that spawn from rewards & penalties. (including doom token rewards & penalties if they apply.)
  7. Walk said: Zhar attacks, look at the least sentence of its "Attack" entry. I'm sure that wasn't there when I checked this thread in the morning. Grundunza must've updated & fixed some errors. Which is good, another potential GOO to use.
  8. I saw this on BGG too and was quite impressed. I could see myself use Yibb-Tsyll & Tsathoggua along the regular ones. However, what's the deal with Zhar? Is it supposed to finish you before it awakens, since it doesn't attack? That 10+10 doom track doesn't matter during battle when there is no risk involved. It just becomes busy work. My copy of Elder Sign arrives later today, so I don't have the feel on how those battles work in-game. I could be wrong about it. Anyways, great work on those cards. I wish I had a printer for these.
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