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  1. San

    Stacking limit

    Clear enough. Thanks a lot.
  2. San

    Stacking limit

    The Rulebook states, that a single hex may contain up to three units, but never more than two vehicles. Does it mean that a single hex may contain two vehicles and a squad?
  3. San

    Strategy Card

    Aussie_Digger said: So you can't say im not taking any actions then have your opponent take 2 then you say you are going to use a card , as soon as you say you are not taking any actions your round ends and you can't play anything else that round (apart from any units in op fire) That's the point. I thought that it is possible to take such kind of action any time after every two opponent's actions. Thanks a lot.
  4. San

    Strategy Card

    Yet another question about using strategy cards. Let I have 4 units and my opponent has 10. It is two actions per turn. All of my units have been activated, and I have an opportunity to use stratehy cards after every two opponent's actions. But am I allowed to use an strategy card, which removes an activation token from my squad and take an action with this squad after my opponent has finished his action turn?
  5. San

    Concealed squads

    Latro said: Small detail: A concealed squad within LOS but in cover-providing terrain, remains concealed ... and can't be fired upon. Just think of the nasty things you can do with that ... Not really a lot: spotting mortar crews and off-board artillery. What have I missed?
  6. What is the practical usage of concealed squads? To move closer to the enemy? But the concealed squad is revealed as soon as it moves into LOS. The opportunity of hiding in buildings and woods? Any other ideas?
  7. San

    Strategy Card

    One of Command deck cards states something like "Action phase: before your opponent takes an action immediately do bla-bla-bla". When exaclty can I resolve it - before or after the opponent declares his action?
  8. I would say that it willl stay in Op Fire (without an opportunity of resolving) till the end of the turn or till the moment of using an appropriate card, that removes op Fire token. So it's not fatigued in the meaning of spotting another mortar crew for instance
  9. SFMajor said: I would say yes as long as the hex that the pillbox or entrenchment is located in is one of your deployment hexes/gameboards. And what about reinforcements hex? The answer is "no"?
  10. San

    "Op Fire" question

    Grand Stone said: Not exactly. You do know that the unit is only moving, but you dont know to where he is moving I do know exactly the action - it's moving. It's clear enough.
  11. I think I saw an answer somewhere. but I can't find where,. so here it is. Is it legal to put squads initially straight to an entrenchment or a pillbox? Is it legal to recieve reinforcements straight to an entrenchment or a pillbox?
  12. San

    "Op Fire" question

    Grand Stone said: So, this means that you dont know exactly what your enemy is up to, but have an general idé. I think you do know exactly your enemy action, because he has to declare it previously in order to give you an opportunity to control penalties.
  13. San

    "Op Fire" question

    Grand Stone said: However, I have a question of my own (which probably is covered by the rules, but here it goes). If order a unit to do an action, do you declare what action it is going to do before moving it? Or can you change your mind in the middle of the move and use a fire & move action instead of a regular move? The question is, do me (the defender) know wether the unit I'm fireing at is going to take an regular move, assault or an fire & move mentaction before using op-fire? The Rulebook states, for instance: "A player who declares a Fire and Movement action may decide not to have the active unit attack during the activation, but the unit still receives the movement point penalty." "A player who declares an Assault action may decide not to have the active squad engage in an assault attack after its movement, but the squad still receives the movement penalty." The fact of taking such penalties means, that your opponent must know your plans before you actually act.
  14. San

    Assault question

    Is it correct that squad may not support an assault action if it is located in a hex containing razor wire (because it has to halve its firepower twice)? Or can it support an assult action without contributing its firepower (like contributing zero points), but with opportunity to enter the target hex in case of success?
  15. San

    "Op Fire" question

    TheKaiser33 said: You do not half firepower for long range, but instead you would roll your normal dice but only hit on "6". Oh,sorry, of course. TheKaiser33 said: ...For instance, an enemy unit moves into LOS of your opfire unit, however, that enemy unit is at long range, so you decide to wait. The enemy unit then advances another hex closer and is still in LOS of your opfire unit... Do I have the opportunity to use my OP Fire attack on every hex, or only that one that on the border of range? For example, my Op Fire squad is normal infantry squad. The enemy squad is moving straight towards my squad. It moves into the eighth hex counting from my squad (the farest border of long range). I decide not to resolve my Op Fire attack. The enemy squad continues moving. Am I allowed to resolve my Op Fire attack on the next, seventh, counting from my squad, hex? Or, as far as I missed the moment of entering into long range, do I have to wait until enemy squad reaches the border of normal range?
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