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  1. As a dedicated dragon player, I think it would suck to put HT in the restricted list. It would be a bandaid fix that would hurt Dragon more than the clan splashing Dragon. The restricted list was put in place to address problematic interactions, not address unforseen or overused cards. If the Devs want people to stop splashing dragon, they should use the mechanisms already in play to do so, like Influence. I mean, Mirumoto's Fury was literally restricted because of Scorpion, they should have either errata it to No influence (like the "Ways Of" cards), or made it 3 or 4 influence. That said, I think Hawk Tattoo does need a Double Whammy fix, it should get an errata to only target your own cards, and it should get its influence increased
  2. You must be confusing their PVC based Polymer "Restic" material they used with the Mk2 Warjack kits and some plastic infantry from Convergence (and some Trollbloods) circa 2012. Which is in fact not Resin, and yes, it was crap. Their new actual Resin process though is miles ahead of that old crap. If you ever get a chance to look at their new Crucible Guard line, all their plastic is either High Impact injection plastic, or actual resin. Those models look crisp and clean, and if they'll go the resin route they will most probably be the same material/process they will use for the Mini Crate ones. http://losthemisphere.com/wp/2018/07/crucible-guard-athanor-locke-and-the-toro-kit/
  3. I myself have an old school Togashi Yokuni, a Togashi Hoshi, and a Tattooed Monk amongst my collection
  4. Some of you may be interested in this Matt Wilson, the owner and founder of Privateer Press got his career started as an artist for AEG, he worked on iconic images like Yokuni and Kachiko. His company will release a limited edition licensed miniatures through their Mini Crate sub. I for one am very psyched https://www.mini-crate.com/l5r/ mods: sorry if this was against policy
  5. Dragon and Scorpion have a long standing unspoken alliance or at the very least "understanding" Our Champion being quasi omniscient pretty much lets the Scorpion do whatever because "Fate" ... well, at least in the O5R, in this timeline I just think Dragon players are doing it because of momentum, lol Anyway, I think we need to give the Dev and Story team the benefit of the doubt, if Phoenix does in fact get locked out of their preferred role because of Dragon involvement, I'm sure they will come up with something cool for the players to enjoy because of it.
  6. In a sense yes. "Winner of this tournament will get access to this awesome new sword!" or "Pick which clan gets to take home this awesome personality", or even "The new Clan SH is Shadowland centric, because the a-hole that won was using Shadowlands cards, yaaay!". I remember how Phoenix pretty much got the lion's share of the winnings during the 4 Winds saga by getting 2 out of 4 of Toturi's children in Clan. I even remember how Dragon went full on Borg and got a ton of personalities from other clans, that the original clan couldn't play with, all because of some storyline prizes. Back then Experienced versions of personalities were a thing, and getting an XP version of a beloved character was something everyone looked forward to. Imagine the look on the Crane player's face when Doji Reju jumped ship to Dragon due to some random dude winning a Tourney? Those kinds of choices locked out cards for the entirety of an Edition. The fact that the Dev Team wants to give a Nod to tournament "story" choices without setting things in stone is a nice gesture IMO..
  7. Back in my day, we used to offer up Bounties and Bribes to get a desired Storyline prize picked. We would pool up our rares and such and would make callouts like "The Top Phoenix player that chooses X as a prize will get this Bounty" This generation needs to level up their Diplomacy skill IMO Communities discussing what Roles to pic, and then making sure their Top Dog picks said role, seems more like a Feature not a Bug (at least looking at it from the Old School perspective of an entire clan deciding which Storyline Prizes to pick).
  8. Man, those cards look pretty cool! Kuni Yori especially captures his Old5R essence very nicely The only thing that would make me happier to see the Shadowlands back is a Dragon Aligned Togashi Kokujin
  9. Is it because the US military has never committed atrocities during conflicts at all? As a Latin American living in Latin America I wouldv really like to know.
  10. I'm sorry. But did you mean to say "a Japanese person that is offended by Banzai"? or "A Japanese person that is offended by the negative connotation of Banzsi that FFG is perpetuating" Because if it's the first, than I honestly don't think I can, because that wasn't the point I was trying to make. I would be very surprise if any Japanese is offended by Banzai. But, if it is the second, weren't yourself commenting on how you don't like how FFG is brushing your heritage under the rug?
  11. If there ever was a clear example of cultural appropriation, this is it Japanese Person: "Banzai is a joyful cheer in our country!" White Person in Roseville, Minnesota: "Well, we decided it is not" Japanese Person: "But it's part of our heritage!" White Person in Roseville, Minnesota: "Not anymore"
  12. That's good, I rather not actively encourage or participate in the current environment of the perpetually offended. I mean, if 90 year old men can embrace themselves as brothers 70 years after they were literally trying to end each other's life, you would think 3 generations after WWII people would rather celebrate each other for their similarities instead of quarreling about what makes them unique. Exposing yourself to things that may make you uncomfortable is at the heart of finding common ground. Demanding that everything should be sensitive to my needs goes contrary to finding common ground.
  13. I'm just glad "USA! USA! USA!" Is not a chant cause I would be blogging up a storm (I'm sure somebody yelled that when the bombs drop at Hiroshima and Nagasaki) The new chant feels like nerd trying to give himself a cool nickname, way cringier now I think. Also, proper protest would be to present your wakizashi to your daimyo in silence. Which I would support and encourage players do.
  14. Isn't the whole Overpowerd vs Underpowerd Schools the same thing they had with the SW and WH40k RPGs, where you could mix Jedi with Normies and Space Marines with Imperial Guardsmen? i.e.: not really a problem if the players know in advance what they're getting into? I see both arguments, my own personal opinion in gaming is that more Options are always better and that it's fine if some of those options are mechanically inferior if, and only if, they provide the player with good RP opportunities.
  15. Ugh D20 L5R was the worst. I remember people expecting stat lines for the Kami, which really goes against the feel of L5R IMO
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