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  1. Leo Anderson: my character sheet says once per game, the wiki says once per turn. Which is correct?
  2. Tibs said: I don't think Gate Box is extremely great. It's about worth the $4 list price. Well, I tend to have terrible luck when it comes to OW encounters so it's nice to know that I can have a jolly stroll in the Dreamlands then pop out and close Ry'leh.
  3. Wow, well the Gate Box just went from "what's the point in that?" to "awesomely powerful" in my estimations.
  4. Can you have multiple "special" cards (retainer, bank loan, etc)? In my last game one player got trapped in the newspaper by a Star Vampire and got a retainer three turns in a row. I said he could only have one, was I right? If I use a Naacal Key, does a monster appear from the opened gate and do I add a gate token? Also am I delayed when I go through it? Finally, if I use a gate box to leave one dimension and go to a gate that is different, what happens exactly? Can I close the gate? Am I immediately drawn through? Basically I don't "get" the gate box!
  5. If you lose combat vs a Child of the Goat you are delayed. What happens when you lose this combat in a location with a gate? Are you sucked through and delayed or do you stay in Arkham?
  6. Minh Thi Phan: just when do you apply her special ability? Surely every single roll you make pretty much is a skill check? Seems a bit powerful to me so I'm suspicious if I'm reading it right. She gets +1 on Fight AND Combat Checks, right?
  7. Can I cast Call Ancient One when X=0? Say I want to wake Hastur up on turn 1 because the Terror Levels at 0 or we all have Blessings and want to beat Yigs scaly behind?
  8. Hasturs pretty easy as long as the Terror Level is low.
  9. Okay, I have the Revised version of the nain box, so my Flesh Wards, Lanterns and Healing stones shouldn't need to be switched with the ones from Dunwich. However, I have discovered a discrepancy. The Dunwich Healing Stone is $2 cheaper!!! Obviously a gamebreaking discrepancy. Just for completenesses sake, which version should I be using?
  10. We played against Yog Sothoth yesterday and it woke up due to too many monsters. Anyway, I digress, my newest questions resulting from this game are as follows: If I get multiple copies of the same spell (In this case, shrivelling) can I cast them both for a pretty nifty +12 to combat checks? Should closing a gate remove monsters from The Terrible Experiment rumor? We played it that it didn't and got really screwed as a result!
  11. Awesome. We got really lucky as one of our players picked up the best magic weapon just before it opened and even though I was only rolling one dice I managed to get a success every turn.
  12. Okay, hopefully my last question as I think I've got most of the rules down now. Thanks for all the help so far! So, we just defeated Hastur in a Final Battle, and I'm a little unsure how the mechanics should be working here. We needed 3 successes to remove each doom token (3 players). I roll one success. The next player rolls 3 successes. Heres where I get confused. Do we remove one doom counter and save up one success, or remove one doom counter only? We played it the first way and narrowly won.
  13. Okay, two more questions that I had from my last game: If a gate opens through an encounter (not a mythos card) do you add to the doom track? If a gate and a monster appear as an encounter on top of an investigator, is he immediately sucked through the gate or does he face the monster first then get sucked through the gate?
  14. Okay, so very quick questions from a new player who has (hopefully...) discovered all of the mistakes he's been making.... 1. When monsters appear as part of a Mythos card, do they stay on the board? I'm guessing that they do, as rulebook only mentions location cards under the pertinent rules. 2. When you are delayed, do you still take encounter cards/use location special abilities? 3. When you are arrested, do you still take a police station encounter/use police station special ability?
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