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  1. True but you have 1 in 6 to roll it and they have 1 in 2. Likely they would roll first, do everything then claim while you are working on rerolls.
  2. To be fair, it's only wave 4 now. Power creep is unavoidable if we're as lucky enough to have the game going strong after 4 years
  3. Normally I think we'd all assume this but the Instigator FAQ wording reads that "A squadron can attack Instigator if they are not engaged by an actual enemy squadron without Heavy in the play area". In this case, those squadron(s) are engaged by Valen. So you can interpret it as Instigator protects Valens, and Valens protects Instigator in turn. It just poorly worded and needs to be FAQ to let either the squadron attack Instigator or state that Instigator doesn't protect Valens.
  4. Only one of the Defenders can't use the token defensively and I assume he'd take evade to offset.
  5. So this part I still can't get. A corvette is at speed 3. Imperial player decides to use G8 to reduce it to speed 3 before Determine Course phase. Corvette player decides then to use his token, after fiddling around with his man tool of course, to increase his current speed back to speed 3. Corvette moves. Does the corvette's speed dial now revert to 3 or 4? What happens if we replace the corvette example above with a slower ship that maxes out at speed 3?
  6. Some more pictures to share from our Nationals event. It was as many X-Wing players as we ever got in our country. Here's hope to increase that in time to come. Setting up for Final Table. See the guy in the back trying to get the camera ready. Ignore the guy in front who's keeps going "my body is ready". Everyone else is trying to sneak a peek at the top 4 tables where some crazy dice rolls were happening. I believe there was a consecutive triple natural evade at a point. The TO giving out the swag to our undisputed winner. Happiest dude around for a while. He even made a pre-fight interview.
  7. Half way through a game, someone would hand you a foldable chair and you smash someone over the back with it?
  8. I can't find the rules that says you can't take the same upgrade twice. You can't take modification twice but aside from that, builders I've seen do allow you to put 2 G7 on a single interdictor.
  9. It may be muted for a while, but PS wars will come again, especially as FFG puts it "new focus on arcs". More interestingly, I wanted to see if pilots like Quickdraw who can shoot outside of combat phase would affect PS bid going forward.
  10. Oh man, see X-Wing game with X-Wings. X-Wings are amongst the most underutilized ship in that game and it came with the coreset.
  11. I don't suppose you have fleet point system to go with that do you?
  12. Yes! This is exactly what I was thinking.
  13. Off topic for just a tad. It's been bothering me but I can't figure out what DeMSU stands for. From the conversation I understand what the build is but what does the MSU stands for?
  14. That's an interesting way to quantify builds. I do agree with the premise that right now with wave 1 and 2 only available to us that fleet builds and objective selections factors more into winning game rather than play style or skills. Not to say skills isn't important, just that a good build gives you a much more severe edge than say an equivalent game of X-Wing.
  15. Have you seen 4-5 mc30s with Rieeken and TRC? 4 Assault Frigates with Akbar and TRC? Or Neb B (Salvation and Yavaris titles) with Luke and TRCs? TRCs basically. Run as many as you can.
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