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  1. Hello all, my google-fu has failed me, and I can't seem to find any mention anywhere as to how obvious it is when a psyker manifests their power. Basically last session my GM informed me that he believed it was obvious to all when a psyker used a power (as least as far as he could recall in regards to the 40k universe). While I'm totally cool with this, it *is* actually gnawing at me as to what it's supposed to be. I know that detecting a sustained psychic power requires you to be a psyker (unless its manifestation is materially obvious), but I'm unsure as to the effects of a new power. Slightly annoying, as other RPG's I play tend to be fairly explicit as to what is occurring (generally giving at least a solid basis for working out things). It also restricts a bit of what some of the more...subtle based powers can do (mind reading, glimpse to improve a bluff check *what I was planning to do*) Again, not too fussed if it is indeed obvious, but I'd really like to be shown the rules or even fluff so I can actually know my limits in more...delicate situations.
  2. The way our group has dealt with the problem of maintaining sustained powers is via fatigue. Basically, we've ruled that every minute you sustain a power at Push level you gain a fatigue level, every 2 minutes you sustain a power at Unfettered you take a Willpower test that increases in difficulty by 10 every time (So first test is at +0, 2nd at -10 etc) with failure incurring a fatigue level, and powers at Fettered you last some number of hours before having to take a similar willpower test. Sustaining multiple powers divide the time by how many powers you use. This way it limits psykers from simply sustaining big powers all day after pushing once with sacrifice to prevent any problems to them. Also, based on my reading of the rules, sustained powers and active powers do not interact with reduced PR (yes, I know the table has the reduce +1 PR per power). Going by the rules text under Sustaining Psychic Powers "Sustaining multiple powers is more difficult and more tiring. Any character attempting to sustain two or more powers at once must spend the longest action from the Sustain Requirements of all the powers being sustained, and reduces the effective Psy Rating for each power by the number of powers being sustained." Based on this, our groups reading is that you get the first sustained power 'free' (apart from increased chance of Perils) but as soon as you sustain another power, you reduce the PR of both by 2.
  3. In the base rules, you can make a swift attack as part of the charge action in Black Crusade, though they errata'd that one out. For our group, that is one of the errata's we ignore as it instantly brings back the problem we had with deathwatch; combat monsters never wanted to charge. Basically it was as soon as you charged, you got a single attack that they simply parried, then attacked back with multiple lightning attacks which usually meant you were in serious trouble. Our houserule in Deathwatch was that you got a free feint when charging, but I must say I prefer that you can use Swift attack with charge. It actually gives you reason to charge, while still giving ranged characters some chance at living through the initial charge attack.
  4. Hey, was just looking at the Tome of Fate for some interesting powers for my pysber raven minion if he ever hits Greater Minion and was looking at Befuddling Curse (yes, I know it requires alignment). Re-reading it, I'm just a little curious as to whether it's actually a bolt attack given it doesn't follow the standard pattern which gives exact rules after the description. It does mention bolt in the initial description but it seems that the target really doesn't get the chance to dodge it. I bring this up because if it's not a psychic bolt attack, then it seems way too powerful given its prerequisites; Aligned Tzeentch, PR 3. Given it basically means that you have a 90% chance of taking someone out for at least a couple of rounds (assuming 40 toughness) with only a minor chance of actually being useful (rolls frenzy, rolls coming out the walls and shoots in the right direction by chance, rolls small and somehow passes all fear tests) and with a couple more PR, you pretty much have a guarantee of it, the lack of counterplay seems…a bit excessive for 250xp. Now granted there are a few ways to deal with it. Be immune, be a psyker with a hood, be a big mob, but these are a little too restrictive for encounters given that once you take this power, you can pretty much deal with everything else and thus the GM must have one of these options to even challenge the party. Basically, all this is building up to the hope that someone tells me that this power is a bolt attack.
  5. Just like to point out that if the test is Hard (-20) and the Grey Knight gets -20 agi for Terminator armour, they are rolling at a -40 or -50 if they suffer one fatigue level. On average stats they're at a 10 or 0 after fatigue, or a 20 and 10 if they have 50ish agi. As to putting it out with the environment, the gm gets to decide whether to make the the test easier or harder depending on where you are or if you have allies helping.
  6. Honestly for a sniper type character I'd be more likely to pick Agility as opposed to BS. Given you're only firing single shots, the benefit is fairly limited (Replacing DoS, helping get the accurate bonus). Although this is important, it'd be more important to remain undetected by your opponent given that as soon as they're aware, you're going to have a hard time dealing with them simply dodging your attacks.
  7. Using the word 'wounds' kinda annoys me as much as other games using 'hp'. It just puts me in the mind that I'm hacking away at an enemy (or ally ) like they're a mobile tree. I think of wounds (and hp) as more 'luck and focus'. Each attack chipping away at your concentration (obviously this can be represented differently for larger monsters for more epic like fights) until their luck runs out and you hit criticals. As to 35-40 wounds for humans, probably not the best judge given our group doubles all wounds on characters (base npc humans still around 12-15 tho). Mainly it makes it easier for our GM to gauge encounter strength and won't accidentally throw a tpk our way simply due to a few crits, and does allow enemies to target our party in terms of logic and danger, hitting the crazy khorne renegade first (at least until he was betrayed by a fellow party member) followed by the squishy psyker, before moving onto the less dangerous CSM and finally the heretek. This also allows a bit more flexibility in designing encounters as he doesn't have to worry about the fact that a weapon will either do no damage to the marine (marines now after the betrayal) or will insta kill a less resilient party member.
  8. I don't suppose anyone knows when we can expect the PDF version? I mean, it's likely that there will be a scanned PDF version up fairly soon, but I'd much rather pay for a proper copy from FFG
  9. They're different actions, so you can Aim the make a standard attack to get +20 to the attack.
  10. Always up for seeing more psychic powers (currently playing a psyker )I love alot of the concepts, especially biomancy being based off of toughness. A question however with See Me Not, what range is it? I know you specified self, but fluff wise it would seem that its the psyker reaching into the mind and erasing their presence. It seems to me that that would have a certain range, and wouldn't be that useful against say, a sniper sitting half a km away. Thats all for now, will be reading a bit more thoroughly over the weekend. Thanks again for putting this together.
  11. One member of our group picked up the book (I'd bought the online version), and after 1-2 weeks of not heavy reading at all its beginning to fall apart. Of course it does it with such terrible sounding noises too
  12. If your psyker regularly pushes, then it won't be too long before they implode. If you're too worried about damage mitigation, start using hellguns with their pen 7 or so. A psyker straight out of the gate simply cannot get close enough to a marine straight out of the gate, and if they try, they are simply going to die from pushing powers too often. And also remember that the problems with weapons that easily pen away stuff is that then humans suffer the problem of a single lucky hit can often spell their death ><
  13. Indeed Rev Mort and I have agreed to disagree on warptime. Admitting the problem is only the first step remember, he may still be addicted to munchkiness One question I will second Rev on is how much xp has there been, because getting to PR 6 + warptime + Precog Strike + swift attack + raptor ALOT of experience. I mean, if there has been that much experience, you should experience a few things. Everyone in the party SHOULD be incredibly scary, and the more experience you get, the worse your psyker is most likely going to get. Psykers tend to take alot longer then other characters to hit diminishing returns, as there is just so many things they can get that greatly improves their character.
  14. Dear god, where to start? Ok, first off, with raptor I'd say that the extra damage would only really be either when using it as a single attack, or more likely, the first hit from the swift attack. Secondly, and this is something I had argued with others with earlier NERF WARPTIME. Dear god that power is far too good for a mere 400xp. Some options our GM and I came up with; 1/2 PR to stats, Duration, or the one we've used, it gives the psyker a level of fatigue for each use, with it duration being PR. If cancelled early, still gives a fatigue level to stop someone from cheesing it With force weapon, we've taken the route that the maximum amount of extra dice you can have for damage is = to PR. This is still a boatload of damage usually, but it does mean that if they wish to get higher amounts of damage, they have to start risking it with the unfettered/and or push. Precog strike is fine, effectively a chance at getting +15 to hit at PR 6, because if you're using it unfettered you risk causing perils of the warp which tends to...auto-correct your psyker problems To be honest, you are always going to have a problem as soon as a psyker has both a force weapon and either swift or lightning attack.
  15. Personally I'd allow hammer blow to be used on the second strike, but not killing unless you spend another infamy point. The thing is, I feel that if you can't have 2 hammer blows in one turn, there honestly is very little point taking hammer blow over duel weapon lightning attacks.
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