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  1. Would love to if any of my LGS could actually get product in stock from FFG
  2. xBeakeRx

    Wave 4!

    If anyone wants to see these beauties: http://www.boardgamequest.com/x-wing-miniatures-large-ships-not-wave-4/
  3. I have played a 2v2 team battle where each player brought 75 points worth of ships, so in total it was 150 points for each side. We played this on a 4v3 board and it was plenty big enough to support 300 total points, I would think for 300+ points per side you would probably want to move up to a 5x4 or 6x4 board.
  4. So, here's a situation that came up the last time we played that I would like some clarification on. Lets say you have a ship that is near the edge of the play area/map. He executes a turn maneuver where his ending spot is still within the play area completely, however, if you were to move the ship along the path of the movement template, part of it's base would have moved outside the play area during the ship's flight. Is this ship lost because part of its base moved outside of the play area during the flight path, or is it safe because the ship landed completely within the parameters of the map? Page 17 of the Core Rulebook: "If a ship executes a maneuver that causes any part of its base to go outside the play area (beyond any edge), then that ship has fled the battlefield." But this doesn't state if this is at any time during the movement along the flight path or simply any part of the ship landing outside of the play area. From Page 3 of the FAQ (in regards to overlapping ships): "Yes. If any part of the ship’s base in its final position (after moving backward) is outside the play area, then the ship has fled the battlefield." This makes it seem like it is the ships final resting position that determines whether a ship is outside of the play area. The way we ruled this situation was that because, during the ships flight along the template, part of the ships base went out of bounds, regardless of the final resting spot of the ship, the ship was lost. Do you think this was the correct ruling?
  5. xBeakeRx

    Wave 2 in-stock

    The problem for me is, there are about 4 LGS in my area and none of them are getting shipments of stock in. I don't think FFG can supply all their retailers, so the smaller ones are not getting the ships in stock. In fact, I was at one of the stores a couple days ago and was talking with the owner, he said he refuses to hold any further tournaments/promotions for X-Wing because he cannot sell the product. He feels like if FFG cannot supply him the product to sell, he is not going to promote the game. I can't really blame him, he was actually scheduled to hold the regional qualifier here in the Nashville area, but backed out because he has no product to sell, kind of sad.
  6. xBeakeRx

    Wave 2 in-stock

    Yeah, its at the point where you have to check every morning and try to beat the rush, it's crazy that FFG cannot keep up with the demand.
  7. It's not 4+1, it's 4 with an option to re-roll one die. The difference is, rolling 5 dice means you have a maximum damage potential of 5, whereas 4 with a reroll still only has a maximum damage potential of 4.
  8. xBeakeRx

    Wave 2 in-stock

    And they're out of stock again...
  9. xBeakeRx

    Wave 2 in-stock

    Miniature market got some more Wave 2 ships in stock, I was able to pick up another interceptor. Get em while you can!
  10. You are correct, only 4 dice on Mauler at range 1, Howlrunner would just allow him to re-roll one of his misses. As far as your example goes, I almost always include Howlrunner in my games, and she almost always survives till the end. I normally will place a stealth device on her for some extra protection and keep her at a safe distance. The key with Howlrunner is to not make her the primary target. If you are using her with a stealth device, keep her within range 1 of your heavy hitters like Mauler Mithel and Backstabber, or a firespray. If you are able to limit the firing arcs from enemy ships on her, the 4 agility should allow you to avoid most damage for a while (I also take evade 90% of the time as her action). Even better, if your enemy is focusing fire on Howlrunner, that should mean your damage dealers are not getting shot at, so it is a win-win situation. I would much rather have my opponent shooting at a stealthed Howlrunner with an evade token than my Mauler Mithel.
  11. xBeakeRx

    Taken the plunge

    I think the main thing to note here for any new player is to start with 2 core sets. That should be the foundation for anyone starting out this game. Then when you are ready to start expanding, get 1 x-wing expansion and 1 tie fighter expansion for the new pilots and upgrade cards. From there a y-wing and tie advanced would be my next choices. With 2 core sets and 1 of each of the wave 1 expansions you can easilly make 100 point lists for either side.
  12. The reason you take out the x-wings first is they have the same base attack value as the Falcon (3) but have less than half the amount of shields/hull points. If you can take out 2 x-wings in the same amount of time as it takes to eliminate 1 falcon, you are essentially taking out 2/3 of the enemy firepower compared to 1/3.
  13. Don't be discouraged from posting, Chiefmasterbeast. We're here to help. Please keep posting and trying. Points aren't terribly important in scenarios, but the odds are so heavily weighted against the Imperials that the TIEs wouldn't last very long - the TIEs are being fed piecemeal two-by-two to an incredibly more powerful Rebel force - 4 times the Imperial points cost from the start and growing larger and replentishing shields! Just change it to look more like this: Turns 1 to 3: Rebels get 100 points, Imperials get 4 Academy TIEs. Turns 4 to 6: Rebels replentish all shields, Imperials get 4 Obsidian TIEs. Turns 7 to 9: Rebels replentish two shields for each ship, Imperials get 2 TIE Interceptors. Turn 10+: Rebels replentish one shield for each ship, Luke and Wedge show up, Vader and two Black Squadron TIEs show up. This seems more playable. The Rebels will have about 160 points and the Imperials 200 but spread thinly piecemeal. The challenge for the Rebels is to kill off the TIEs before more arrive while the TIEs need just to survive until help arrives. This sounds like a fun scenario, I think we'll have to try this one out.
  14. Wow, 400 points is a ton, that game must have taken 4+ hours. The most I've ever played is 150 points, and it was definitely manageable. I think we could move up to 200 points without too much dificulty, but anything more than 200 points I fear would be far too much. Also, online retailers got Wave 2 shipments in today!!! Get them while you can!!! I tried to pick up some interceptors, I managed to get the last one from miniaturemarket.com before they sold out completely...they went so fast!
  15. Yeah, the SSU infantry are definitely lacking. The problem is they're all short-medium ranged infantry but all armor 2, so they die before they get into range. I like the Red Thunder and Red Storm squads a lot, you just have to get them into range safely. I'm working on an "air mobile" army right now that utilizes 2 attack helis and 2 transport helis with some Red Thunder squads. It's a shame you cant get the Chinese Volunteers outside of the Airborne Transport box because they would be a great unit to run alongside tanks.
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