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  1. Frozen Fantasy is one of my absolute favourite settings as well, really hoping we get something in this vein, even if it isn't totally Frozen Wastes. Mists of Zanaga was good stuff as well, so a jungle theme would also be well-received
  2. The six factions are more Runewars/Rune Age than Runebound, since the Battlemist stuff got ported into the Terrinoth setting back in the day. At any rate, they're the Daqan Lords (humans), Latari Elves, Waiqar the Undying (zombies), Dwarves of Dunwarr, Uthuk Yllan (chaos demons) and Orcs of the Broken Plain. Battlemist also had a couple of other factions in there apparently - Loth K'har barbarians is the only one I can think of though, but anyway. I'd also love to see a Runebound LCG, as I love the setting and always felt that more could have been done with Rune Age. I imagine that FFG only has room for one medieval fantasy style game in the roster though, and Game of Thrones is probably much higher on their agenda than Terrinoth. But I get the feeling that they'll be giving us other games set in that universe now that we have the Runewars miniatures game coming out, and they've let the GW licence drop...
  3. I'm thinking we'll get to see something like the Saga expansions for Lord of the Rings where we re-create some of the classic Lovecraft stories, seeing as how the first cycle is dealing with the events "around" one of the classics in the manner LotR dealt with side stories around the events of the books. So I'm looking forward to a full-blown Call of Cthulhu deluxe expansion where we can investigate the bayou and stuff, maybe a Mountains of Madness thing that involves a lot of biting cold and elder things, a Shadow Over Innsmouth box with scenarios that have us running through the streets or terrified in the hotel... I'd love to get out into the wider world, as well. Much like Elder Sign seems to have really taken on a new lease of life since we left the museum, I think it could be really exciting to see what happens when we get this model of game with an Egyptian or Mayan setting, as Trialus suggested. I do like the fact that the game hasn't straightjacketed itself into a distinct location from the outset. I also think it's crucial we get more standalone scenarios. I know the mythos packs seem to be standalone things, but I kinda feel like the game relies too much on the story and, now that I've played through the core set, I don't see myself playing this game again until a new scenario comes out, even to try other investigators. Having a steady stream of content to play through seems really important so, if they can produce POD stuff a few times throughout the year to support the main cycle, that'd be a winner!
  4. I was just thinking that playmats and more card sleeves would be a good addition! I played in my store's championship today, and we were talking about the way Games Workshop has been expanding their range into smaller armies, and perhaps we'll see a Mechanicum box that can ally with both Marines and Guard at the same time, or something. Though I guess FFG mostly expand their LCGs with faction-specific deluxe expansions. I agree with CommissarFeesh above, and think we'll be getting Space Marines first. Hopefully with more Chapter-specific stuff!
  5. It definitely has the Egyptian theme come through when you play against Nephren-Ka. Abhoth is just like a core set AO, has a really great implementation of the children mechanic this time around. There are some nice nods to the source material such as Haunter in the Dark / The Outsider, but it doesn't really feel the same way Mountains of Madness has the cold theme.
  6. Just had my first game with the expansion today, and I have to say, I'm really impressed! Eldritch Horror, despite its mammoth set-up time, remains one of my absolute favourite games, precisely because of the feeling of care and attention taken with all of the material for it. Under the Pyramids, at first impression, remains consistent with this. Some of my jumbled thoughts include: - great to finally see some of the AH base game investigators make it to this game; - impairment tokens are a real pain; - the new mythos cards can be really brutal; - the new sideboard is wonderfully thematic, and - the Museum Heist adventure is a lot of fun! Has anyone else had a chance to try this out yet?
  7. Count me in for some more Rune Age! More armies, more units for existing armies, more scenarios - whatever is on offer, I'm sure I'd love it! I primarily play this solo nowadays, so more solo scenarios (or solo-capable) would be extremely well-received!
  8. All of them! Still play Warhammer Invasion and Game of Thrones regularly, and will likely still play Call of Cthulhu also for many years. Only played Conquest once, and Star Wars a couple times more, but I've been avidly buying them up. Hopefully they'll become more of a fixture soon. After getting a few people into Netrunner at the local store, that certainly has. Lord of the Rings remains my favourite card game of all time. While I'm not planning to get into AGoT2, I'm thinking Legend of the 5 Rings could join the others when it arrives...
  9. I love how super-positive everyone is for this next step - it's so awesome! Cannot wait to get my hands on this one, even though I'm still loving the whole Angmar thing. I must've had the most stupidest grin on my face ever when reading we'll be getting a ship for our party at the beginning of each scenario. I mean, ships! There's just too much good stuff for this game right now - it's an amazing time to be a card-gamer!
  10. Thanks for that, AmtsboteHannes! It hadn't even occurred to me that it isn't an icebreaker...man, I'm out of practice with this game...
  11. Hey folks, just recently getting back into this game, and thought I'd try something new, so have been building a Criminal deck and came across Grappling Hook as a good-looking piece of tech, but I'm a bit confused as to how it works. If it has strength of "-", does that mean the strength of the ice doesn't matter? I'm assuming yes, but want to make sure before I start throwing some hooks around at my local store! Thanks in advance!
  12. I love everything about this post!!
  13. For some reason, co-op adventures for Imperial Assault hasn't even occurred to me, but now you've mentioned them, I'd love to see that happen! While co-op variants always tend to feel like they've been an afterthought, to me, the Descent stuff has (so far) been really good to experience, so I'd be all over any possible expansions they may care to deliver in that respect. So I suppose it wouldn't be an absolute imperative that any theoretical game be a new design. That said, having a co-op card game would be awesome, but would likely need to be a newly-implemented thing. So I'm coming down squarely in the middle of this one...
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