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  1. In the Operation Shadow Event Outline "Escalation Info" section the army requirements for Rounds 1 - 3 are Round 1 - 0 Commander Units & 1 Operative Round 2 - 0-1 Commander Units & 1 Operative Round 3 - 1-2 Commander Units & 1-2 Operatives Does this mean you are not allowed to play a Rebel army at these events?
  2. Can't speak for SF City as that is the place where everyone bails out online Sunday mornings maybe there are still bunches and bunches showing up. CS WL, I've heard, does not have great turn out for their events again maybe I've heard wrongly. MD has no players currently then again maybe the OWNER of the store was lying to me when I asked. Earlier this year FFG stopped selling directly to stores and only sells to one distributor/vendor (why I said FFG wont sell them any). If that distributor/vendor doesn't have it or decides not to sell to your store you are SoL as there are no other options. That distributor is who CS orders from, they have to. They were told they would not receive any of the initial wave of the "Priority Supplies" yet somehow there were plenty enough for there to be lots for sale on Amazon. I've worked for game retailers and at a game distributor and have spoken to people at CS (my FLGS) so I'm not just making this up as to how I think it might be. I'm sorry if I brought the tone of this thread down that was not my intention. If you are in the Orlando area and do actually play and are lookin' for a new player to get beat by : ) feel free to PM me. Or please let me know if I'm wrong about SF City, CS WL, or MD as I want to play.
  3. What are you talkin' about? I live in Orlando and have tried many different avenues to find other players and have been unsuccessful each time. I've seen SWL for sale at discouns in stores locally because it isn't sellin' here in Orlando. My FLGS, Cool Stuff, still hasn't gotten the Priority Supplies in to sell because FFG wont sell them any. The FB forums for Orlando has a group that posts to play on Sundays at a FLGS, and every Sunday morning the thread becomes "well I'm not gonna make it" "I wont be there" "got stuff to do, can't make it". If you know of some place where people are actually playing in Orlando PLEASE don't keep the info to yourself, share it!
  4. Ahem, that's "Darth Bob" to you. He finds your lack of formality disturbing.
  5. I remember hearing them called that in a behind the scenes special for ESB by the special effects guys IIRC. Also during the making of Star Wars before the ships had official names they were referred to as the one with the x wings, the y one, and the one that looked like a bow tie.
  6. I did a rough eyeball scaling of 3 pix showing the Bandai AT-ST, the SW: Imperial Assault AT-ST, the SW: Legion AT-ST, & the WotC AT-ST in size relation to each other. Let me know if there are anymore. Turns out I can't post a second picture on these forums, so you can see it at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1740089486009912&set=gm.2082750851948969&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  7. As I said elsewhere, its a Chicken Walker and a Chicken Nugget Walker.
  8. Here's a link to a topic I posted last month of some scatter terrain I made for SW: Legion.
  9. Here's a list you might find helpful http://www.starwarsmodels.com/models.html
  10. I'm beginning to work on the next design. I think its gonna be pretty cool.
  11. I wanted to share a picture of some scatter terrain I made for for Star Wars: Legion. If you want to see more pix including close ups and images from Rogue One and Rebels I used for inspiration click on the link below to go to my post in the Star Wars:Legion (unofficial) Facebook forum. pix of Terry's scatter terrain
  12. I manage the warehouse of a game distributor and will post when it arrives here at the warehouse and is ready for your LGS to buy it from us.
  13. I'm attending DGM this weekend so can't play this weekend but would be up for some DUST next WED around 7:00 at Gunslinger.
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