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  1. I'd got some idea through reading the boards as a lurker, before I started posting. Have they done anything REALLY DUMB , like where they offed the Squats , only to have to retcon them cos they've realised that they've made the 'nids so tough that the Imperium needs REALLY BIG GUNS to deal with them? Perhaps they've decided that the Grey Knights use a purified version of Thousand Sons gene-seed? Not really; I think Robin covered it all. I think the Blood Angels/Necrons thing got a bit more believable in recent editions, but I don't play the tabletop anymore so that's just second-or-third hand information. I've also heard that the whole Bloodtide thing with the Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle got adjusted to be a bit more palatable. Basically they've reversed some of the major screwups Ward added to the game (not sure about the whole Spiritual Liege thing with the Astartes, but I wouldn't be surprised if whoever did the current Codex toned that down to pre-Ward levels - or at least I bloody-well hope they did).
  2. The ones in HoC got their own full write-ups like the chapters in the core book - new psychic powers, squad and solo modes, advancement tables, some new Talents, etc. You might be able to remake them with the custom chapter section of the sheet, but you'd have to fill out all of those extra things by hand and liberal use of the Elite Advances section.
  3. Always loved this sheet, but I have a question about the Deathwatch side of it or are the Chapters from Honour the Chapter missing? The ones who had their own rules introduced in that book, I mean; the Blood Ravens, Red Scorpions, Marines Errant, Flesh Tearers, Crimson Fists, Howling Griffons, Novamarines, Raptors and Carcharadons? Actually; were any of the mechanics from that ever added to this sheet? EDIT: Or is there just something wrong with mine and they just aren't showing up? Chapter selection has all of the First Founding Chapters along with the Black Templars and Storm Wardens.
  4. Which is why the Loader is the only non-playable crew position in Red Orchestra 2's tanks. Well... okay, technically you can play as the loader in that Russian light tank they added in an update but then you're also acting as the tank's gunner and commander because it's only big enough to fit two people.
  5. I'll just preface this by saying that I'm drawing most of this from some WW2 games (Red Orchestra 2 and War Thunder, mainly) and some videos from ARMA. The Gunner is, as you said, straight-forward. He has control of the main gun, any coaxial guns mounted to it, as well as the turret rotation. The Loader, as the name implies, reloads the gun; this means that the gunner doesn't have to look away from the target between shots. Since a Leman Russ seems to be able to fire multiple rounds before firing, I assume it has an autoloading mechanism - the loader's the one who grabs new shells off the ammo rack to refill the autoloader when it's empty. In vehicles with multiple ammunition types available, he has to pay attention any orders for specific ammo types; in WW2 that meant listening to the gunner or commander as to whether they wanted to fire a High Explosive round or an Armour Piercing one. The Commander is the one who keeps the whole crew organised. His position has the best view of the battlefield and he's the one trusted to know where to put the tank and how to best employ it. In WW2 tanks, Commanders typically had the best view from their commander's cupola as it would have the most view slits or periscopes, affording them a far better view of the area. Modern tanks still do this as well; giving the commander the best vision equipment on the machine while the other positions are very limited in their visibility outside of the tank. He directs the Driver where to move the tank, the gunner where to point the gun, the loader on what ammo type to load and so-on. If he spots a target or a likely position for hostiles to approach from, he'll tell the Gunner to point the gun in that direction. He'll tell the driver how fast to go, what direction and whether to angle the tank against incoming fire (presenting a smaller profile to the enemy and forcing their shots to hit at a shallower angle, increasing the chance that the armour will deflect the shot). There was a good youtube video of ShackTac (an ARMA group) doing a mission with tanks that was from the view of one of the tank commanders. I'll edit it into this post if I can find it again. EDIT: Here we go - this is from the perspective of a tank commander in a game where each side had a tank supporting their infantry platoon:
  6. Can you guess what I've been binging on lately? Oaran 14th Armoured Home World: Oaran, Calixis Sector Military Specialty: Armoured Warfare Commanding Officer: Col. Mara Nyshan Home World: Imperial World Commanding Officer: Maverick Regiment Type: Armoured Regiment Doctrines: Iron Discipline, Well-Provisioned, The Few Total Cost: 8 points (stumped on what to get with the last four) REGIMENT RULES Characters belonging to the Oaran 14th Armoured gain the following advantages: Characteristic Modifiers: -3 Weapon Skill, +3 Ballistic Skill, +3 Intelligence, +3 Willpower. Starting Aptitudes: Willpower. Starting Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Operate (Surface) Starting Talents: Resistance (Fear), Technical Knock. Wounds: Characters from this regiment begin play with normal starting Wounds. Standard Regimental Kit: 1 Leman Russ battle tank (or variant, at GM’s discretion) per Squad, and 1 anointed maintenance toolkit per Player Character. One uniform. One set of poor weather gear. One laspistol (Main Weapon), and four charge packs. One knife. One flak vest. One rucksack or sling bag. One set of basic tools. One mess kit and one water canteen. One blanket and one sleep bag. One rechargeable lamp pack. One grooming kit. One set of cognomen tags or equivalent identification. One primer or instructional handbook. Combat sustenance rations, four weeks’ supply. Favoured Weapons: Meltagun, Lascannon Oaran is a curious hybrid of an Imperial World and Forge World, much of the planet given over to cities and grassland while also being home to several manufactorums dedicated to constructing various tanks - mostly Leman Russ variants but it's not unusual to see the odd Malcador or even Macharius roll off the assembly line. As a result of the manufactorums' output, coupled with a variety of bureaucratic snafus and other hold-ups by the Munitorum, it has resulted in a large number of tanks left undeployed, not even the PDF having enough soldiers to use the surplus machines. But these extra vehicles have found a new use; with some cogitators, a variety of sensors and simulation ammunition, they have now become the equipment for a popular sport among schola girls - Tankarie. Primarily seen as a feminine sport, Tankarie fields are common around most scholas on the planet and regional or even planet-wide tournaments are quite the spectacle. Naturally; the end-goal of this sport is to train tank crews for the Imperial Guard and so far it has not disappointed. Despite the simulation ammunition being incapable of penetrating even the thinnest tank armour, this does not mean the ammunition is entirely harmless - girls have been killed mid-match and most of the time this has been the tank's commander as they sit out the tank's cupola to better view the situation. The 14th's commander has high expectations on her from those who pay attention to the tournaments - having come from a schola that had not had a Tankarie team in years and having to make-do with under-equipped and poorly-maintained machines, Mara Nyshan nevertheless led her schola's team to victory in a regional and then planet-wide tournament. Despite being the new regiment's commander, Colonel Nyshan does not shy from taking the field if she has to. Due to how the 14th was founded, this has resulted in the regiment containing not only the teams Nyshan commanded in the tournaments, but also those teams she defeated. Despite this, there is no animosity from the latter - indeed; they are proud to serve under her, knowing that her skill in the tournaments proves she has what it takes to lead their regiment (probably helped by the fact that her team was able to deal with a modified Macharius that was all-but impervious to most of their rounds).
  7. Yeah, I've been tempted to look around on Roll20 for something but it's really more a lack of motivation (that and, like you said, timezones - I'm in Australia).
  8. Haven't gotten into a game myself (don't know of any group in town and the few forum games I've gotten into barely lasted beyond initial deployment) but really wanting to try out a Mechanised Infantry regiment. Mainly because I started looking at some ARMA 2 videos for inspiration at how a large battle might play out and the first one I saw was a mechanised force out to rescue a pair of lost squads. That and I like the idea of a little extra suppressive fire.
  9. Sorry; should've updated this a few weeks ago - one of the players has stepped up to take over GMing. That and we're not willing to use anything other than Myth Weavers for the game. Gonna update the first post now to reflect this.
  10. Should've guessed someone was going to suggest that and here's why that would be a bad idea. Firstly; I am a serial procrastinator - I mean it took me nearly a week to get around to posting this thread, how long do you think it would take me to update a game? Secondly; this is my first game of Rogue Trader and am not familiar enough with the system for me to comfortably GM. And thirdly; I've tried to GM games of Pathfinder (as well as a game of 3.5 and one of Exalted) on that site in the past and they have all just imploded. Me taking over would just delay the death it's already facing, it wouldn't stop it. Hell; we might not even make it past the auction if I take over. Finally; I just don't like to GM. At all. The only time I've GM'd a game that I felt went well was when I was down in Sydney for a short holiday and ran a face-to-face game of Iron Kingdoms for a few mates, just a demo game one-off. The others said I did a good job but I just didn't enjoy running the game. If I GM this game; that's gonna suck all the enjoyment out of it for me and that is absolutely the last thing I want to happen to my first game of Rogue Trader - I've had this character in my head for ages and I want to concentrate on playing her, not turning her into a GMPC and having to try and keep myself from metagaming or the like. It would just sour the game for me and possibly even the whole system - what's the point of playing a system that apparently has absolutely no reliable PbP* GMs in the entire warp-damned internet? *While I probably wouldn't mind a face-to-face game - good bloody luck finding one here in Toowoomba. And even then; if the local war gaming and board gaming groups I've been to are an indication; I'm just going to constantly forget to turn up to the sessions until they're already well-underway. Roll20 and the like is another option, but the chances of finding a game that has sessions happening at a reasonable time and where the GM and others players aren't halfway around the **** planet just seem way too slim.
  11. One of the players is now GMing. I don't know what the etiquette for it is here, but I'm getting kinda desperate. A RT game I'm in over on Myth Weavers has recently lost its second GM (the first one disappeared before we even got started) and I'm hoping third time's the charm. Since I'm not getting any response in a thread meant for finding GMs for already-running games, I'm widening my search to other forums and starting with this one. We're playing through Lure of the Expanse and we've reached a point where we're on our way to the auction house. Here's the game's profile and forum if you want to have a look at how it's going. Our group consists of the following active players: Lady-Captain Jesebelle Morek - my character, the Rogue Trader Jacqueline Starling - Arch-Militant Hieroymous Isk - Seneschal Yolande Zashin Morek - Missionary and my character's cousin Jayne Colt - Voidmaster We may also still have an Explorator, but his player hasn't posted in a while (shame too - he tried the Warp Eel at the Liege of Footfall's little sortie and ended up becoming a telekine). Again; I don't know if this sort of thing is accepted here or if I should've made it elsewhere or what, but we've lost two GMs already and the game's barely gotten started. At the very least; you can point me to where I should be asking this, while at best we'll get a good GM who'll last the distance. EDIT: And before anyone else suggests it - no; I am not going to take over as GM. If I was willing to do that, I already would have and not have bothered making this thread in the first place. If you need more in-depth reasons, read Post #3 down below.
  12. This is probably just my cynicism towards GW rearing its head again, but I get the feeling they only decided to add them to 40k because Privateer Press added larger units to Warmachine and Hordes back in 2012 - the Colossals and Gargantuans, respectively. The models are about the same size, but I think they're a bit cheaper ($120-$135 US or thereabouts compared to $140 US for the Knights). No customisation options, really, but they're a combination of resin-plastic* pieces and metal ones. Again, it's probably just my cynicism towards the company; I've no problem with the Knights from a fluff perspective or in the context of an RPG. I could see them possibly being used either as setpieces as someone else mentioned or maybe a mission objective - maybe escorting the pilots into a staging facility captured by the enemy so that they can get their Knights back, or armoured regiments could act as supporting elements for them as they break through heavy fortifications. That's just off the top of my head, though, and really just stuff I'd like to see in a 40k "spectacle-shooter" like CoD**. I suppose it would be interesting for the squad to take on one controlled by Chaos/the Dominate. Maybe having to lure it towards more favourable terrain or into an area that friendly artillery emplacements have pre-sighted (practised firing at it until they get the right orientation and elevation to hit it reliably, then write those down for the crew to reference later). * For those curious - they did this before GW made Finecast and with much greater results; only complaints people had were that the resin-plastic warjacks just didn't have the same heft as the old metal ones. Still sturdy enough for the "warjack-in-a-sock" method of cheating prevention. ** I refuse to consider their single-player campaigns an actual FPS - those are spectacle games like DMC or Asura's Wrath but with much worse writers.
  13. Oh, that was the only difference? I wasn't 100% sure what adjustments that Commissar had made. Either that or it was mentioned and I just skimmed right past it.
  14. For those curious about the result of Jesebelle's 'scented' letter - it was less than I'd hoped for. Apparently Gabriel thought that the smell was from the messenger, not the letter, and fails enough at reading comprehension to realise that Jesebelle meant for it to stink to high-heaven. He had the messenger executed. Only reason Jesebelle didn't finally follow through on her death-threats when he mentioned that was because she thought it would lose her a place at the Foretelling. Realising she wasn't there to finally fall into his arms, he just muttered some vague comment on how he couldn't let us get the Dread Pearl and left. Depending on how their next meeting goes, he'll either be dead or Jesebelle will be looking for a freelance Dark Eldar torturer (or interstellar assassin if the blonde git gets away).
  15. Might be a bit much, but maybe porting over Necron Gauss Flayers from Deathwatch? The way their weapons were shown in Eccleston's run seemed pretty Gauss Flayer-ish.
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