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  1. Ok. So add training vessel and corpse lake to seaside urchin and 3x motley crewmen. Discard 4 for winning int challenge. Su + mc Discard 4 for training vessel. Tv + mc 1st 4 card discard = char, event, char, attachment. 2nd 4 card discard = char, char, location, event i would claim 2 power from CL since tv and su are seperate effects? Yes? i would claim how many power for su? 1? 2? Or 3?
  2. Sweet. That's perfect. Thank you
  3. Another question. Corpse lake says "when a triggered effect discards a card from an opponents deck" So frostfang a peak says when you reveal a new plot card discard the top card of an opponents deck. That is a triggered effect? Yes? But the motley a ability is a passive? Yes? So if I had 3 mc out, revealed a plot my opponent would discard 4 cards (if they stack) but the only way for me to trigger corpse lake would be if the first card discarded was a character? Or if any of the 4 were a character I wouldactivate corpse lake?
  4. So when a card reads "discard top card of opponents deck, if that card is a character do x" that is pretty simple to understand. Now pair that with motley crewmen. Which says " any effect that discards 1 or more cards from an opponents deck discards an additional card". So that means discard 2 cards. But the the second part only count if the first card discarded is a character then you get to do x? Or does it mean that if either card discarded is a character then do x? I assume only the first card discarded counts for the then part. Next question. If you have 3x motley crewman out do those passives stack? So a discard of 1 becomes a 4 with the 3 motley crewmen? I assume yes since they are not unique characters and they would all be seperate entities on the board. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  5. if crown of azor ahai is standing and white raven is not in play it is summer if crown azor ahai is knelt and black raven is not in play it is winter so does that mean the benefits of the raven cards follow? extra gold for summer and 1 less card draw for winter? or does it just mean that it is summer or winter for the purpose of other cards triggered effects? my hope is that the season bonus applies but im thinking it doesn't
  6. Where can I find this? I know it probably in big bold letters somewhere but I'm clearly missing it if it is. Thanks.
  7. The only game that matters. Opponent attacks with Robb stark, no intrigue icon. I play the only game that matters, characters without intrigue icon do not count their strength. I have no one to defend the 2 claim military challenge but have ceresi lannister with 6 power on her. and doubting septa in play. By reducing Robb Starks strength to 0 and I myself defending with no one does the challenge no longer take place? Or does tie still go to the attacker? Btw with CL I'm siting at 14 power to Starks 6. Stark is running siege of winter fell so this challenge is pretty much for the game.
  8. Could someone give me some clarification on some of the terminology used when describing deck builds and or card effects. burn rush claim soak aggro thanks
  9. Could someone give me some clarification on some of the terminology used when describing deck builds and or card effects. burn rush claim soak aggro thanks
  10. The plot card. When I read the text its slightly confusing, Im probably reading to much into it. Forgive me for I do not have the card in front of me I am going off memory… I beleive the Initiative is 11. The text box says If you do not win initiative discard your hand. At first glance I read this and thought that applied to the card holder only, thinking the card would be used when you absolutely needed to win initiative, and by some strange even you lost it then it blew up in your face and you had to discard your hand. With that thought I was thinking the card wasnt all that cool. Then after reading it more I got a different take on the text box. Does this mean any player who does not win initiative has to discard their hand? If this is the case then this card seems way to powerful, I have never seen a card with higher initiative. Im assuming the first scenario is the more likely but I cant be certain. Any clarification would be grealty appreciated… Thanks in advance.
  11. Bummer I'm headed to the ocean this weekend or I'd meet ya at the matrix. Maybe Sunday sept 9?
  12. I have just started playing around on Agotcard deck builder. I cant seem to get the other one to work on cardgamedb. It is way easier doing it online than thumbing through my cards looking for a theme and then tracking down like minded cards.
  13. Im getting a ton of cards now and Im trying to figure out the best way to Organize them. Currently I have them in binders by house. Inside each house binder I have them split up into Characters, Attachments, Lands, Events and so on. Inside each of those categories I have them put in sleeves alphabetically. This is nice when you know exactly what your looking for. But since I currently spend more time reading cards and checking them out Its hard to browse to come up with build Ideas. So my question is a simple one. How do you Organize your cards, and why?
  14. How much are you asking? I might be interested, I need another copy of the core set and the chapter packs you mentioned were the next ones on my purchase list. Would have to ship to Washington state though.
  15. Bump! Game Matrix Meet up or league would be sweet!
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