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  1. I see the problem. One can only acquire relics after R'lyeh has risen. Prior to rising, if you get a relic (either as a trophy purchase or an adventure reward), you get investigation points toward locating R'lyeh. This rule doesn't seem to be anywhere present in the 5 or 6 page help section for Cthulhu. Further, you simply should NOT be able to spend the 15 trophies on a relic (which turns into 6 investigation points) prior to R'yleh appearing. That needs some fixing. EDIT: Ok, now I think I understand what's going on. The Relic symbol does not function like the Elder Sign symbol, in that you are guaranteed it (either as a purchase or reward). There is a relic deck from which cards are drawn, and amongst the cards are the 3 relics, some -1 dooms, some investigation points, and some seriously awesome items (Cabala of Saboth is just some kind of amazing and I have a sinking feeling it's not going to work on Cthulhu.)
  2. It'll take me a while to reproduce this, but here's what I'm fairly sure happened: I'd unlocked South Pacific and was wandering around there trying to amass the 30 investigation points to raise Ryleh. One of my characters had 16 trophies, so I tried to buy one of the Cthulhu relics from the ship shop. Instead of getting one of the relics, I received 6 investigation points; and I'm fairly sure lost all 15 trophies that the relic would have cost. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I hallucinating and it really only cost me 4 trophies (and the game won't let you buy a relic until Ryleh rises)?
  3. What happens to a die on an active spell card if the mythos effect "Spells and Unique items cannot be used today" comes up? There's 3 possible answers that I can come up with: A) The spell's already been cast (used), so the die can be used as normal. B) The spell gets cancelled and the die goes back to its pool. C) The die is locked on the card for the day.
  4. Thinking a bit on this, monsters would appear during setup for those certain Adventures that auto spawn monsters (the lavatory comes to mind), but after step 4 of setup, that's it for monster spawning with Kate.
  5. "Monsters cannot appear during Kate's turn" Does this mean, if I'm playing a solo game with only Kate, I'll never see a monster? Seems like she might be a bit unbalanced in solo play if this is the case.
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