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  1. The rule for untrained spray weapons is in the "Using Weapons Untrained" box on page 148. Targets get a +20 to their test to avoid the attack if you're not trained. It specifically uses a flamer as an example. As has been pointed out before, however, the Weapon Training talent is missing a "Flame" option, but has Heavy and Throwing options (perfect for those Heavy Pistol weapons--also, note the difference between Heavy Throwing and Throwing Heavy) so there's clearly some problems with it. Flame is one of the categories in the list for Legion Weapon training. In our game, we're ruling that you need a Weapon Training:Flame talent (or Legion) to keep enemies from getting the bonus.
  2. I think the stat bonuses could really break you here. Space Marines already get +5 to all stats; now you're adding more? I can already build a sorcerer with a 60 starting WP, but I have to give up 5 strength and 2 wounds to do it. Now you're giving me 5 more willpower, plus a psy rating, and not really making me give up anything? Why would anyone roll a psyker? As others have pointed out, starting aligned is a huge bonus. I understand why it doesn't make any sense to play a dedicated marine not aligned to the right god, but think of it like this: that doesn't mean they don't worship that god, just that they haven't done enough to attract its attention and get its favor in any meaningful fashion (xp cost adjustment, rewards, etc.). A Death Guard might worship Nurgle, but that doesn't mean he's proven himself enough to become tougher more easily through his god's favor (buy Toughness cheap by being aligned). If you wanted any alignment rules, I would simply say that the character is never allowed to buy advances that would cause them to become aligned to an innapropriate god. Space Marines already have so much; it's unfair in a mixed game to give them more without making them pay for it. I'd stay away from stats, except as costs, because the opportunites to min/max are too great. Fear for a Night Lord makes sense; what if it also came with a Fellowship penalty? Frenzy is a big boost for World Eaters; what if it came with an Int penalty? Or reduced weapon proficiencies? I actually quite like the speed thing you've got going for Death Guard. Think of minor additions like these to add flavor without breaking the game. Also, maybe I'm missing something, but why couldn't Thousand Sons remove their armor? The Rubric sealed the Rubric Marines into their armor, but I haven't seen where it did the same for the sorcerers whose power it amplified (though I may have missed it). And a Rubric Marine isn't suitable for a PC, as they're essentially mindless automatons (perfect for minions, though).
  3. Int bonus also affects how much you heal lightly damaged characters when using Medicae for First Aid. WP bonus has a minor effect on a psychic power or two, like Mind Link, as well as your max psy rating.
  4. On pg 136, under Traits, it specifically states that for any traits with a variable range, the player can pick freely from that range (barring GM restrictions and the limit on Unnatural Characteristics).
  5. Lecram said: So what can you get out of a Lesser Minion? I'm starting a new game with a social-focused Apostate who's highest combat trait is the ability to dodge. Can I even get a combat/defense oriented Lesser minion, or am I looking at more of a servo-skull with a bunch of knowledge skills I don't have? It seems to me like there are really two options for a useful Lesser Minion. One is to have a very focussed minion that does a couple of specific things the character can't do. For example, my CSM character is making a minion (familiar) that specializes in sneaking and spying, because it's hard to spy on someone in power armor. A small size, high agility and perception, and the Heightened Senses talent should make him a decent spy/scout/sneak thief. If you wanted something combat oriented, you could probably build an ok combat servitor or enthralled feral barbarian. Give them WS and some Strenght/Toughness, along with Frenzy, Berserk Charge, Double Team, and Brutal Charge. You can even add a flamer or hand flamer for a ranged attack that doesn't require dumping any points into BS (make sure to get the appropriate training talent). Alternatively, dump WS for BS, dump S/T for AG/Per, pick up Stealth and give them a Long-Las (maybe add Ammo Glutton so you can pick up a Red Dot sight) and you can have your own pocket sniper to take out the trouble makers while you whip up the crowd. Neither of these will be super effective, but they ought to at least have an effect, they're expendable because you can replace them, and you can only get so much for a Lesser Minion (also note you can always "trade in" the talent and pick up Minion for only 250 xp once you meet the prereqs). If you want a minion to take a hit for you, you'll need the Unholy Devotion talent. Another example of this would be the one you mentioned, a servo-skull full of knowledge skills, and maybe Tech Use or Security (the Total Recall talent could come in handy here, as could a multi-key). The other way to go is to have some sort of assistant. Per the Assistance rules on page 38, your assistant doesn't need to be particularly good at a task to assist you, they just need to be trained in the skill. You get an effective +10 bonus, and an extra degree of success if you succeed. Your minion could be a "crowd plant" that moves among the people you're working with, cheering at appropriate times, or adds clever points and distracting repartee to the conversation you're having with the official you're trying to sway. Give them skills like Charm, Deceive, and Intimidate, and maybe some utility talents like Mimic or Unremarkable. Don't forget you can trade in the weapon or armor for something like an auspex or vox caster. Depending on your party, an assistant can be a boon to other players as well (your Heretek may love you if your minion is always giving him a +10 to Tech Use, and you would get to have someone loyal to you double-check on what they're doing). If your minion has a high Perception, don't neglect Heightened Senses and Awareness, because another set of rolls to spot that ambush is never a bad thing.
  6. Pg. 200-201, in the section describing the ritual for binding the daemon.
  7. The rules for humans using Legion weapons are on pg. 166, and they already inlcude a class upgrade (so all the noise weapons would be Heavy under those rules). The RAW, of course, is that you need power armor, but any kind of power armor will do. If you were going to houserule in a version for non-power armor, I'd say have a backpack power supply (add 10kg, like the heavy flamer), make up a clip size before it needs to be recharged, and at least make it heavy, so it has to be braced (maybe a custom-built tripod that extends off of the backpack?). I'd also bump the availability up a notch (to Unique/Near Unique). You could use the full Legion rules if you want to, but by putting a -20 on top of needing an exotic weapon proficiency on top of getting a rare weapon when you could be getting a plasma cannon, multi-melta, Hell Hammer lascannon, or autocannon, I feel like you're basically saying "Don't use this without power armor", at which point you could just use the RAW anyway.
  8. Mijal

    Psychic Powers

    vogue69 said: this power ist absolutely mindboggling powerfull then. Remember that it's still a Psychic Bolt, so it can be completely avoided with any amount of success on a Dodge roll.
  9. Mijal

    Psychic Powers

    MILLANDSON said: You can only do one Focus Power action a turn, and since all powers require you to carry out a Focus Power action, you can only ever use 1 Psychic Power a turn. Darnit...I think I found the reference for this (sort of). Page 234 says you can take one full action or "two different half actions" (emphasis mine). Also, see the Ready action, where it specifically says you can declare it twice in one turn (if using it on different items). Read that way, you couldn't focus two different psychic powers as half actions during your turn. The limit only applies to half actions, however, so you could focus (for example) Doombolt as a half, sustain a power as a half, use Thought Sending as a free, and Precognitive Dodge as a reaction. But no Warptime and Hatestorm started in the same turn.
  10. Also, the Flame Weapon Training talent seems to have gone rogue. It's not an option in the actual talent, and none of the archetypes list it as an option, except by inclusion in Legion Weapon Training. If flamers are as common as lasguns (see pg. 154-5), who's using them?
  11. Mijal

    Psychic Powers

    Doomaflatchi said: However, there is one thing I'm curious about... page 209 says that powers have listed the Action required to Sustain them (half, free, etc), but fails to specify whether this action is also considered to be of the subtypes of the original power. If it is, that would make it impossible to sustain Warptime (contentration) and cast Doombolt (attack, concentration) in the same round, though you could sustain Warptime and Hatestorm simultaneously. Can anyone please point out if I've missed somewhere that it frees sustained actions of subtype? Pg. 234, second column, first paragraph, last sentence.
  12. Mijal

    Psychic Powers

    Hatestorm takes a half action to sustain, so you couldn't do that and 2 lightning attacks in the same turn (on one character). However, I see no reason you couldn't sustain Shattertime and make two lightning attacks in the same turn (by the two-weapon rules, although as stated above there's some contradiction on these), provided you have Lightning Attack (and therefore also Swift Attack) you have Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) you are a psyker you have a high enough psy rating to purchase Shattertime, and have done so (this should take around 3k xp by itself, barring lucky Gifts) you have the willpower to successfully use Shattertime (it's a -20 test) you have the WS to hit with your attacks (Shattertime does nothing to help you hit) (you can get around some of this with Precognitive Strike, but then you need Perception and it only helps on the first attack) you have remained unaligned you have the weapons and/or talents to damage whatever you're attacking (armour pen, overcome toughness, whatever) you can get into melee you have the armour and/or toughness to survive suddenly being the center of attention you aren't incapacitated or killed by phenomenon/perils from Shattertime If a character does all of that, then they *should* be a freaking killing machine, though possibly ineffective outside of combat (or at range). Their opponent could still dodge/parry at least one of the attacks, too. A better option would probably be having the psyker use Shattertime on the melee character before a big fight. Then both characters get to shine and do what they're best at. I can definitely see where a GM might want to tweak this, but I think the problem is in Lightning Attack or Two Weapon Wielder as much as it is in Shattertime.
  13. Mijal

    Psychic Powers

    To clarify a few things (as I read them): Subtypes: Actions can have subtypes, either listed with the action description in the combat chapter or in the power description of a psychic power. This includes things like concentration, attack, melee, ranged, or movement. Subtype limitations: On your turn, you may not take more than one action with the "attack" subtype or more than one action with the "concentration" subtype. You may take another action with one of these subtypes as a reaction, even in the same round (Using Actions, pg. 234, last paragraph). Sustaining psychic powers doesn't count against the subtype limitation (same place). Sustaining powers (pg. 208-209): This takes the required action from the power description, but doesn't count against the subtype limitations, and doesn't need any tests. Also, sustaining just one power comes with no additional risk or penalty. Sustaining more than one power reduces the psy rating for the sustained powers (but not others you might use, like Doombolt) and increases the roll on the psychic phenomenon table for any power. Examples: You could start Warptime (half action, concentration) and use Hatestorm (half action, attack) during your turn. You could also use Thought Sending (free action, no subtypes) during the same turn. You could not use Doombolt (half, concentration, attack) instead of Hatestorm, because it has the concentration subtype, and you already did an action with that subtype. In the same round, as your reaction, you could use Precognitive Dodge (reaction, concentration), even though it has the concentration subytpe, because it's not during your turn (the same goes for any of the reactions in the following rounds). On your next turn, you could sustain Warptime (free), start Precognition (half, concentration), and fire your bolter (half, attack). You couldn't use Doombolt instead of Precognition because that would be two actions with the attack subtype. On your next turn, you could sustain Warptime (free) and Precognition (free), move (half, movement), and use Doombolt (half, concentration, attack) and use Thought Sending (free, none). Both Warptime and Precognition will suffer from reduced Psy Rating. Doombolt and Thought Sending will be at their normal Psy Rating, but if either of them causes Psychic Phenomenon, there will be an addition to the roll from sustaing multiple powers. That's how it looks to me, at any rate. I hope this clears it up a bit. If anyone spots any flaws with this, please point them out for me.
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