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  1. 1c33m4k3r said: If the Chaos Space Marines refuse to respect the "mere mortals", they could at the very least acknowledge their potential usefulness. Thanks guys, I know what I'll do. I'm going to put the group in a situation where they need eachother to survive. I just hope after a couple of session of them working together they will work as a well oiled heretical machine. I hate GMs who micro manage and I won't stand for it. I'd like to keep them from murdering eachother and work together. But I want it to be their idea. Being told how to play your character hammers away at the fun factor. I just hope that mere survival is good enough incentive.
  2. Santiago said: The Tyranid and Necron will destroy chaos by destroying sentient life... What an interesting thing to say! I hope you don't mind if I steal this, do you?
  3. Okay: Here's a silly question but it's a real concern of mine. I'm about to launch my BC campaign and I was wondering: What's stopping the Khorne Berserker from decorating his shoulder plate with the face of the Apostate? No, really! In the first 10mins of the game the Apostate would be like "I think we should..." and right then and there the Berserker would have a reason (not that he needs one) to cut the Apostate head off and decorate his shoulder plate with his surprised face. Fluff wise, Chaos Space Marines have no regards for mortals. How does that work, actually?
  4. According to the fluff, the Imperium of Mankind is the strongest force. That's probably the reason why everyone is trying to get rid of it. From the Orks to the Tau, Chaos, Tyranids etc. All of these races have the Imperium of Mankind as their main enemy. Yet none of them can get a decisive victory over the Imperials, go figure!!
  5. Wow, that sounds like a surefire way to die in a blaze of glory. If you want to draw out the Inquisition, just try to pose as one. They'll be on your tail like black on rice! =) I do admire what you're trying to do though. The Inquisition is only the strongest anti-Chaos weapon the Imperials have. They have access to assassins, Deathwatch, Grey Knights, the works! The Inquisition's strongest weapon, however, will always be information. Their victories are almost always the result of extensive investigation and research. Maybe you can use that. Offer Inquisitor X inside information on cultist stuff (like the Screaming Vortex for instance) in exchange for a complete pardon. He most likely will meet you with the intention of killing you after you spill the beans. Only, you'll spill his guts before it gets to that. =3 Naturally you'll have to set up a one on one meeting to pull something like that off. You might want to have the CSMs on stanby not far away because I doubt he'll truly be alone. --------------------------------- DO YOU HEAR THE VOICES TOO?
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