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  1. One of the things I love most about Black Crusade is that the 'mechanism' you're looking for, that carrot to make the players get up and go, synchs up perfectly with the core desire that brought those players to the table in the first place: to get power. The very mechanics of an RPG reward you through the accumulation of power, and here those translate into RP in a concrete, non-abstract way. This not only makes it unique in terms of style, but it also allows you to give the players an unparalleled level of freedom - just like the open-ended level up system lets them advance in any direction they choose, the end goal of a Black Crusade gives them infinite paths to that power. My advice would be to let them take it, through whatever path they choose, creating a uniquely player-driven experience. There are several steps I would recommend, from my 15+ years of gaming experience, to go about this (not that these are the only paths; merely that this is what I plan on doing). First, firmly seat them in the region. Either use a previously contrived situation/deus ex machina, start them en media res as Millandson suggested, or let them talk out the backstory, and use that first adventure to ground them in the area. Knowing where they start helps give them a jumping-off point when it comes to determining where to go. I used the Broken Chains adventure for this, myself. You can also let them use this time to establish their individual strongholds, or leave that until later. Then, at the end of that session, ask them where they want to go. Let them walk through the decision making process of where they are, what they have available, and what they can find, and see what interests them. Do they want to find a way to take the fight to the Imperium? Curry favor amongst the denizens of the Screaming Vortex? Gain wealth and gear, or political power? Gather armies? Listen to them talk about what they want to try to do, and use your GM viewpoint to keep their plans rooted in the area of the galaxy you want to play in. Once they get a goal in mind (it can be something nebulous, like "find a weaker warlord we can kill and take his stuff"), call it a night. Then craft your adventure. By putting this "figure out where we're going" stage last in the session, you let the players dictate where the campaign will go, while still giving yourself time to go craft an adventure for it. Now that you know where they'll be looking, and what they'll be looking for, you can start to design story hooks that will feel neither contrived nor railroading. You don't have to worry about carrying them anywhere, since the in-game mechanical rewards are the carrot that drives them, and the Corruption counter is the stick that propels them. To take the previous "Warlord" case as an example, you could start by giving them the illusion of choice: "Which sector do you start looking it? There are three or four nearby, before you start to get out of the Gloaming worlds." Then tell them about the Warlords you designed for the area, and how they're fighting. They're always looking for mercenaries to gain the upper hand, right? Or maybe one of your characters has political ties to one, or can call on Legion loyalty? Then lock the struggle in a stalemate, and let the players' actions tip the balance. They happen to turn the tide of a battle for a Forge, for instance - do they betray their leader immediately, or give it over to curry favor and play the long game? Let the Compact and its objectives evolve organically according to the plans they make. You don't have to declare every single Objective before you start; you can instead reward them organically as they arise. It does require more flexibility from the GM, I'll admit, and it helps enormously to have a thorough understanding of the area the PCs are playing in, but letting them tell you where they want to go both gives you time to prepare and lets them lead the campaign in a way that's just not possible with most other games. Being in charge of the path of their own destinies is part of what makes Black Crusade awesome, and I for one plan on taking every opportunity to cater to that. TL;DR: Let them go where they want, make them tell you where they're going, and then make missions to cater to their plans. Hope this helps!
  2. To me, the fact that the Marks represent powers bestowed upon you by the Chaos Gods leads me to believe that the Marks are more indicative of the attention of the Ruinous Powers than the actual devotion of the character who earns them. They are blessings according to your *actions*, so it makes sense that the Gods would Mark mortals for what they *do*, as the way in which they choose to get things done spreads the influence of that God in the galaxy. If you worship Slaanesh by seeking to perfect warfare through the creation of biological weapons, the consequences will be to increase Nurgle's influence, regardless of your intentions. I don't see it in any way contradictory for Slaanesh to bestow his Mark upon a worshipper of Nurgle because he likes the way that Heretic does things, or for Khorne to Mark a follower of Slaanesh because that Heretic's version of 'perfection' revolves around martial prowess. It doesn't mean that the character isn't completely devoted to the God of his choosing - just that a different God has taken a liking to him. I especially like that dichotomy because it opens up interesting roleplay opportunities; how does a Heretic react when his rigorous devotions don't attract the attention he craves?
  3. It bears mentioning that the Felling weapon trait goes a long way towards making this more managable, and by the time you have characters in a position to purchase True Grit, Felling weapons, while not ubiquitous, should nevertheless not be outside the realm of possibility. On the other side of the coin, if a player spends 1000xp on a Talent, I'd say that entitles them to survive pretty incredible amounts of small-arms fire, only slowly going down as the physical damage to their bodies racks up.
  4. Mijal said: The RAW, of course, is that you need power armor, but any kind of power armor will do. If you were going to houserule in a version for non-power armor, I'd say have a backpack power supply (add 10kg, like the heavy flamer), make up a clip size before it needs to be recharged, and at least make it heavy, so it has to be braced (maybe a custom-built tripod that extends off of the backpack?). I'd also bump the availability up a notch (to Unique/Near Unique). I agree, this is probably the most balanced way to work this. Honestly, I think the most interesting part of this whole ordeal would be where a human would find someone to train him in the use of these weapons! That has great side quest potential.
  5. I know the original noise weapons were instruments, but I always thought it was obvious that they've undergone considerable evolution to get to where they are now. And by "back blast", I simply meant the vibrations that would travel into the wielder while using the weapon (since, in any noise weapon, you must have something that vibrates; I understand "back blast" was probably the incorrect word there). It should be harder for a human to hold it on target. Perhaps humans could treat them all as Heavy Weapons? Just a thought.
  6. Personally, I'd say that if you allow a backpack power supply for those weapons, they need to be treated as Legion weapons, with all the penalties that entails. Sonic weaponry was designed by Space Marines, for Space Marines, and I think the -20 is more than appropriate to represent the difficulties a human would have lifting the thing, let alone surviving the back-blast from it.
  7. Mijal said: vogue69 said: this power ist absolutely mindboggling powerfull then. Remember that it's still a Psychic Bolt, so it can be completely avoided with any amount of success on a Dodge roll. ...or a Force Field, or Psychic Hood, or Abhor The Witch, or anything else that stops either a ranged power or psychic attack. Double the power, double the ways to shut it down!
  8. Seeing as the Disc of Tzeench is completely slaved to its master's will, and doesn't usually attack, the Minion rules seem inappropriate here. As its primary function is as a mode of transportation, I would instead treat it as a piece of wargear akin to a Jump Pack. Then the character would have perfect control of its motions, it couldn't fight on its own, it would need its own Operate Talent to fly it, and could not be separately targeted (except perhaps by a Called Shot, which could simply disrupt its connection to the material world, causing it to 'phase out' for a time rather than being destroyed).
  9. Also remember that the entire ship is infused with a palpable aura of psychic despair, making any kind of revolt that much harder to organize. Also, the crew is made up of hypno-conditioned sub-psychics and psychic nulls, so they'll have an edge in combat psychology over anyone trying to invade.
  10. I'm not sure how you're doing this in Excel code, but #2 is completely wrong. #1 is correct, but counting only really matters for the alignment you have the most points in. For example, if you have Slaanesh 2, Khorne 3, and Tzeench 9, you're aligned to Tzeench, even though two of your alignments are within 5 of each other.
  11. Recently, I've found myself having extreme misgivings about the Fettered level of psychic powers. While it poses a minor difficulty to balance, as it allows Psykers to completely eschew weapons in favor of constant face-blasting, my primary issue is that it doesn't evoke the feel or atmosphere that I desire in a 40k game. Psykers should feel dangerous, I think, to both their enemies and allies alike, and Fettered gives them a 'safe' mode on which they can blaze away without consequences. So, I'm looking at incorporating some possibility of Psychic Phenomena into the Fettered strength. However, it needs to occur less frequently (in fact, I don't mind if it never actually occurs in a game, just so long as the players feel like it might), and the Psychic Phenomena needs to be reduced in severity (to balance it against Unfettered). I had considered the following, and wanted to see if I could get some opinions on it from other GMs. House Rule: Fettered When using a psychic power at the Fettered level, the power incurs Psychic Phenomena on a roll of 97-100 (I wanted something comparable to jamming, but still less than the 10% chance that Unfettered gives). Furthermore, to represent the fact that the psyker has closed himself off from the Warp to some degree compared to his usual power level, any rolls made on the Psychic Phenomena table are modified by -10. Bound psykers, due to their higher level of control, modify this by an additional -10 (for a total of -20). This rule only applies to psychic powers used in combat, as without the stresses of impending death the psyker can perform mundane psychic tasks with relative (read, cinematic) safety. What do you guys think? Does this help address the atmosphere issue, without unbalancing the game? Does it 'nerf' psychic powers too much? Are there any situations I haven't thought of, where it might apply differently? How would you change it to make it work better? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
  12. I don't think it specifically lists the Killing Will action as a Concentration subtype (please PLEASE correct me if you can find it), though I certainly plan on houseruling it that way in my games. Additionally, remember that the psyker must choose a Psychic Strength for the attack (since his effective Psy Rating adds a bonus to his Opposed Willpower test), which means that he may be open to suffering from psychic phenomena by using Killing Will, depending on the strength he activates it with.
  13. Mijal said: Doomaflatchi said: However, there is one thing I'm curious about... page 209 says that powers have listed the Action required to Sustain them (half, free, etc), but fails to specify whether this action is also considered to be of the subtypes of the original power. If it is, that would make it impossible to sustain Warptime (contentration) and cast Doombolt (attack, concentration) in the same round, though you could sustain Warptime and Hatestorm simultaneously. Can anyone please point out if I've missed somewhere that it frees sustained actions of subtype? Pg. 234, second column, first paragraph, last sentence. That'd do it. Thanks for the reference.
  14. Jackal_Strain said: Doomaflatchi said: Yeah, since it doesn't stat the claw, but says "one of the character's hands... is replaced by the razor sharp claw of a Daemonette", I'd houserule to stat it exactly as the Daemonette's claw from the Adversaries section (1d10+3 R, Pen 3, Razor Sharp, Tearing). I agree that it should be like the Daemonettes claws, but if you're going to use it exactly like it's written in the daemonette entry, you need to change the damage from 1d10+3 to 1d10+whatever the st bonus of the character is. Good catch! I missed that, but I agree completely.
  15. I see your tricked-out dual-wielding psyker of doom, and raise you one slavering Khornate Berserker with a brass collar. Here's your new blank character sheet. I do think it's worth noting, however, just how many psychic powers have the Concentration subtype, and thus can't be used together on one turn. Furthermore, most of the powers that lack Concentration are balanced in some other way against multi-usage. Hatestorm, for example, affects ALL creatures with Frenzy, not just allies. However, there is one thing I'm curious about... page 209 says that powers have listed the Action required to Sustain them (half, free, etc), but fails to specify whether this action is also considered to be of the subtypes of the original power. If it is, that would make it impossible to sustain Warptime (contentration) and cast Doombolt (attack, concentration) in the same round, though you could sustain Warptime and Hatestorm simultaneously. Can anyone please point out if I've missed somewhere that it frees sustained actions of subtype?
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