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  1. I'm not sure comparing SWLCG with ANRLCG is valid. They each have different themes, different mechanics…they appeal in different ways. I enjoy SW because it's easier to teach/learn, more intense, and the games frequently come down to the wire. The deck-building is simplified. The Edge Battle mechanic is a lot of fun (curse you , Twist of Fate!) and I rarely get my panties in a twist over things like Emperor Palpatine killing Home One with force lightning. I'm smart enough to abstract it out and don't feel the need to be so literal. This isn't the Decipher or WotC CCG after all. It helps to be a fan of the SW universe, but a non-fan can enjoy the game play as well. It also helps that I'm fairly good at it and I have a group of friends who play regularly. I enjoy Netrunner because there are so many factions and so many identities involved, there are myriad ways to build decks and win. There's no such thing as an unbeatable deck and every card change you make can have HUGE repercussions on your deck's characteristics. Netrunner has a great deal more bluffing and it's mechanics are more complicated than SW, so it's not as user-friendly to new gamers. Veteran gamers, however, see the potential for countless strategies on either side of the net. I also have a big group of friends who play regularly. I suck at this game but it makes me want to be better. My advice? 1) Check your local area for active players. There's nothing worse than buying into a new card game only to discover no one's playing near you. 2) Play both of them. Play them multiple times. The best way to figure out which you prefer is to give them a spin! 3) Take your time. LCGs can be a long-term investment so don't jump into it without doing your homework. Good luck!
  2. I was wondering if anyone had heard if FFG plans to create starship sheet to kep track of stats. If not, any suggestions on third-party offerings?
  3. MasterJediAdam said: All Has anyone built the decks from the news articles posted by Nate French? If so, what types of results have you found? Oddly enough, when I was doing my own deckbuilding, I ended up making an Imp Navy deck that was identical to Mr. French's posted deck. Apparently we were thinking along the same lines in terms of dealing direct damage with the Navy sets while reinforcing the Navy's weakness in the Force struggle with Sith sets. So far that deck has been a beast. I've only been able to beat it once with a Jedi deck (and an inexperienced player). I put together the LS deck he suggested and gave that a try and I've failed miserably with it. It's not the deck's fault; I'm not very good with the nuanced playstyle of the LS decks. Still, I plan to practice and learn so I can play either side when necessary.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one confused by the FAQ response. So just to be clear, according to the FAQ: the only way to damage the Death Star dial with Trench Run is to apply blast icons from attackers and/or unopposed damage. All other effects from cards are invalid. Correct?
  5. One thing players should keep in mind is that Star Wars the Card Game is an abstraction of the events and actions of the Star Wars universe. Sure, it doesn't make sense on the surface for a repair droid to "destroy" anything directly, but what's to say some seemingly mundane action performed by the droid couldn't be the catalyst for something larger? Perhaps the little droid repaired a faulty power coupling connected to a shield generator--a generator used to deflect a laser bombardment that would have destroyed members of a diplomatic delegation who's mission was to secure supplies and weapons for the Alliance--weapons that granted the Alliance the capability of mounting the attack on the second Death Star. Hooray for the repair droid!
  6. From what I can tell, the inclusion of a second core set improves customizability (as is common with many FFG LCGs), but it's not critical to building good decks, especially if you plan on purchasing data packs. The same can't be said for the Star Wars LCG. With the objective set deckbuilding system, creating even decent sets requires a second core set as there's only one copy of each objective set in the box. Bottom line: more core sets (indeed, more cards generally) means more options and more customization.
  7. I'm a big fan of FFG's videos. They're always top-notch.
  8. SteveSpikes said: I would have to agree that this game is easily the easiest card game I've played, and I'm not much for TCGs/CCGs. Since it is Star Wars, I thought i would give this card game a go . . . this time. I really like the idea of the "Objective Sets" -- where you deal with a set of cards, instead of each card individually. I'm not much of a micromanager. I also like the fact that you and your opponent have essentially the same cards -- no surprises. I don't think I'll play competitively, but I do plan on getting all the "Force Packs". The main reason being, you can glean what's in your opponent's Command Deck by seeing what objectives are in play at that moment. This and Netrunner are my first forays into the LCG world (though I did play some Magic and the WotC SWTCG). I have to say this game is about as simple as it gets in terms of game play and mechanics, which made me worry about the long-term replayability of this game. But after a few plays I've come to realize there's a delicate strategy involved balancing the cards you keep and the ones you play. Flood your play area with units and you're unlikely to have anything to win the Edge. Play too little and you'll find yourself with too few units to defend your objectives. I'm enjoying the play and I highly recommend this to any card player and especially to Star Wars fans.
  9. MasterJediAdam said: Shikaku said: Has anyone looked into if this game is on OCTGN, going to be put on OCTGN, or still under development? Just curious, thanks. It is in OCTGN, so I hear. I use Mac/Linux, so it doesn't work for me at all, but for the PC lemmings out there, it is available. "Passive-aggressive behavior is a category of interpersonal interactions characterised by an obstructionist or hostile manner that indicates aggression, or, in more general terms, expressing aggression in non-assertive, subtle (that is, passive or indirect) ways." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passive-aggressive_behavior
  10. tehhuf said: So the card reads: Forced Reaction: After you refresh, destroy the lowest cost non-Vehicle unit in play. (In case of a tie, the active player decides.) "Oh, no! The rancor!" The way I understand it is that if the Rancor is the only unit in either persons play area he/she kills his/her self Is that correct? Thematically, you can assume that without other creatures to feed on, the rancor simply trundles off to find food elsewhere. Seems a bit more realistic than thinking it eats itself.
  11. Kordos said: Heart of the Empire Doesn't look all that great, if you lose it you lose the game but you are the Empire, time is on your side - build a deck around it and lull that filthy Rebel into your trap plus 3 resources right off the bat - get those powerful Sith units out early in the game And if you can slap a Defense Upgrade on it, you've got yourself a stronghold objective that can take a serious beating.
  12. Let's assume for the sake of argument that the DS Dial can be damaged by blast icons. (I don't care either way. I'm not using the damnable thing until a proper FAQ is released.) How would that damage be applied? Would damage tokens be placed on the dial? How many "wounds" can it take before destroyed? If not damage tokens, would the dial be rolled back per damage taken? Do you have to hit a specific target number with this dial modification? When this card came out the first time, I couldn't even get past these questions, let alone the verbose and "spirited" debate this thread has generated. Am I completely off-track with this line of questioning? It wouldn't surprise me. This card boggles my mind.
  13. videinfra said: Wait. Are you serious? It eats itself? That is retarded. Again, thematically I'd either go with the idea that it starves or, more likely, it has no exploitable targets (either they don't exist or they're too big/dangerous to bother with) and it simply moves on with its usual routine.
  14. Thematically, it would make more sense to allow both players to know what the card is. If I captured someone or something, not knowing what I now have in my "jail cell" would be absurd. "We captured a Rebel, sir!" "Who?" "I'm not sure, sir. I locked them up, but I didn't identify them." But theme is only part of the picture, so a FFG ruling would be preferrable.
  15. superradjoe said: Say I put objective 23, The Emperor's Web, into my deck. It contains 23 4 of 6 Sith Library. Do I have to use that version or could I put the 22 4 of 6 Sith Library in my deck instead? I believe from a strict rules point-of-view, since decks are built on the concept of immutable objective sets, using an objective and not including its associated cards would make for an invalid deck. Functionally, it makes no difference, but I would think trying to bluff your opponent in this way goes against the spirit of this game's theme and mechanics. That kind of chicanery would be more apropo in a game like Netrunner.
  16. I wondered if someone was going to use the Pizza the Hut reference. There it is.
  17. If you're serious about making this thing available for the Android audience, you can't ignore Amazon's footprint. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/01/kindle-fire-nabs-33-of-android-tablet-market-nexus-7-just-8/
  18. I made modifications based on the most recent update. I also changed the color scheme to greyscale for better readability when printed. javascript:void(0);/*1347059050009*/
  19. I took a few minutes to draw up a quick reference document that summarizes the character creation process. It was intended for my players, but I thought I'd post a link here in case anyone else might find it useful. javascript:void(0);/*1346435834769*/
  20. I think if I had to make one comment about the new system, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how "advanced" it feels in terms of gamemastering. I get the feeling this system is not going to be as user-friendly to new GMs as other systems, such as 4th Ed. D&D. There is a strong emphasis on the GM's ability to think on the fly and make ad-hoc decisions based on player actions. This is not a new thing to veteran GMs, but to those who might be coming from more structured systems, where decisions about responses and consequences are built into the system itself, EotE relies much more heavily on the GM to interpret dice results and make them relevant to the situation. As a veteran d20 GM, I relish the idea of stepping outside the rigid confines of the d20 system and challenging my creativity and improvisation skills. And what better place to explore than the Star Wars universe?
  21. I'm glad this got a mention, because I missed it the first time through. Apparently, you get one rank in four of your career skills as well as one rank in two of your initial specialization skills. This is buried in the text of each specialization. A table at the beginning of the skills section might be in order, if only to clarify this and provide quick reference.
  22. I asked this a while back, but nothing so far. Maybe if they got a look at the revenue possibilities with Amazon v. Apple/Google, they might make the effort? http://www.engadget.com/2012/03/31/flurrys-analytics-apple-app-store-amazon-appstore-android-google-play/
  23. So, FFG, any news about listing this game with Amazon? I'd really like to add this to my game collection without paying an arm and a leg for a full tablet.
  24. I'm glad the Fire can be hacked to accommodate the game, but I'd prefer FF to list the game on the Appstore. If Amazon were to update the Fire in a way that circumvents the hack, the game would be lost (albeit, temporarily I'm sure). It's not worth the hassle; we should be able to simply purchase it for the Fire directly.
  25. Any chance this app will show up in the Amazon AppStore? I'd like to play this on my Kindle Fire when it comes in.
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