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  1. /agree Yes, Please! I would love to be able to play this on the kindle fire! So many board games are already android apps, where is the hang up! Amazon, Android, or the individual publishers?! Im ready to buy!
  2. When you calculate the variety bonus do you get the bonus ONCE? or for every god treasure? the variety bonus that applied to my end game read like this in the rules: +3 for Treasures and/or Idols of two different gods. so... I escape the pyramid with 3 treasures from two different gods, does that mean I add only 3 points to my total score? or does that mean I add 3 points for each of the god treasures, i.e. 9 extra points(+3 for each god treasure). it seems you could interpret this either way... I think it was intended as a single one time bonus, which is the way we played.
  3. yourdice said: I'm pretty much a nub... does out of stock mean you have to go to warehouse to get more stock... or does it mean that you have to reprint it? Kingsburg and it's expansion are out of stock when you click to buy. If it is out of stock as in you have to get them reprinted... is there a reprint date? Thanks! Hi, I just discovered this game myself and could not find it to purchase anywhere. I stumbled upon your post while searching for info myself. In case you were still wondering, I found a link pointing to the news tab right here on fantasy flight where it is listed as being currently reprinted and expected back in stock for purchase this october(2011). It looks really cool, so hopefully we will see it at online retailers everywhere in the next few weeks.
  4. I have played it thru three times, and I find it works nicely in a mixed group that is made up primarily of family and casual players. Its light on strategy and mechanics. though it certainly has charm. I get the feeling, most people wont want to play it more than once a session though. It gives the false impression there is a lot more going on then there really is. collect as much treasure as you can until it looks like a single block can close off your exit, then stop exploring and get out. the most interesting thing it does is limit your number of actions based on the number of items and wounds you are carrying. I'm hoping it will work as a bridge to more heavy thematic games.
  5. For the most part the rules are pretty clear and easy to follow, but there are a couple items that seem a little fuzzy... 1-it says the you take a wound from a mummy if you are ever in the same space as a mummy. does that mean if you move thru a space with a mummy you take a wound? or only if you end a move and share a space with a mummy? 2-when can you use items to heal wounds? only during the WLL? any time you want?(assuming you have the appropriate healing card) does it cost an action to heal?
  6. So, to be clear when you defeat a monster, you cannot remove that monster(and the dice used to complete its task)until you have either completed the adventure or failed the adventure? that is to say, you cant defeat a monster that was added to bottom of an adventure and immediately remove it and take its rewards thus freeing the dice used there and add those back into your pool and continue trying to complete the rest of the tasks on the adventure?
  7. Jenkins said: Some of those abilities were meant to function only once per day like Mandy Thompson. By the book, Mandy can use her special abilities each turn, which is very powerful. Those healing powers should be, "Once per day, on your turn...". The play testing was obviously done with mostly 4 or more people because when you only have 1 or 2 players the game plays differently and is easier because of the "At Midnight..." mechanic. Another house rule to make the game harder is to advance the clock faster when you have fewer players. I think that is brilliant! I can see fantasy flight implementing either of those balances in a rules supplement. It does seem that Carolyn's and Vincent's special abilities were initialy balanced considering 4 players, and playing with less players definitely gives those 2 investigators an advantage, but only on the 4 ancient ones( Cthulhu, Yig, Ithaqua, Hastur) who do sanity or stamina damage during their attack. I haven't played a situation where both those investigators were in play during the last battle, is success always guaranteed? perhaps the clock should be disregarded completely after the ancient one awakens, and then he simply takes his turn in sequence with the remaining players... don't understand thematically why he has to wait until midnight to make an attack.
  8. whoops, sorry malgr3, you actually typed out the sentence in the rulebook that does in fact clarify that last point. any player whose investigator is devoured during the final battle is out of the game. the key word here being, player! oops.
  9. Thanks much for the response. I tried to find where it states in the final battle no new investigators are drawn when devoured when battling the ancient one, but don't see that actually specified, however I must agree with you both, that has to be the case. I imagine that players are allowed to draw a new investigator when devoured prior to his awakening must simply be a mechanic in place to keep all players engaged until the endgame. It would, after stink, if you were killed off and had to simply watch the rest of the group continue on for untold amount of time.... I apologize if this post twice, I navigated away while typing and thought I lost my post...
  10. I could not find clarification in the rule book specifically stating these circumstances are still in effect or not during your battle with the ancient one: 1-Do you continue to resolve "at midnight" effects on adventure cards in play during your battle with the ancient one? for example we had in play " horrible visions" which tells you to add 2 doom tokens to the doom track every midnight. 2-similarily do locked dice on adventure cards in play remain locked? 3-it does state that if you are devoured due to complete loss of sanity, stamina or both, a doom token is added to the doom track. is this still the case when you are devoured during the final battle(which isnt necessarily due to sanity or stamina loss) ? and a final thought, we played retaining all those consequences in effect and still easily defeated our ancient one only having to draw 2 additional investigators, leaving of course 12 still in the draw pile. that seems to make all the time(well over an hour)and effort spent trying to prevent the ancient one from awakening a waste. looking over the ancient one cards, its clear some are certainly easier than others, but being able to draw a new investigator out of a stack of 16, even removing from play permanently devoured investigators seems to cheapen the final battle when it occurs.
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