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    Forge worlds

    Hi, I'd like to prepare my next adventure. I want it to happen in a forge world (2 of my players are originated from a Forge World.) Therefore I'd like to gather as much information about these world (description, maps, images, ideas of the day to day life, economics, social life, religious life, underground life, ...) I have found very few information in the Lexicanum. I know that probaby the Lathe Wolrd should contain some (I still need to order it as it will not be translated in french). But if you have other sources, I'll be glad to take them Thanks
  2. eponette

    Forge worlds

    Thanks for all the ideas. I ordered the Forge Worlds book. I surely find some inspiration. And all kind of heresy my players will have to uncover and fight. I'm currently searching deviantart for illustration of forge worlds and similar worlds. If you have other sources, please feel free to share
  3. eponette

    Forge worlds

    Thanks a lot for all your ideas. i'll take what fit post my world. Any pictures/drawings/maps/... that can help me and my players visualise the planet?
  4. Hi, I plan to send my player in a water world. Any idea on how to handle combat in and under water? Cheers
  5. eponette

    Water and underwater combat

    primitive weapons are then the good choice for underwater combat. For the grenades, do you think that keeping the damage but increasing the radius seems logical? What about harpoons? it is the best effective missile weapon, no? But is it an 'exotic' weapon? or is it in the catégory of the SP weapon? What about eldar/black eldar weapons? Could it work underwater?
  6. eponette

    Water and underwater combat

    Where do you find thi vacuum / low gravity rules? I found something in the core rule book, and it only says that the AGI bonus is increased and the load you can carry is decreased (or vice versa depending on low or high gravity). I found nothing more... But what king of weapon? Energy weapon in water? chain? Bolt? You seem to know about grenade in water... What effects?
  7. eponette

    Planetary Datafax

    i'm creating my own planete (a whole water world, no land) and I'll get inspiration from what you have done. Thanks
  8. eponette

    Planetary Datafax

    Just my few cents (don't get me wrong, I'm in admiration of the work). Arya, Tropical planete from north to south, it doesn't semm to be realistic. Even if the rotary angl of the planete is 0° and the sun is in the plane of the ellipse of the rotation around the sun, the north pole and the south poles should have a milder climate. Also, oceanic current greatly influence climate in a planete.
  9. eponette

    Dark eldars in DH

    Hi, I plan to put some dark eldars in my futur campaign. As great vilains. I have some information on Eldars in the Monster compendium, but no idea on dark eldar. From a role play point of view, and also on a stat/weaponequipement point of view. Any help?
  10. eponette

    Telekinesis power questions

    Hi, Concerning Force barrage, we have a question. is the armour any use against it? because, my Rank 4 psycher is killing all my big bosses in one shot (5 to 7 bolts for 1d10+5 each, without armour. Ok he has to succedd the WILL but he is **** lucky and hit more than half of the time)
  11. eponette

    Alternate Deathwatch Character Sheets - Fillable PDFs

    Hi, is there a way to tranlate it? My players are not all speaking english, therefore our rulebook is in french. And it is sometimes not easy to find the right talent… Thanks for the job anyway
  12. Hi, We organize every 6 month a RPG weekend with friends. This year, we decided to try DW. There will be 6-7 players. As we play in french, I bought what is available in this language (Core rules, DM screen, Emperor protects and Rites of battle.) What do you suggest we play during this WE? Most of the players have played or are still playing dark Heresy, therefore, we know the basic rules. I want it to be fun, with fights but also role play, investigations, … (we are all older than 40, with 20-30 year of RPG) Also, where can I find new Chapters? Any other advices are welcome (I have a month to read all rules, and prepare the adventure(s) for the we… Thanks
  13. eponette

    Just Starting Deathwatch

    As there will be 6-7 PCs, do you think I should increase the opponents (from any official scenarii). Because most of them are for 4-5 players. Also, for these scenarii, which level should they be : Final sanction, Shadow of madness (if it is the correct title in english), Extraction and any of the 'Emperor Protects' scenarii (they a re the only one available in french right now)
  14. My group in a very lucky group of level 4, medium armour and medium weaponry. They rarely get at critical level, the psycher has only the basic heal. But they use extensively the fate points to heal themselves. And as we play 5 hours per session, they always have plenty of fate point to heal themselves at the and of the evening. Therefore they don"t need much healing (except some psycher healing for emergency during a fight, beeing very carefull not to do it too often in order to avoid corruption). As we have rarely more than one fight per game session (investigation takes time), and as they most of them have many fate points, they use one for the initiative, then the rest for healing. Personnaly, I find it annoying that wounds can be healed this way (but my players like it, then…). I start thinking increqsing the number of opponent (but not too much, cos I don't want the fights to be too long) and increase the level of the ennemis. A little bit of challenge and fear from my players is sometimes welcome.
  15. eponette

    Psychic Powers

    I think you hold your breath. During the 3-4 minutes, you can make a Toughness test in order to break the spell. If you fail, -1 fatigue point. If you do nothing, at the end of the 3-4 minutes, you fall unconscious. If you have 0 FAT, you fall unconscious. For the flame, as it was said in another post, please be sure to play the surroundings. In a city, there are fuel or oil that can be set on fire. Outside, if not too wet, bushes can also burn (and do a lot of smoke). If an ennemy dies because of the fire, grenade and ammunition can explose (noise, damage, …). just make the prycher remember that playing with fire is dangerous
  16. Hi, when a psycher uses his power, does he have to make any gestures, noises, incantations, … Or can it be silent and unnotices? (execpt when the warp is unleashed)?
  17. Hi, I reading Tattered fate (in french but I imagine there aren't many differences). In the beginning of the description of the city, it is written that there are some Xenos in the crowed, enjoying the shows. Is this a translation mistake? I know that Quaddis is ver y 'special' concerning the Empire's rules; but Xenos!!! Orks? Eldars? Any idea?
  18. Always preparing TF. (Thanks for al your ideas…) But how do you imagine the'partying' in the city? More like 17th century Venice music and theatre? Or some 20th century rave party? There is a good description of the horror and the blood and the murders. But what about food? Is there a sort of cook festival? What about sex? On the street everywhere? Or more into private rooms/parties? Fireworks? Rolercoaster? Cheers
  19. eponette

    Buying a Vehicle

    The best way to get a vehicle (and to get around the monetary value of these things) is to steal one (or loot it from a bad ass / heretics). As a GM, I faced the same problem. Then I put some heretics with a spaceship and a truck, now my players have one, no more problem of giving a price. And my techy is happy.
  20. eponette said: Sorry for bringing back this old post, but I don't fond anywhere the file of Gregorius about the red cages. Could you please send it to me or put it somewhere where I can download it? Thanks Forget it… I've seen the answer 2 lines above… That is the price to pay when you create your own adventure before playing tattered Fate…
  21. Sorry for bringing back this old post, but I don't fond anywhere the file of Gregorius about the red cages. Could you please send it to me or put it somewhere where I can download it? Thanks
  22. eponette

    Flying a spaceship

    My players want to steal a spaceship. A small one. Like a transport ship. What are the rule so fly such a ship? How can I handle a combat with this? The rules in Rogue Trader are for battleships, not spacecraft. Thanks
  23. eponette

    Flying a spaceship

    Thanks to all for your answers. I meant a small spaceship with no warp ability. An easy way for the player to move around a planet. If there is a dog fight one day between them and an other spacecraft (non warp), haw is it handled? They speak about putting heavy guns on the ship in case of. And what if they want to attack a ground target with the 'plane'? Rules somewhere? Any books (that I don't have)? Thanks
  24. eponette

    Holy Weapons - How do They Work?

    These psybolt, in which book are they described?
  25. eponette

    Difficulty of Maggots in the Meat

    I ran it with 5 level 1 acolyts. I decrease the END by 1. It was tough, but managable (it depends on the weapons they have). Full auto with penetrating armour bullet, can do the trick. OK, I was particularly unlucky (and the stats of the beast is quite low.). Fear was their worst ennemy. But if I have to run it again, I'll wait for level 2-3.