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  1. I have been trying to get a good handle on the rules via the FAQ and I have a couple of questions about the Framework/Player Action windows. Thanks for any clarification you can give me. 1. During step 5 of both the player & framework action window (responses), can a effect with the text "Any Phase: ..." be triggered or is it limited only to effects with the text "Response: ..."? An example would be, Ser Preston Greenfield (The Kingsguard) which has text "Any Phase: Return a Kingsguard or Queensguard character you control to shadows. (Limit once per round.)." Could he ever trigger this ability after he is killed by claim or an event? 2. Am I correct in interpreting that other than save/cancel responses, a triggered effect will always resolve before anyone has a opportunity to trigger a response? 3. Similarly, am I correct in interpreting that in a Framework action window, other than that save/cancel responses, there is no opportunity to trigger a response untill all framework events are resolved? I.e., in the framework action for challenge resolution, no player can play responses (other than save/cancel) starting from step 1. Determination of challenge winner until after step 5. resolve deadly.
  2. I have a question concerning the interaction between Hellholt Engineer & Balerion (pirates of lys). Balerion says "Any Phase: Kneel Balerion to lower the cost of the next character you put into play using ambush this phase by 1. That character claims 1 power when it comes into play and until the end of the phase, it gains a [Naval] enhancement on its [Power] icon, if able." As an example, if I have both cards in play and I trigger Balerion's effect 3 times through standing/rekneeling Balerion via Hellholt Engineer, what would happen? 1. The next character i play by ambush this phase would cost 3 less and would claim 3 power when it comes into play 2. The next character I play by ambush this phase would cost 3 less and would claim 1 power when it comes into play 3. The next character I play by ambush this phase would cost 1 less and would claim 1 power when it comes into play Thanks for any clarification you can give me.
  3. My friends and I have been playing for a few months and we've run into a few questions along that way. Thanks in advance for the help on the rules clarifications. 1. What happens when your deck runs out of cards in melee? We remember reading somewhere that you reassemble a deck from the discard pile but I can't find where it states exactly what goes into the new deck. Also, if there is only 1 card left in the deck, what happens during the draw phase when you are able to draw 2 cards? 2. When playing with the card "The Scourge" (ODG), do you have to trigger the response (to lose a card and gain an icon back) immediately after the scourge is activated or can you trigger that response later in the phase? 3. When a person is running the seige of winterfell agenda and they win a undefended power challenge, what happens? We currently think they do not gain the power normally gained for unopposed challenges but do get to move 1 power from the opponent's house to their own. 4. Do effects like "Balerion the Black" which says "kneel all .." count as choosing all affected cards as targets? In other words, can something like starfall advisor which says "Discard 1 gold token from Starfall Advisor to cancel 1 event card or character ability that chooses a House Dayne character as a target" cancel Balerion's ability? 5. For the event card "ill tidings," can you play the card (if you dont have a maester/Learned character" and kneel an opponent's maester/Learned character to discard an attachment? 6. What happens if there is a unique character in play with another copy in the discard pile and an opponent activates "Visenya's Hill" to move the copy in the discard pile to the dead pile? 7. Can you play a event card like "He calls it thinking" to cancel an response even if you don't have a character in play to attach the event card to?
  4. Hi, my play group recently had some newbie questions that we hope to get some clarification on. Thanks for any help in advance. 1. If something blanks the printed text box of a card, does the traits of that card still remain? An example would be if "frozen moat" blanks tyrion lannister, would he still retain his lord trait? 2. If a character agenda card (ie Quentyn Martell - VD) is in play as a agenda and you draw a 2nd copy of that card, can you doppleganger the agenda? I assume you cannot play that card as a character while the agenda is in play. 3. If a character has a attachment on it and is killed, can a player activate a triggered effect and move that attachment? For example, a character is attached with venomous manticore and is targeted to be killed by the event card terminal or is killed by claim, could the owner of venomous manticore activate the triggered effected and move the attachment?
  5. I have 2 questions about the event card "Sitting on the Iron Throne." The card text reads: Any Phase: Pay 1 gold to choose a character to claim 1 power. (Limit 3 times per round.) Dominance: If you won dominance this phase, pay 1 gold to return Sitting the Iron Throne from yoru dead pile to your hand. If I play the event, can I trigger the effect to claim power up to 3 times (assuming I have the gold) or can I only trigger that effect once from that event card? My second question is if I won dominance, could I trigger the effect to get the card back in a later phase like for example the taxation phase or can I only trigger it during the dominance phase after I have won? Thanks for any clarification you can give me.
  6. I have a couple of general questions concerning a couple of cards that I am hoping I can get clarification on how they work. Thanks for any help in advance. 1. I am running a agenda and I play a character agenda card (ie Ser Kevan Lannister[Valar Morghulis]). If ser kevan dies, what happens? Can I attach him to my house as a agenda overwriting my original agenda? Some people in my play group thinks that it would override the old agenda and others thinks that the action would not be valid. 2. The card "Arrogant Contender"[Lions of the Rock] says "claim power for each opposing character." What is definied as a opposing character? Is it all characters controlled by the opponent or just characters participating in the challenge with arrogant contender? 3. If I have Cersei[A time of trials] and the Queen's Guard[Trial by combat] in play with 3 cards in the shadows, how many people do I kneel once I win an intrigue challenge. Cersei's effect would kneel 3 but would the Queen's Guard effect grant me 1 additional kneel or would it trigger for each of Cersei's kneels and grant an 3 additional kneels?
  7. I have a couple questions concerning Tyrion Lannister (LotR). 1. Is it possible to use his "Response: kneel a clansman character to save tyrion lannister from being killed" ability to kneel clansman even if there currently no effect attempting to "kill" tyrion? (ie there is a kill effect targeting Timett (MotM), could I use tyrion to kneel timett even if there is nothing killing tyrion?) If this is not possible, could you kneel mutiple clansman to respond to the same kill effect on tyrion? (ie If valar morghulis is played, can I kneel 4 clansman with tyrion effect as a response to the valar?) 2. Tyrion other ability states that "While tyrion lannister is participating in a challenge, all knelt clansman characters you control are also participating in that challenge on the same side as tyrion" If I have a knelt "The Burned Man" (MotM) and tyrion is attacking, would the claim of my challenge be +1? (assuming the condition having fewer cards is fulfilled). Similarly, if tyrion is attacking and a knelt clansman character has the attachment "ILL-begotten Spoils"(ASoSilence), would the claim of my challenge be +1 as well? Thanks for any clarification you can give me.
  8. Maester Creylen says "Response: After a player wins an intrigue challenge, pay 1 gold to have Maester Creylen claim 1 power." Since there is no stated limit to this response, If someone wins a intrigue challenge and I have 15 gold in my gold pool, could I trigger this response 15 times to win the game?
  9. I have red viper in play and I lose a military challenge. I choose to kill red viper for claim and play No Use for Grief to search for Dorea Sand and put her directly into play. When she comes into play, can I immediately trigger Dorea Sand's ability or do I have to wait until I lose another challenge? (her ability says "after you lose a challenge as the defender ...) Thx for any clarification you can give me.
  10. So my playgroup ran into several general rules questions which I was hoping the community can clarify. 1. The card Arrogant Contender which states "... it claims 1 power for each opposing character." So in a melee game, what counts as opposing characters? Is it all characters which defended during that challenge or is it all the characters my opponent(s) controls? 2. The event card Make an Example states "After you win a challenge and count 8 or more total str ..." What does count 8 or more total str mean? Is it the total str of the attackers that participated in that challenge or is it Str of characters you control that is still standing or is it something else? 3. For cards like ILL Tidings or Citadel Law, can I choose to kneel a character that I do not control to pay for the cost? 4. The card No Use For Grief states that after the red viper dies and I can kneel 3 influence to search my deck for any number of sand snake characters and put them into play. If there is already a unique sand snake character in play (for example Sarella Sand), could I search for another copy of sarella sand and put that copy into play and attach it as duplicate of the original? Also, could I search for multiple copies of the same sand snake character (assuming that character is not already in play) and put them into play as that character with its dupes attached (ie search for 3 copies of sarella sand to put into play sarella sand with 2 dupes attached)? 4. For the melee titles, Commander of the Kingsguard and Crown Reagent, am I correct in saying that after a challenge is redirected by the crown reagent, the attacker has a chance to declare stealths on the new defender but in a military challenge redirected by the commander of the kingsguard, the attacker cannot declare stealths on the new defender since that opportunity is already past. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  11. Thanks for the quick response. Is there a way to protect my apprentice collar from being discarded? IE I was looking for a card that protects attachments somehow.
  12. So our playing group tonight ran into some issues about the wording on several issues related to attachments and I was hoping people are clarify for us. Thanks for the help. 1. I have a maester and my opponent has attached Locked Away on it. I then marshall Leyton Hightower which says "immune to opponents events & attachments," What happens to the opponent's Lock Away? Does it stay on my maester and just does not affect him or does it fall off and discarded because of the immunity? 2. I have a character in play that is not a maester. However, apprentice collar is attached to him making him a maester. Furthermore, several chains are attached to him. An opponent discards my apprentice collar. What happens to the other chains attached to my character? Do they stay attached and just not function or are they all discarded?
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