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  1. Even with added survivability though, the T-47 needs to be able to affect the game outcome equal to it's cost. Which means it needs to be able to deal good enough damage to justify it's cost. If it deals no damage, it can be invincible and it still won't have a place.
  2. Who wouldn't want two of them?
  3. Yeah, that'd be cool.
  4. Yeah, possibly. Though I would expect the Decimator to be bigger than it is also. I believe it's the Episode 2 incredible Cross-sections book Looks cool even if it's just a N1 with stub wings. Wonder where the bombs are stored....
  5. The N1s are a fun start but the game should add some larger ship for them to fly with. They may be difficult to balance because they are large ships with no weapons whatsoever but it would be so cool to use them in a game with the N1s. The Diplomatic barge at least had hardpoints for refueling and carrying N1 Starfighters. It could make up for it's lack of armament by buffing N1s? Yeah, other than LAATs, these ships are my most wanted mini now.
  6. "Ion" is not a basic name for anything involving electricity. It is a very specific type of energy and Palpatine's force lightning is a different specific type of energy. It's literally a manifestation of pure dark side. Why would it just be the same as whatever Ion cannons shoot?
  7. Nope. The EA one. That's absurd. They just made one trooper model and made it available to unlock for each class. If you get lazy and only make one model, we should only have to buy one model.
  8. That is so not cool. Freakin greedy EA. The skins look the same for every class...
  9. I have no idea where else to ask. Battlefront 2 just came out with an update adding Those camo Scout trooper clones from Kashyyyk. I'd like to get one but they are 40k credits and look the same for every class. Anyone know if buying the skin once unlocks it for all classes? Or are they really expecting us to pay 160k credits for four copies of the same skin?
  10. A-Wing is my favorite Starwars fighter. I love them. And I still use them regularly. Problem is, A-Wings really are bad. It's pretty much an effort of me trying to offset the downsides of A-Wings and bringing them up to the level of doing SOMETHING to affect the game. They can't affect the board enough. They often can't maneuver well enough to compensate for both their squishy toughness and lacking firepower and they aren't cheap enough that you can really run anymore of them compared to other ships. And WHY can't they have a modification slot anymore?
  11. I might go back to Barnes and Noble and see if I can find a couple more. I was surprised the Transport was 30 bucks though! It's not even big....
  12. I see. Interesting. It's too bad, I was all excited to play them and my friend even came over for a game and then we realized we didn't have the point costs. Oh well.
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