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  1. Kingsguard

    What colors for Rebel Pathfinders?

    Looks pretty good. I don't use the warhammer paints myself. The names confuse me. The Tamiya stuff is becoming scarce though so I may need to switch soon.
  2. Kingsguard

    What colors for Rebel Pathfinders?

    Yeah, painting these guys right is tricky. It's not like you can just say " Han Solo? Black and white. Leia? White. Fleet Troopers? Light blue, black. white and grey." With pathfinders it's like "uh....so I think that vest is a blue? Blueish green? Blue with dirt? But some have tan and others brown and some have green... Pant's? Kind of...brownish? Khaki? Belt....a different brown....or maybe the same color....but this picture makes it look different..." They're just all over the place. I was very tempted to paint them all in a uniformed scheme but then I realized the bearded guy would look super out of place. So maybe I'll just paint each one a bit different instead.
  3. Kingsguard

    What colors for Rebel Pathfinders?

    I'm currently painting my two units of Rebel Pathfinders but the colors are actually pretty difficult to nail down. This guy's vest for example. I think it's just a really dirty blue but it could also be some kind of dark green.....Anyone have some insight into this issue? Close-up pictures of the movie costume perhaps?
  4. Kingsguard

    So far painted... (Updated: Jyn Erso + older Imperials)

    How do some people do the whites of their eyes? It's crazy.
  5. Kingsguard

    Looking for something to store my miniatures.

    Sounds good. I'll give them a try. Thanks.
  6. Kingsguard

    Looking for something to store my miniatures.

    Cool. I'll try them out then. They don't stick out from the bottom much do they?
  7. Kingsguard

    Looking for something to store my miniatures.

    Anyone have a good purchase suggestion on magnets to glue to the bases?
  8. Kingsguard

    This guy should have his own figure.

    A playable Legion figure
  9. He could totally be a mini boss for the Imperial storyline in Battlefront or something. Could be named.....Sergeant Max Flexton...or some other buff sounding name. The backstory writes itself. Sergeant flexton was originally a professional bodybuilder from Alderaan. Whenever people would say "Alderaan is a peaceful planet" he's sneer and say "Yeah but Alderaan can bench more than coruscant, bro." Unfortunately for Max, tragedy struck when Alderaan was destroyed by the Empire. Max was offworld at the time participating in the planetary weightlifting championship on Kashyyyk. When he heard, he cried a single buff tear and ripped his shirt off. The next say he sought out the rebellion and became a fleet trooper because he liked how their blue shirts showed off his arms. He was always loyal to Princess Leia even though he secretly believed she could stand to gain a bit on her arms and now he would serve under her while he finds vengeance for his destroyed planet. He prefers to use two weapons at once because he doesn't want one of his arms to get an uneven workout. When stormtroopers break through the airlock of his ship, they usually see him standing in the hallway and apologize. Naturally Sergeant Flexton should have a stronger unarmed attack. And his unarmed attack should add suppression tokens and Ion tokens. And when he defeats a character with a melee attack, all enemy units with line of sight should get a suppression token. Naturally he would have Arsenal 2 and stats for both his weapons on the card. He should have inspire for his fellow fleet trooper units and all fleet troopers within 1-3 of him gain an extra black dice on their unarmed attacks because he's always happy to be somebody's personal trainer during his off hours. What do you guys think? Pretty cool figure idea right?
  10. Kingsguard

    Painting furry snow lizards

    Hah, I had that armor and Tauntaun in TOR. Sucks the long part of the coat clips through the Tauntaun.
  11. Kingsguard

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    Sweet! Hoth army here I come!
  12. Kingsguard

    Looking for something to store my miniatures.

    Cool stuff.
  13. Cloaked Jedha Luke?
  14. Jyn Erso in her Eadu rain poncho Jyn Erso in her Imperial Pilot outfit I'd also like those as well.
  15. Princess Leia for example. The outfit she's wearing in the skulpt is actually pretty obscure. I guess it's the clothing she wore under the camo poncho on Endor? As far as I can tell she only wore it in the Endor mission briefing and later when Han is bandaging her arm. What do you guys think about the possibility of getting character packs for some of the uniques out there? They'd only come with alternate figures for a Unique character already released for the game. You might get a Leia pack which includes Leia on Endor wearing the camo Poncho Leia on Hoth wearing the White suit with tan vest Leia in her White Senator dress with the goofy hair buns (I'd particularly like to get this figure since it would go much better with my fleet troopers) Maybe even slave bakini Leia for those out there who'd favor sex appeal over tactical efficiency. Han Solo could get one. Currently we only have him as he was dressed on Endor. We could use a sculpt of him in his classic black vested smuggler outfit Young Han the Mud Trooper Han in Stormtrooper Armor Han without the vest as he appeared in cloud city Luke? So far we only have a skulpt of him in his Dagoba/Cloud City outfit I'd love to have a Luke in his pilot outfit. Farmboy clothes Fancy end of A New Hope outfit with a medal Edgy black ROTJ outfit Camo poncho I can't be the only one who'd really like to get these figures can I?