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  1. Was searching amazon and found a whole set of different shades of flesh tone Vallejo paints. I'ma try them out.
  2. I hate mixing paint so I'd really like to find a paint color that fits the skin tones of a clone trooper. All the usual "Flesh color" paints are too fair. I have brown paints but they aren't "Fleshy" enough. Any suggestions?
  3. Looks like I missed out on the code also. This sucks. And of course you have people signing up for the code with no intention of buying one. Bloody rude if you ask me.
  4. Yeah the Staphylococcus connection didn't escape me. I just wasn't sure it was on purpose or not.
  5. Last I checked stress and stress are the same thing. Also "Staph"? Did you mean "Staff Sergeant"?
  6. Would like to see more A-Wing pilots. Could also be cool to see either Rebel LAAT or ARC trooper LAAT
  7. Didn't we try having ships that gave stress by attacking in the first edition and it sucked the fun out of the game?
  8. Thinking about getting one. First I'd like to know what the inside is like..
  9. Kingsguard

    LAAT! Woohoo!

    This is the ship I have been waiting for since the Republic faction was first announced! I'm excited.
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