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  1. My Inquisitor had a fling with a now eldar farseer early in life, and as a result when they meet up with each other she apears some what flustered when the PC's are around. Also he is young for an inquisitor about 50 years old, and has a quad barreled bolt pistol, a gift from the Inquisitor who trained him. He also deals with a Spacemarine Kill Team that is on his ship.
  2. Hello all, IDK if this is the right area for this but im looking for Valkyrie stats to use for my players. Basicly the game will be very fasted paced rapid strike style of play. My XP as a GM/DM runs from DnD, Piazo's Pathfinder, and Starwars Saga Edition, just to give u all alittle info on myself.
  3. I like going Apothecary then followed up by going into Keeper. Basicly im the guarding the gene seed till its givin back to the chapter. My Gm has me play all the support classes in combo with the keepers to add flavor to the game.
  4. Basicly he did that. Or you can go with saying "the emperor protects." Just saying.
  5. The reason are storm warden jumped that i forgot to tell last that the building he jumped off was filled with demons and a warp gate in the sub basement. So he called is a orbital strike to take out the building. i had called a thunderhawk and tolled him to wait. There was time before the strike hit but he jumped anyway.
  6. I would use plasma and melta based weapons. Because with your medical skill would be worth it. Also what chapter are u thinking of using.
  7. So today in my Deathwatch game after a battle with a tzeentch demon prince. He vortexed are SW Lib and himself to the top of a hive cluster about 300ft in the are or so. The Following battle between him and the prince looked like the fight with the balrog in LOTOR. Are lib won the fight, and in order to get of the building that was falling jumped off, now keep in mind this is 300ft up. Then he burned a fate point in order to live. The rest of the kill team saw this as the got out of the building and was like wtf. Basicly post your silly deathwatch storys to.
  8. Thank you sir this will be a great help. I think my GM will want a look at this. As i know he wants to add more of the involvement of the Grey Knights with the Blood Ravens. But dude this is sweet thanks.
  9. IDK if this the right area for this so if its not sorry in advaced. Me and my gamemaster were asked to create The Blood Ravens Chapter For one of are players and are having a hard time of making it, im posting heatr to enlist the help of my fellow battle brothers in creating. Thanks in advance. May the Emperor's hand guide your thoughts brothers.
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