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  1. Does anybody know if the advantage cards in shadow of omega are discarded after use? All it says in the rules is a little mention of plot cards and sometimes they stay in play. Any answers would be helpful. Also the rules say to keep the mission a secret. How are you supposed to know if other players are playing the missions right? Maybe someone is cheating. Or maybe someone accidently skipped a part of their mission without knowing.
  2. Well think of it in these terms. Everybody is in the chamber you roll two dice, say for example a 3 and a 7. The dragon will then attack with a power of 10 hit points. He supposedly attacks with fire, according to the artwork, i'm assuming thats his attack method. So whoever is in the path of the flames will all suffer the same amount of damage. So only one roll would make sense to me. Anyway thats how I play it.
  3. If anybody out there knows what the numbers on the bottom right corner of all the adventure cards are for I would love to know. Thanks in advance.
  4. In the market deck there is a card called the "Touch of death" , it states Before Combat: Activate and take X(exhaustion symbol) to make a magic attack. If your Hero succeeds, inflict X(wound symbol). What does X mean????? Any help would be great.
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