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  1. It is unfortunate that Captain Marvel won't have the option to swap out her Spider Woman ally if she's playing alongside a Spider Woman hero, but I don't expect FFG to try and "fix" it. It's 1 card out of 40-50 in your deck, only affected if you play with one specific hero and still not completely useless even if you do. I think allowing the ally to be played anyway is a fine alternative if it's a big concern. Just imagine she's more actively supporting you for the duration of the ally.
  2. Rhino is a good example, but this card is made for Ultron, solo or 2 hero specifically. This can have a big impact on any of his 3 main schemes... Scheme 1 has a cap of 3, so the only way to keep it from completing solo (barring I object! or Emergency and praying for a zero boost draw) is to stay in hero mode as long as you can hold out. Scheme 2 isn't so bad itself but you very much don't want to progress to scheme 3 so using it here gives you more breathing room. Scheme 3 is awful and you can't remove threat at all (again, prevention works via I object! or Emergency) so this could literally keep you in the game long enough to win. So I agree there is a big difference, in these and other tight threat levels, between removing threat and raising the cap.
  3. Mine moved from the pre-order list to just plain order history when I got a confirmation email. Did you check there?
  4. Playing solo, standard was simple, expert is barely any different. Playing A+B has been a strong challenge.
  5. Captain America eats drones for breakfast. Retaliate from his shield deals with the early drones he's engaged with, and Shield Toss handles them when they're upgraded or if other players need help. The aggression card Melee is a good option for dealing with them too. Also worth noting that if/when you move on to expert Ultron, you need to find clear away the drones. Ultron III can't be damaged if drones are in play.
  6. I know, I listed the only other ways the main scheme advances.
  7. Thunderball has an upgrade (Ball and Chain?) that adds 1 threat to the main scheme when he attacks... pretty sure that, acceleration tokens and escapees are the only other ways the main scheme can advance. I've only played solo, once each difficulty. Standard and expert were pretty simple, or I was just very lucky. The super expert difficulty was a strong challenge and acceleration tokens became a real issue. Took down 2 villains and had the others knocked down to their A side and low on health before Bulldozer killed me with a surprise activation. I was working on Bulldozer and had him nearly finished when Piledriver got his taunt upgrade in play and I never had the resources to remove it so I had to focus him down and that took too long. Meanwhile Piledriver whittled down my upgrades. When I lost Cap's shield it all went downhill fast.
  8. Protection Captain America with Heroic Strike, Tackle and Mockingbird can reliably keep the villain stunned, and fall back on his defense, Shield Block and other Protection tricks to handle when the villain isn't stunned. He's one of my favorite builds right now.
  9. No, that entry for "unique" spells out that cards with the same Title but different Subtitles can coexist in play and/or deckbuilding. I'd bet that Black Widow in the hero pack will have a different Subtitle than the Protection Ally version.
  10. Just started playing solo Hard mode Rhino and I've had a lot of success with a Protection Captain America deck I made. Heroic Strike, Tackle and Mockingbird give him 7 cards with stun in his deck. I haven't been able to keep him stunned every round but it's pretty close, and Cap has plenty of options to handle the few times Rhino does attack.
  11. My experience so far has only been about a dozen solo plays, mostly as Aggressive Iron Man but I haven't had a problem with allies. I agree they're mostly modestly priced upgrades that offer a lot of flexibility. You get a useful ability and a boost to your attack/thwart and essentially defend. The ally that my play experience has given me some pause is Hulk. I've had bad luck using him to attack (2 for 2 having to discard him) but now I use him solely as a meat shield. It's not hard for him to soak up a few small hits and still keep him around to block a real whopper. My most recent game against Ultron he took 4 damage from drones and a villain card over a few turns and then later when Ultron hit phase 2 and wound up doing 6 damage in one attack he took the hit for me. 2 resources for what was essentially +10HP is a real bargain. That was an extreme example but even if he just took a 6 damage attack all at once that'd still be a good play. Maybe this ally version of Hulk, especially being in the Aggression aspect, could be reworked? What if he couldn't be used to defend but instead his "Discard Hulk" random result was switched to "Hulk takes 1 damage"? 2 damage?
  12. The title "Justice" might not fit so well but that aspect focuses on schemes and removing threat and that's very super spy-ish.
  13. I had the same thought when we first played as I'm used to "exhausted" cards essentially being useless until they're readied... but in this game exhausted simply means you can't exhaust again to trigger any such actions. Other abilities are still available. As another example, Iron Man can exhaust to attack or thwart, switch over to Tony Stark and then use his card draw ability.
  14. Daverman

    2019 Holiday Sale

    Perhaps they'll roll it out for "Cyber Monday" when all the online sales start up.
  15. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/9/6/scry-the-future/ If you read the opening question in this news article from a few months ago it seems FFG is taking a different approach to expansions for some games and not just "pumping out" content. Perhaps JIME is in this more gradual schedule?
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