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  1. That's a clumsy way to handle things. We ran into one of these run-on interactions the other day and assumed it was all one action. The app should completely resolve the interact action, say that more action is needed, leave the token in place and then dismiss the window and go back to the main map.
  2. Also worth noting that if you eventually wind up using Trailblazer for the Sprint ability you'd still gain an Inspiration token as Trailblazer is still in play "before" you discard it for Sprint. If you look through most of the cards you'll see that the green colored starting cards spell out rules for keywords like Sprint, Guard, etc. to help you learn the game. The other cards you buy are either too wordy to fit the explanation or they assume you know the rules by then.
  3. Wow, my reply was from Grace too. Guess there's been some internal debate on the subject since then. Very curious to see what the final verdict will be in an official FAQ.
  4. Thanks for the replies! Didn't need anything I hadn't already painted but I have the Wargs and Troll finished, and got started on the Wights.
  5. I've been working on painting my figures and am nearly done, only have the wargs, barrow wights and troll to finish... but I'm not likely to finish them all before a game tomorrow night when we will resume our campaign on scenario 5. Without spoiling any specifics (like "hey there's a troll in scenario 6") what figures should I work on first? I'd love to have what I'm likely going to need ready.
  6. If you're drawing cards and looking for success/inspiration symbols, it's a test. Attacking, negating, interacting, last stand... they're all tests.
  7. It's still very useful if you attack and plan on attacking or interacting again, whether it's your own turn or a bonus action granted by things like Lead the Charge.
  8. I submitted this question via the support link and received this reply:
  9. I submitted this question via the support link and received this reply:
  10. In our limited experience so far we know of two things that happen "after you attack"... this card and Gimli's special ability. Carefully reading the rules after our last session I'm inclined to think it would happen after a counterattack but would like an official answer. We've been letting Gimli use his ability before counterattacking and being able to put a good card back on top of the deck so you can negate with it has felt very stong.
  11. Finished 2 scenarios so far and really like it. Compared to Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, we prefer the slight deck-building/deck-cycling mechanic vs. dice, the threat bar vs. the vague, mostly hidden timer element from Mansions of Madness, and the fact that the scenarios are all a part of a larger campaign. The one thing I don't like about the game are the tiny cards and even smaller print. This will be less an issue as we get more familiar with the cards, but right now we're consulting them pretty frequently and reading the fine print is a pain. Also, at a quick glance the icons for character stats (Agility, Wit, etc.) mostly look like tiny circles on the skill cards. Might stands out as it's a horn, but the other 4 need a closer look to see if it's the Agility "swirl", the different looking Spirit "swirl" , etc.
  12. Never took off at any local stores here and it didn't stick with my son so it's been gathering dust at my house. The wording of the article and how they refer to developing the game in the past tense don't sound good to me. Also note they're contacting the Worlds winners to arrange new awards in place of helping design new cards for the game. It's over.
  13. I thought you were going to talk about this photo: which shows Kari Wraithstalker as a player character. To the best of my knowledge, she hasn't been in any Terrinoth games prior to Runewars TMG.
  14. There's a fairly long post on BGG about the demo offered at Gencon here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2037714/thoughts-gen-con-demo/page/1
  15. Did you experiment any with Metered March? You could use that to pass through units, stop on the other side of them, reform and collide. Instant flanking bonus.
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