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  1. But yes, I'd also like to see Tully as a separate faction from Stark. It essentially has it's own mechanics in e1 anyway: tully trait only replenishment, power through defense (not losing challenges) and immune to events.
  2. Honestly, I almost prefer the idea that some traditional houses only exist as 'support factions.' Give Frey a faction, with all the bells and unique whistles, but give them no 'Loyal' cards and no house card. (just the support of Frey agenda) As a stand alone box any faction can use for support, Nate & Co wouldn't have to worry about fitting Frey cards into CPs or how it would work with rotation. Support-only factions is a pretty simple way of side-stepping the auto include problems we were having with Neutrals. Still lets Brotherhood, Essosi/Free Cities, NW/Wildlings and Frey present unique and cross-faction themes, without letting players make rainbow 'greatest hits' decks that are thematically silly or OP. Gives a lot of room for FFG to release one-off deluxe boxes each year too
  3. Can't we just have 11 factions? The old 6: Arryn, Brotherhood, Nightwatch, Tully, and Tyrell? Heck, this game has so many mechanical hooks I can't imagine too much difficulty in making each distinct. Balance may be a different story, but if we're really past the era of OOH and into a new Support of Only, it seems like balance may be a less 'whole card pool' issue
  4. also: A built in 'POV Character' concept, which could be a default state for no-Agenda. (ala the hand of the king variant rules) If we're talking theme, it's almost silly that having a POV character has never officially been part of the game…
  5. As for mechanics, I'd love Nate to consider: 1. "Choose your own setup cards" (instead of random + an optional mulligan) 2. Draw phase = "Draw 2 OR Search 1" 3. some sort of "Reserve Deck" that future-proofs side deck ideas like Maester's Path and Black Sails. It could even work like shadows, where cards cost a fee to put into the reserve and can be brought out at the beginning of any phase for their printed cost. (Possibly even returned to the reserve for the fee at the end of the phase) If the reserve's function was universal, and could be used by any card, the shadows crest wouldn't ever have to return as a specific thing BUT we'd still have access to the interesting timing/trap setting nature it currently can provide. Heck, if stalwart cards always ended up there from play, stalwart could be interesting finally! (though I doubt Stalwart will return in 2nd Edition)
  6. Honestly, I'd love NightWatch to get out of the Neutral pool. They don't worked thematically and, like House Arryn, they could benefit from some unique play mechanics.
  7. I'm not saying rotation is a stupid idea, in-general. However, in AGoT it doesn't accomplish what you want it to do. Think about it. If you identify all the things that are frustrating, confusing or unintuitive in Thrones, you'll quickly see past the card pool and notice a inconsistent, fiddly underlying mechanical system, with poorly templated cards and often incomplete or unsupported design ideas. (re: arcane timing windows, no action before dominance… except shadows, and so on) More importantly, new problem cards enter the pool every cycle. Just last week, debate came up about Darkstar being able to be targeted by effects triggered from cards that discard him into play for their cost. Even if Darkstar were rotated out of the pool, the very fact that this kind of card interaction is even in question so many years into the game's life has implications for so many things to come. In reality, thrones IS a messy, convoluted, difficult to balance train wreck built on top of layers of of legacy design. The only way to fix that is a total reboot with rules and card functions that are more approachable by the general audience. That's so expensive and risky it's not likely to ever happen, though there's always a chance it could
  8. Meh? This topic comes up every few months since the dawn of time. The arguments are always the same for both sides, and those arguments are largely speculative, anecdotal and/or from individual perspectives. The logistical and financial realities remain the same for FFG: 1. the consumer base is relatively small and alienating any part of it endangers profit. (read: rotating out long time players' cards) 2. the more $15 MSRP products in circulation, the more potential sales they can make. Additionally, by having multiple designers' eras in the pool, future packs can add value to old packs, which boosts sales/value of old, stale inventory on retailer shelves. (see: Bannermen and kingsguard traits in the current cycle) 3. while an imperfect solution, the restricted list gives the design team fairly precise control over game issues AND generates a community need to 'flock to the website' now and again to stay up to date. (read: slightly annoying, but does incentivize the community to gather and form a dialog of sorts about the game, in a venue controlled and observed by the designers) 3b. if the competitive scene is truly getting stale, FFG hears about it and, while hit or miss, can ban hammer its way out of the corner. (see: so long Long Voyage and Maesters who?) Unless rotation guarantees FFG dramatic player base and sales growth compared to what they've got, there is no reason to do it. To be blunt, Thrones is a niche product with overly complex core rules and just doesn't have the sales potential to justify the risk. (without heavy investment into the App space and brand awareness campaigns that FFG has probably already identified as more costly than their potential rewards would justify)
  9. Clarification: Collectors Corner's 3pm "Draft" isn't a championship tourney. Rather, it's a fun event for anyone not making the cut for the semi-finals AND wanting to take advantage of the stores championship day 20% off sale
  10. Announcing the Baltimore City, Maryland store championship. (hosted by Collectors Corner) If you're in the area, drop on by and give us a good thrashing and hey! Even if you don't qualify for the final tables, we'll have fun with draft on the side. (at a reasonable discount to boot)
  11. A US centric list is up at cardgameDB here: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12358-who-here-has-applied-for-a-store-championship/ If you are in Maryland, DC, or VA, we have a little poster here
  12. Can Hodor be declared as a naval attacker when given naval enhancements? (despite his normal attack restrictions) thanks!
  13. Bomb said: Rumor has it that the printed card indeed has a "when revealed" on it. … weird … but good!
  14. Yeah… the deluxe boxes don't really provide prebuilt experiences. Rather, a wealth of customization options for your existing card pool or just within the box. That said, more pre-built options would be a nice way to bridge the play experience for casual players and, possibly, provide a hook for more regular and accessable at-retail play. (prebuild only nights) though that would really benefit from some sort of draft packs too to liven up the experience and then we start talking about random card assortments and the LCG scene generally doesn't like that…
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