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  1. only company that had the SW license wasn't renewed at the end of 2014 was with Dark Horse Comic, SW comics moved in-house to Marvel. It is highly unlikely they would pull it from FFG, not when it is making money and growing. Only two thing I could see happening is X-wing/other SW FFG games become unpopular so they don't renew it or long term look to buy FFG and/or parent company but that may/could not happen due to monopoly laws.
  2. See this is my thought also. People say 'just change themes and change a few things and you have imperial/darkside' My counter was the fact the same could have been said of the 40 line then they released BC(tho I am not a fan of the god tracking that system has such a pain) But at the end of the day who knows what their contact with Lucas Arts/Disney says. Black Sun... Don't tease me with such a thought...
  3. If you are the GM just don't allow them to make dark side characters or what I do is allowed my players in other games them to kill the other players characters if what they want to become gets in the way of the party and the Goals of the group. Some times peoples stories happen to take them in such a way it gets in the way, So they either stop playing and reroll a toon and their old character pops back up as a contact or villain. I remember the first time I started playing RT with the group I am with now. I was just a player not the GM. Joined in after a few other sessions happened. My first session and half of the other players planned to over throw the ship and take over and become pirates, more or less could change the course of the story the GM wanted to tell. The players that where in on it told the GM in private so the other players had no clue, but they bloched a few rolls and that allowed the GM to let the other half have a chance to catch on to what was going on. The group wanted to take over made it look my toon planned to take over even tho I just came on board. So the Leader of the ship came up with an idea to have out minds probed one at a time as he asked questions to find out the truth. after going over everyone he gathered those of us he felt he could trust told us what was going on and we set up a plan to take of the traitors. Set up a crew meeting, we each had our target. The first officer(leader of the traitors) during the meeting said he had something to tell everyone and stood up. That is when our captain gave us the order to strike and kill them. one surprise round later the traitors where dead and all that was left was them rolling up new toons. The GM had the Captain and first officer roll initiative to see who said their order first to kill the rest. So one dice roll and the other side could have just as easily been the ones making new toons.
  4. once you have your session please share with us how it went!
  5. Oh.. I like the holographic emitters idea more than my force visions, even better reason why the party could see what happened then strong force event.
  6. Well if we where going to go dark side spooky... maybe have them find a harrower-class dreadnought from the days of the old republic war with the Sith empire.(Google ship for sure) "As you fly closer you are shocked to discover a ship of such size just floating in the darkness of space. The ship looks shocking close to the modern Star Destroy in use by the Imperial Navy. There have been no attempts to communicate with you." Allow them to try to scan/contact the ship as they get closer to it, roll lore checks(make it hard or daunting due to how lond the ship is), Once they want to fly closer you can just tell them or have them roll checks to see(simple or easy) "As you fly closer you can seen marks on the hull of the ship from unknown sources. Also the ship seems to be unpowered currently. Ahead you see a large docking bay to land in." On entering the back have who every is piloting roll a easy pilot check to avoid hitting a ship that seems to have crashed/shot down into the bay. and then allow them to land. They will need space suit/breathers to walk out of their ship safely onto the grand ol' ship. then from there their first goal should be to try and get the power back on. They can spend a DP to maybe have a console with power they could download blueprints from but then have it sizzle out right after. During their walk there have them make Simple perception checks time to time. You want them to pass these, when they do, they will think they are hearing foot steps running down the hall from in front of them or from where they just came. have this happen every so often but not every time they turn a comer or room. Once in the engine room. Have non-force users do a hard perception(maybe?) check, force users do a Simple one. Or you could just have everyone receive a Vision, due to strength of the dark side on the ship. The group seems a Man, maybe 30s, people running around him. They hear him yell into a communicator "We cannot use the hyper drive right now, we suffered extreme damage and it may cause the power core to shut down!" then they Vision goes away and they are in the engine room. a few bodies floating in around, long dead. If they are able to restore power(few hours work maybe) it restores life support and power to the bridge. If they work on it more they find they can switch the power to there areas of the ship one at a time. This is where you could have a few defense droids on the ship turn on if you want combat. have them activate here, the bridge and the bay they landed. As they walk throughout the ship you can have more vision, crew quarters, hall way out side the bridge, and such. Showing they where boarded shortly before they jumped by Commandos and a jedi, On the bridge as they enter the Final Vision happens, The jedi and what remains of his Commandos find their target, a Sith Lord, who as they enter is yelling to use the hyperdrive to try and escape. He then pulls out his light Saber and looks at the Commander of the ship, Say something about how it is his fault they where caught in this trap and executes him then he looks over to the Jedi and they run at each other. You could end the vision there or give detail of the fight, but in the end it was the Jedi killed and the Sith was alive... Choices for you as the GM from there. The Sith is still alive on the ship, he was in stasis, and when they return to the docking bay he is there waiting for them. Or he has since long died after the jump and die on the bridge sitting in the Commanders Chair, hunched over with one of his hands in a thinking pose as he stares out into space. Taint of the Dark Side should be strongest on the bridge. If they are able to access the ships records they will be able to gain access to many details about the Jedi Sith War from 3500 years ago that someone may pay a to get their hands on. Maybe a few people want the data once they start looking for buyers... Lower end offer should be someone wanting to preserve the knowledge, Higher Offer wants to make sure it never sees the light of day... Rewards: 2 light sabers, one jedi(green) and one Sith(red), Anything you may not want them to have could have been shot up or cut by the light sabers, like lets say the Commando Armor(personally i'd use Heavy Battle Armor stats for that) Well don't want them in armor that strong yet, by chance it was shot up to where it is now useless. You can have them find some old relics to sell along with the data and anything else you think they should find. Hope this helps you come up with some ideas. If anything reads odd let me know, typed this up pretty fast.
  7. Where to start is to figure out what kind, a Spooky Story, a Horror Story, a What happened to everyone, set up for a trap by local pirates or something else. Then how big of a ship do you want them to find derelict? Is repairable/still in working order? is it private owned ship, rebel ship, imperial or some other unheard of faction/race? Do you want them to gain ownership of the ship? If not then I would have the owner(company or person) show up and pay them a reward for its safe return once the adventure is done. Then from there mark down what reward/loot they can/could find. Logs they could access with info, encounters(if any), Damage(if any) and anything else I may not be able to think of.
  8. Opps I did say YT-2300, meant YT-2400. my derp. that is a bit different from the plans I found but still good ones, it seems like the YT-2400 can be customized inside from all the plans i found from older 'offical' sources.. So, I agree with the above comments that we probably won’t see any books from FFG that specifically deal with dark siders. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t read books from other sources, and gain a lot of information and ideas about how you could approach role-playing this issue. Feel free to go to amazon.com and type in the words “star wars sith” and search in the Books category. Pay special attention to the “Book of Sith” by Daniel Wallace, and “Imperial Handbook”, also by Daniel Wallace. I just happened to find out about the Book of Sith the day before you posted this, Plan to order that along with the Path of the Jedi and the bounty hunter one.
  9. I am thinking the Thing should be a over sized battle droid made by this 'Elastid scientist' as a body guard. Bulky, well armored and Brawn of 5, Melee skill 5, no ranged attack(besides many be picking up a object and tossing it) but has some type of jump or leap that can land him in close fast, but due to size could cause him at some point to break the floor and fall through if on a station or raised platform. his outer layer should have a rocky look that makes him look different to normal droids. If you where to do stats to roll off of besides the brawn of 5, I'd go with agility 1, Int 2, Cunning 1, Willpower 2 or 3, Presence 2. And if your PC try to use a restraining bolt on the droid I would have the Discipline check no more difficult than his Willpower number due to the scientist installing protocols to combat someone from trying to take over his body guard.
  10. Sounds like you need to add something Fantastic..... maybe Four Fantastic npcs....
  11. Thank you very much! I think when/if I do have a encounter I will use the narrative approach! A few of the players would be stubborn enough to try and face him. See my group likes the Idea of some interaction with the Main cast of heroes and Villains. Like once my store goes past Yavin 4 and if they decide they want to help the rebels they may have a chance to bump into luke or Han for a second. nothing that effects the Main story in the least.
  12. I am starting them off with a Mentor(due to back story they wanted). So the Inquisitor has been trying to capture or kill their Mentor, a ex-jedi knight that was able to avoid order 66 due to the fact he was a prisoner of the CoIS. As for his back up, well from what I understand most imperial Forces have to follow their orders, big part due to the fact the Inquisitor are directly under Vader. On the Vader topic are their any official rules for Vader currently or a good set of player made rules? I am thinking of having my players run into Vader by chance at some point and turn it into a run as they fight scenario from him. Right now I just plan to work out rules best I can for him.
  13. I’m 49, and old enough to be the Dad (or grand-dad) of just about everyone else in my group. In my group we're all over 50 Oldest in my group is 35 and the youngest is 19. ages to be exact is 35, 30, 25, 22, 21, and 19 that play in the star wars rpg groups, but have more that play the 40k line also.
  14. 3 planned, So it sounds unlikely there will be another but a tiny chance mayne. One can only plan so far ahead right. *holding out hope* But who knows how the contact then have with Lucas Art/Disney written. I just know I love FFG rpg lines. I kind wish they could get the rights to make a Mass Effect table top RPG...
  15. Gand is not picked on by the other player(he 'owns' the ship story wise) and no one wants to be kicked off their ride plus when NPC deal with him normally there is a Wookiee a foot or two away... For the Chiss our Human player likes to pick on him. The Chiss just gives him a glare with his red eyes and calls the human uncivilized. Clam down. Sorry if this book(well starter set right now) has me pumped... but Honestly I heard the same thing about the 40k rpg line.. All you needed was a small change in minor skills and talents and boom you have 'evil' space marines and humans... will they Released Black Crusade even tho the Swap to Chaos would be easy from the other books. FFG is great at coming up with ways most of us would think of, Yeah, i'd doubt they would do a dark jedi call, they would come with way better Ideas than myself Just never say never. I did read someone claim FFG is only doing 3 main core books for the Star Wars RPG line but have yet to see any proof that backed that statement up.
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