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  1. Thanks Assussanni and Mimi61 for the replies. I am clearly understand the ability now. I have the confusion because the card text I read is "automatically evade that enemy. (full stop, without 'at her location')". If the card reads evade that enemy at her location (just like the wordings of Stray Cat), I would probably understand that it can be used to evade an enemy not engaged with her.
  2. I do not fully understand how does (the 2nd option of) the ability on Trish Scarborough (The Innsmouth Conspiracy #3) work. It is a reaction: After you discover 1 or more clues at a location with an enemy: ... or automatically evade that enemy... For this evasion to work, Trish has to be engaged with an enemy, right? So if she takes an Investigate Action or plays an event that allows her to discover a clue, it will provoke the enemy for an attack of opportunity first. I don't know how useful that will be. But in the game play video from FFG on Oct. 15, Trish went to the location where Evan has an engaged enemy, and after Trish investigated and got a clue, she allowed Evan to evade that enemy. If this is legal then Trish's ability is useful. But is this move legal?
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