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  1. Two questions: 1`. Can a card used to pay the resource cost for Ancestral Knowledge be picked up and shuffled back into the deck by Ancestral Knowledge? 2. Chaos in the Prison (from the Wrecking Crew): "When Revealed: Choose to either discard an upgrade you control or place 1 threat on the active villain's side scheme for each upgrade you control." I am not sure if the "for each upgrade you control" part applies to both options or just the latter option? That is, if I have 5 upgrades, should I choose for each upgrade if I would discard it or place 1 threat (e.g. I can choose to discard two upgrades and place 3 threats), or should I choose to either discard one upgrade or place 5 threat?
  2. Its release has been moved to 'June' according to the recent (April 6) update to the Upcoming page.
  3. In the FAQ (version 1.7), under the Forgotten Age FAQ section, "If I am instructed to replay a scenario, do any effects from a previous resolution or interlude that refer to “the next scenario” apply? What about effects from the introduction that refer to “this scenario?” Yes to both. If the previous resolution or interlude affects “the next scenario,” or if the scenario introduction affects “this scenario,” it should be construed to mean any playthrough of that scenario, including multiple playthroughs if the players are forced to replay it."
  4. The new RRG (version 12a) is confusing in the paragraph of "Defend, Defense" on page 5 to 6. It starts with a paragraph "When an enemy makes an attack, the players have the option to defend against the attack. There are a few different ways this can occur:", which is followed by 5 pullet points. It would seem that all of the 5 bullet points are "different ways of defend against the attack", but the 4th bullet point is considered undefended, so I am not sure if the 5th bullet point (using a triggered ability that is labeled as Defense) is one of the option to defend against the attack. I think I will play as using a triggered ability that is labeled as Defense will be considered as having defended against the attack, thus allowing the play of e.g. Counter-Punch.
  5. Many thanks for sharing! I will definitely print it out and perhaps try it on Halloween
  6. I thought we have played it wrong in the past (we did not think that Signal Jam can cancel the playing of a card) after reading this thread yesterday. But thanks for your clarification. Signal Jam is not that (over)powerful.
  7. If the objective's text has the wordings of "gains control of", it will pass along the first player marker. For Grimbeorn the old, since it does not mention "control", it stays with one player. I think it is clarified by Nate long time ago.
  8. Using a shield is optional, meaning that you can decide whether you want to use it or not when there is an opportunity.
  9. On Augustus' COG card, it states that "even another player" has played a Guard card, and there is no official rules that modify his ability in solo play. So I would say he cannot "Guard" twice in a turn, and his ability essentially becomes only "play any card as a 'Guard' card" in solo play. Nevertheless, it is your game so play it however you like.
  10. Yes, you can, unless the attachment itself specify a requirement (e.g. Burning Brand specifies that it can only be attached to a lore hero)
  11. Actually, it is that Elder Sign credited the mechanism to Dr. Knizia (for Risk Express) in the 2nd edition rulebook.
  12. There is nothing limiting where the portal tokens to be placed, the only requirement is that they are within 8 hexes of each other. However, I think that you would not want to place it on an enemy unit because normally you cannot move through such units (except through Flying ability or special scenario rules). Though placing one of the portal on one of your activated units would certainly help its movement.
  13. The heroic ability is optional, as you have to commit Heroic die result to trigger it, and committing die results is optional.
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