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  1. Found the set of rules I have used before. Here's the pdf http://files.meetup.com/1516835/Genestealer%20Cults.pdf
  2. Is your genestealer cult the 'old' type with the different generation hybrids? There are some home brew 40k DH rules out there which may be of use. I'll see if I can find them online.
  3. I'm starting to put together my plans for running my first rogue trader game and have a question about the numbers of fighting troops a rogue trader can put on to the field. Is there anywhere in the rules that I have missed covering what percentage of crew can be considered soldiers? I know it's one of the questions my players will ask...
  4. I'm not keen on the Agri home world bonus as it is far too situational. If you are running a game on an Agri world where there is some heresy involving agricultural trade/equipment then awesome. If not you get no benefit from it at all. What about giving them a bonus to recovering fatigue or avoiding taking fatigue as they work from dawn to dusk in the fields?
  5. dava100

    Into The Storm

    I saw one on eBay for £3000 the other day!!
  6. That looks pretty good, not harsh at all and mostly nothing that could be noticed. Looking forward to your interpretations of the other tables phenomena too
  7. Not wanting to put words in Objulen's mouth but I would have thought it is because a psyker is always going to cause some kind of warp phenomena with your rule set. That entirely depends of course on what your re-jigged phenomena tables look like. But even having a nose bleed while trying to dominate someone it still an overt effect. What is your reasoning for having psykers always producing some kind of phenomena when using a power? I would also be interested to know your thoughts on how some of the traits and talents that affect rolling on the phenomena tables might work? I like the powers you have put together but I would personally go with something along the lines of... Minor = phenomena on doubles Major = phenomena on anything but a double Push = roll on phenomena table at +10 That is still harsh in my opinion as the psyker to do anything but a minor manifestation is still highly likely to produce phenomena (90% chance with a major).
  8. I haven't looked all the way through the powers yet but good work. I like. I know you have mentioned possibly tweaking the phenomena and perils tables so they aren't so harsh but if you are always at least going to cause phenomena isn't that going to severely limit the psyker being sneaky with his powers?
  9. Something else to think about depending on what fluff you consider valid is that some chapters use ships that mirror how they fight. For example in the Horus Heresy books the White Scars use ships specifically built for speed (hit and run), and the Raven Guard had ships that were more stealthy. I imagine the Ultra Marines might have ships that are able to deal with different tactical situations. The Jericho Reach is mostly Death Watch of course so they may just use the sort of thing suggested by other posters which is basically heavily armoured killing machines.
  10. Some good posts here (in this sub forum) http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/114382-roleplaying-ecclesiarchy-characters/ that will be of use to you.
  11. I hadn't considered that. But it still leaves some home world choices better for some disciplines, such as nobles for telepathy and ferals for biomancy.
  12. See here for my house rule http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/114278-home-world-aptitudes/ I am still thinking about aptitude options psykers as the home world aptitude is a change proposed for everyone.
  13. In my opinion home world aptitudes do not work. See here for reasonings http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/114226-psi-power-re-reqs/ What I will be doing is removing the stat aptitude you get from your Home World and give each PC a stat aptitude pick of their choice. So if you want to be a perceptive feral or a tough noble you can. Thank you cps and Fgdsfg for helping me to arrive at this conclusion
  14. Ah, yes, of course, that makes no sense whatsoever. This is an issue with how Aptitudes are handed out, though. Not with the psyker pre-reqs. themselves. The Aptitude-system is great, but it's not perfect, and handing Aptitudes out on a per-World basis is a terrible idea. Aptitudes represents a character's abilities and, well, aptitudes. To think that everyone that's a noble would somehow have Fellowship as an Aptitude is just.. ridiculous. Aptitudes should've been doled primarily as a matter of Archetype, Career or Specialization (something DH2 does not employ). In DH2 it's just.. odd. An option would be to remove the aptitude you get for home worlds and give each PC 1 free stat aptitude pick. I like that better than giving PCs an extra free pick as per my idea above.
  15. This is a flaw of the Aptitude system. It's a bad system and this is just one of the reasons. As far as what to do about it? Give players X Aptitudes for free so they can take the character generation options they want and not totally gimp their character. That'd be one way to do it. I kinda like an aptitude system but not quite how it has been implemented in DH2. What I will probably do is give all PCs one free aptitude pick. This will also help other non optimal 'builds' but will of course also mean the 'best' builds aptitude wise will get even most versatility... Mmm
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