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  1. So heavy bolters are no longer the best snipers in the game?
  2. I was under the impression that the servo arm was a strictly a bionic, and therefore wasn't able to use talent-based actions or have weapon upgrades attached to it.
  3. According to page 169 all basic guns can now have silencers. How on earth is this correct? A silencer on a melta/plasma gun seems ridiculous.
  4. Force weapon on the Sorcerer is understandable. Sometimes using psychic powers is a huge risk, and when those times arise, you need a backup plan. Sorcerers aren't melee specialists, so they need a really good melee weapons since they're likely to have zero melee talents. Hereteks are likely to go ranged combat, while the servo arm is very powerful, it's more of a major utility, and since it's an bionic augmentations it doesn't benefit from things like lightening attack or any other melee talents, hence why it's so powerful. I could be wrong.
  5. Meltagun: 20m s/-/- 2d10+10e 12pen 5clip 2full Special: Melta; At short range, this weapon has 24pen. Plasma Gun: 90m s/2/- 1d10+8e 10pen 20clip 5full Special: Maximal; Maximal mode gives this gun 100m, adds 1d10 to its damage, and awards 12 penetration. The weapon must recharge for one round after being fired on maximal mode, and uses 3 times the amount of ammo per maximal shot. Special: Overheat; On a roll of 91 or higher, this weapon overheats, the wielder suffers a single hit to his arm, and must pass an agility test of drop the weapon. The weapon must then spend the round cooling and cannot be used. So, which should I roll with? All factors included, even attachments.
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