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  1. Hello There, I have the answers for several questions that Sam Stewart kindly answered (thanks again!). I reformated the questions below for clarity. 1) Extra reload & Dueling Pistol Pt2 (see my previous post, on Apr 11) Since a "Dueling Pistol" needs an Extra Reload to use more than once. How many uses does an Extra Reload have? Is it one use per item? Or is unlimited? My question comes from the encumbrance more than the price (Its relatively cheap item, but it has enc=1) My problem is, do I need 6 extra reloads for 6 shots with a Dueling Pistol, or do I need to carry just one Extra Reload? How many maneuvers does it take to reload a Dueling pistol? I think it is 2: one to take the reload from my equipment and other for reloading, but I want to confirm. answer: As mentioned previously, you do need one extra reload for each time you reload your dueling pistol. It would also take two maneuvers, one to ready the item, and one to use it. 2) Talents and Quality vs Minions If one PC fight against 3 minions with Brawl, and activates knockdown with 2 advantages, Does the knockdown apply to all 3 or just 1? What if he uses a "Scathing tirade" action? Does he apply the setbacks to all 3 minions or just 1? answer: How minion groups are affected by things like Knockdown is usually partially narrative and left up to the GM. It may be that all three minions are knocked down (pick up one and throw them into their buddies!), or it could be that only one of the three is knocked down, but the other two help their friend up and thus still lose their free maneuver! It could even be that the knocked down minion stands up to join the group, and thus doesn't participate in the next Brawl check. The specifics should be left up to your GM. 3) Speak Binary Does the basic form of "Speak Binary" use an incidental, a maneuver, or an action? How long does it last? An instruction as "open a door" is easy to understand, but "fire at will" might take several combat rounds. answer: Speak Binary is a passive talent, so it does not require any maneuver, action, or incidental to use. When your character directs an NPC droid to perform a task, if that task requires a skill check, they will add Boost dice to that check. What it takes to direct that droid (an action and a Leadership check, for example, or a maneuver and a simple shouted command) is up to your GM and should also depend on the complexity of the task, but the talent does not have any rules in that regard. 4) Body Guard If PC (A) act first and activates Body Guard talent on PC (B) while is engaged. What happens when PC (B) moves on his turn? Does the talent still work until the start of the character A next turn? answer: The PC does need to remain engaged with their Body Guard to keep benefiting from the talent. 5) Force Talents and committed dice Do FS talents like "Overwhelm Emotion" and "Balance" work if you have all your force dice committed? answer: When you commit Force dice, your character's Force rating is reduced temporarily. So talents like Overwhelm Emotions and Balance work, but if you've committed all of your Force dice and your Force rating is temporarily 0, you'll add 0 dice to the check. 6) Precision strike This talent comes with the following information: "Additionally, whenever the character defeats a minion or rival NPC, he may always choose to do so by nonlethal means, even if the environment or exceptional circumstances would normally make that very difficult or impossible." Does "Precision strike" needs to be active for the special effect (take out the enemy as non-lethal), or is a passive (and additional) effect of the talent? answer: Your character can always take out the NPC nonlethally with this talent. 7) Brawl weapons and strain damage Can Brawl weapons be used for strain damage? In the asked and answered questions of the forum, the answer to a question regarding Precision Strike, was: "Normally, Brawl weapons augment unarmed attacks, and can be used as part of an unarmed attack. Some talents may specifically require the user to not be wielding any weapons, which would include Brawl weapons." answer: Brawl weapons can usually be used nonlethally because they augment unarmed attack. However, some Brawl weapons may not make narrative sense to be used nonlethally. A specific example of these are vibroknucklers, which are literally vibroblades strapped to your character's knuckles. In that case, it doesn't make sense that these could deal strain damage. As always, we encourage people to use common sense depending on the situation!
  2. Tell him to step in the forum. Not for mob justice, but legitimate rules questions and options. Maybe he wants to present real treats to the PCs. If your GM is your friend, don't risk your friendship it for a game. But don't hesitate to tell him you don't feel its fair. Somewhere in the GM chapter, he possible read that it was important to keep fairness in the game and open communications with the players. Good luck with your search for a new GM.
  3. Great suggestions. To the last part, perhaps a contact that allows you to buy items (legal or black market) with a Rarity reduction. Perhaps 1 or 2 points, maintaining the price.
  4. You are right. I'm sorry. The fact that you re-open a thread instead to create a new one show the effort to read what was already discussed. That's always a good sign. To go with your original questions: That's not entirely true. They have the same Brawn rate but they can't actually arm wrestling since there is a size difference. Yes. If you want additional enhancements Increase Soak, WT or even better, Brawl: The Captive Rancor has Brawl 2. If you really want a fierce opponent, increase it to 3 or 4.
  5. I remember a story from Spoony, regarding the Jedi Hunter. In that video, he mentioned the Deck Sweeper stun blaster (see: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Deck_Sweeper_stun_blaster ). After a quick search, I found the following gun that could help your character. Merr-Sonn AJ-23 Concussive Rifle http://swrpg.viluppo.net/equipment/weapons/3276/
  6. Sorry, English is not my mother language. I meant, The Dice Pool Podcast released an episode before the Order 66 podcast. Also, not meant as a criticism. On the contrary, kudos for the dedication!
  7. For the voice of NPC, I use something I stole from Jewel of Yavin. It's an asymmetric first impression In that adventure, some NPC will react differently to the PCs regarding their Career (i think the example given in the adventure is a Thief Spec or Smuggler Career with a shady NPC). I took this idea and added another layer: Obligation/Motivation. I usually think one obligation that might push the buttons for the NPC and then compare it with the PCs Obligation. For example, an NPC might own credits to the same crime lord, or have the same secret motivation for Droids Rights. This helps to bring this character to life in the minds of the players. It's also a good reminder for me to use obligations outside the percentile roll
  8. If it's mostly an EotE campaign, you could use the rules for business and Homestead from Far Horizon. Basically is a common obligation and if I recall correctly 50K credits (Instead of a ship) invested in a local business or property. You mention a cosmopolitan city in the Outer Rim, So I imagine a business could be interesting. To answer this particular question, I worked in a west marches (or open table) type of campaign, where the PC didn't start with one ship, but due to the story we were playing, they have access to different vehicles (YT-1300, several Y-wing fighters, Firesrpayer). They all lived as guests in a Nebulon-B frigate, as outlaws hiding with a mercenary group. Try to speak with your group first (like, read the room if you don't want to reveal details of your story). I would be on board with a ship that needs to be repaired, but on the other hand, other players might feel cheated if they could choose a ship a functional ship at char gen, according to the rules. Good luck and let us know how it works!
  9. In my last campaign: Farghul, Twi'lekk, Ithorian, Drall, Chandra-Fan, Twi'lek, a droid and an invented species (because, apparently, there are not enough species in Star Wars... LOL) We have a great cast, but the only problem was when they need to talk with Imperial authorities, the best candidate was a spy addict to exotics drugs and a Charmer, looking for business opportunities. We sure had some fun. This might be true, but I would argue the "most" part. You can see this in D&D as well.
  10. I agree. It's a great way to handle.
  11. Use the Vanguard Spec for initiative and Defense. I recall there is an attachment to transform a blaster into a sort of shotgun. I think is the Beam Splitter http://swrpg.viluppo.net/equipment/attachments/3395/
  12. In this particular system, I would add " be proactive on how to spent advantages and Triumphs". Don't expect the GM come with alternatives. Be creative and suggest what to do. Worst case scenario, If the GM does not agree with a suggestion, he will consider this effect for future scenario and you will learn new and creative uses for advantages. Also, as a GM I like when players suggest how to spent disadvantages. I know is not RAW, but the players tend to think the worst case scenario for their PCs. And that's a good thing. They can suggest a nightmarish result... but if they overcome that new obstacle? They feel empowered.
  13. In all honesty (and if we want to resurrect the thread, who am I to say no?), Brawn is an abstraction of strength and resilience and it works when you use this abstraction to compare humanoid species. When you compare creatures, the "simulation" starts to crack. Is this wrong? is this the only game guilty of an unrefined representation of creatures? No, of course not. Is a Tantaun (Br: 4) almost as strong as a Captive Rancor (Br: 6), or can 6 mynocks (Br:1) match a Rancor? Common sense says no. So, how do you represent the difference in strength? The simple answer is by Silhouette (carrying capacity and how hard is to move it against its will), Base Damage and Crit rate (How easy is to make some serious damage), and Soak. You can also be creative if you have a player that knows he has the same stat in strength as Rancor, and wants to fight one. You can increase the difficulty of a brawling check against this particular target. Add Adversary 1 or 2 if they pretend to beat the poor monster with sticks and punches. Or increase it's soak and resistance to critical hits. It's not in the stat block per se, but you could argue that it makes sense. You are not breaking the rules, you are just adapting to a new situation... a PC with no common sense.
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