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  1. It's my idea, or this is exactly the advice given in Star Wars D6, 1st? 👍
  2. Yes, indeed. I like what it's available in FaD corebook, but I'm looking for a more organized layout and NPC examples.
  3. a two-page layout detailing how to create stormtroopers and different type stormtroopers could be nice. Actually, the same goes for Inquisitors and even Bounty hunters.
  4. I want to offer the perspective of one of my players I had one player that in my longest campaign thought that 250-300 XP was good enough to retire. I offered the argument that his character could still grow in several areas and he still didn't have signature abilities. Not that it was mandatory, but I was trying to explain how high they can go. In the end, is a matter of perspective. As a GM, I think you can still increase the risk of the adversaries and handle PC with more than 600xp.
  5. Uhhh call me intrigued on the Ionizing emitter matrix. Regarding weapons, is there any stats for the awesome Geonosians weapons, like the sonic blaster? Thanks again, @AgniAvis72
  6. Hello @Screenmonkey, Thanks for this great spreadsheet. I noticed that the Instructor (Commander) and Strategist (Commander) are listed as two specs without dedication. I don't know about FaD specs, but at least these two have it. Thanks again for the great work.
  7. Thanks again for this (and all other answers) Its interesting that they recommend taking out of career specs without a mechanical benefit. That was my main question about this book. Maybe with the book on my hands, I'll ask directly to the developers. Thanks, @AgniAvis72
  8. @AgniAvis72 , You're Breaking My Heart (Thank you for the reply!)
  9. Do we have Ortolans? Can I play as an Ortolan? I need to play as an Ortolan. Does the book include vehicles and gear?
  10. Thanks for sharing your notes Do we have information pre-Episode I? Do we have information about the Clone Wars campaigns? any maps? I know this is an odd question, but since we have all career signature abilities and all specs, is there any suggestion of what to do with the Jedi / Clone soldier career when you want additional specs? For example, can you take specs as career specs from other careers (A Jedi taking specs from Warrior career)?
  11. It didn't feel identified with the initial premise of the video, nor the review of events in the OT vs TLJ. But overall, a good video. Speaking of celebration, It was surprising the amount of love for EU. I can't recall if it was in the Mandalorian or Clone Wars Panel, but a lot of applause for using EU as reference.
  12. Maybe a way to sell a career compendium is selling something similar to the Monstrous Compendium from AD&D 2nd. To quote "(..)perforated pages, meant to be separated and placed in binders that were also sold as part of the Compendium packages." That way you could have a big binder including all the talents, and buy career packs to add in your binder. Are you interested only in EotE? Then only buy those careers. Are you interested in the Universal spec? Buy those too. Ideally, they would sell them cheap since (in many cases) you are buying the product twice. Edit: Also, it's easy to make a copy for your players.
  13. What about an adult (and hungry) Rancor?
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