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  1. I for one can't wait for a "Brakiss" card…I know it's a dream..I can always make a CUSTOM card. I'm almost done with BLANK templates if anybody is interested in making customs.
  2. Reklawyad said: Excellent that seems to start me off in the right direction. Any suggestion on sleeves? I'm quite picky on having the sleeves al cut the same and would prefer nothing on the front so no text gets covered up. Just use CLEAR dragon shield's. I don't care what anybody says, THEY ARE THE BEST SLEEVES PERIOD. Actually any sleeves will do. If you want to make sure you're not blocking text stay away from Ultro-Pro's they have a hologram circle on all the fronts of their sleeves.
  3. Aliens vs. Predators vs. Marines or Falling Skies would be nice..
  4. Hey Tom it's Gabe. We'll have to get together at GenCon and play some Star Wars..
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/NWISTARWARSLCG/ Feel free to join.
  6. NW Indiana and Chicagoland Facebook Group <------- Join and discuss events or setting up play dates…
  7. ****…Rick Rolling the guy..that's dirty…
  8. Good job guys. Makes goinf to the gym less of a FORCE struggle…
  9. For example Defense Protocol has a "REACTION" on it. Can I chose not to activate it or is it a must? If I can chose then say I have 2 in play can I use one and not the other?
  10. DailyRich said: As long as they don't specify "Limit 1 per deck" (in which case you wouldn't have two to play anyway), there's nothing in the rules limiting you to having one copy of an objective in play at a time. Thanks. I was looking and looking so I figured as much but just wanted to make sure.
  11. I'm sure I missed this but is it possible to have 2 of the same Objectives out at the same time. So if im playing 2x Fall of the Jedi can I have both in play at the same time? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I don't see where it says you can't unless the Objective is limited to 1. Thanks.
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