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  1. Hadanelith said: "Gensokyo Horror"? Link please? Sounds neat. Shining Aquas: these are some really neat investigators and mechanics. Some of them are quite powerful, or have quite powerful items (that Tangle of Thorns spell is just epically powerful, for instance). Love the idea on Zappa, that's just cool. Your previous set was also awesome. Please, do post the rest of your stuff, I'm loving what we've seen so far. http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Gensokyo_Horror I was looking through this and wanted to see try and balance their game and get things running. I can't find any means to contact the original creator but I would love to see this all come to fruition.
  2. Tibs said: Selphy said: So you're mainly saying to just throw everything together and have at it? If you're into that, and if you already know each expansion well enough on its own, then I say go for it. This kind of play is worth trying at least once once, as you may not wind up liking it. Certainly there are players who prefer one big and one small expansion. But it is definitely not a good way to learn about expansions. I wasn't planning on buying every expansion instantly and throw it into one big mess. I'm planning on buying them in order still. I think for now I'll just play with Dunwich and a small expansion until I pick up the next board expansion which should be Kingsport Horror, then eventually Innsmouth Horror right? Is it possible to play with all the expansion boards at once? I'm just kind of thinking about the future because this game is so addicting, I just want to play it again and again. Is there any expansions not really worth buying? I'm thinking eventually, after playing each expansion, I would like to just mash everything up together but are there some expansions that just don't work well like that?
  3. Tibs said: Partly because I don't want to sort, and partly because I want to see as much stuff in use as possible, I prefer all-expansion games. However, I would highly discourage any new player from doing that until they're well acquainted with every expansion, and at least every base-game Ancient One. So you're mainly saying to just throw everything together and have at it?
  4. Part of me really wants to use every single expansion in one game, but then there would be an insane amount of mythos cards to compensate for each expansion. I don't mind taking the time to think about set it up, but I would like to pick and choose what from what expansion should be used and what can be left out. The main problem is deciding what is worth keeping. If you know what I mean.
  5. My friends and I have been getting into Arkham Horror a lot more lately and so I decided to add to the game by buying some of the expansions. We were going in order so I picked up Curse of the Dark Pharaoh and just recently Dunwich Horror. We've just been combining decks but I feel the decks are getting too large. I was wondering what to do about this. Would it be better to play with the base cards plus a single expansion? Or should I look through each expansion and take certain cards out to make a "master" deck for locations, arkham, mythos, and other world decks which include every expansion I have? Also, would it be a bad idea to play with every expansion active at one time?
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