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  1. I guess you are right Griton. In the end, fan apps will need to be developed keeping that in mind. Thanks for your reply.
  2. I have received the same mail and I'm really upset. I don't know why they treat us like that. Both apps, your's and mine, are completely free and do no harm to anybody. I've asked if it is possible to continue with the project removing the images, but your's doesn't have any (official, I mean) and sitll got the same mail. Sorry Amphiprion, your app was truly great. I was looking forward to future updates.
  3. I'm really sorry, but it's only available for Android. I just don't have more time to develop the app for another OS. Maybe in a future, but now is impossible.
  4. Hi everyone. Since I was having problems choosing the monster group that was more appropriate for the encounter that I was about to play, I decided to develop an application with a database of all existing monsters (both 1st and 2nd Edition). I'm not trying to compete with the "Descent Assistant v2" app, since my goal is different. I'm very happy with the other app, but it lacks the characteristics of all monsters (minion and leader) for each act (I and II) are not shown in an easy way and there is no description for the abilities. At the moment, this is what is supported: Version 1.0.0 All released expansions included (Descent 1st Ed, Well of Darkness, Altar of Despair, Tomb of Ice, Descent 2nd Ed, Lair of Wyrm and Labyrinth of Ruin). Trait and attack type filtering. Enable/Disable expansions via settings. Supported Languages: English/Spanish. Complete monster stats (attack type, attack/defense dice, health, speed, name, monster group size, abilities, traits and base size). Version 1.1.0 is likely to be published by the end of next week and it will add: Images for all monsters. Descriptions for each ability (with integrated icons for awareness, might, etc..) The app is completely free with no adds. If you want to give it a try, just search for Descent Monsters in the Play Store or press the follwing link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmerin.descentmonsters If you find any kind of errors or you have suggestions, don't hesitate to tell me. I hope you enjoy it! Here are some screenshots:
  5. Whoa, excelent post John. It helped me too. Thanks!
  6. Oh... I wanted to say "since you'r not playing as it was designed". Sorry. It's late and I'm tired.
  7. Well, I appreciate all the feedback. However, I think I'm with Dam regarding house rules. I know house ruling improves the gaming experiencie because it makes it closer to what you're expecting. The problem, IMHO, is that house rules tend to create problems in the group of players since you're playing exactly the game as it was designed. This is not criticism. Games should be made to enjoy and if with those home rules the gaming experience is more enjoyable for your group then that's great. Nevertheless, I don't really like them. First, because I'm paying a lot of money not only for the components of the game but for a set of rules tested that makes the game tight. Secondly, as I said before, it does more harm than good (at least in my group). From my only play, in which we lost, I think that the game is tough as it is. The suggested house rules make increases the difficulty of the game. However, thank you both for all the anwsers. I really appreciate them. I'm buying the gaming tomorrow. Seeya!
  8. ^-^. I can only give you a good anwser to the first question and my best guess to the second. In Spain a new copy costs 80 euros, that is 107 dolars, quite a lot. Second hand the game costs me 55 euros, that is 75 dolars. As you can imagine there are more thant 30 bucks of difference. I always like to buy new games but prices in Spain are quite high comparing them with USA prices. In this cases, if the game has been treated with care, I prefer saving some money and buy more games (like Gears of war xD) Regarding the second question, here in Spain we still are waiting for the first two expansions. Maybe the owner just got tired of waiting and bored with the 7 missions. Or maybe he just didn't enjoy the game very much. I'm just glad he's selling it.
  9. Neither do I. I've played the game once and I didn't get the feeling that the tokens might fall off easily. Thank you very much. With that info II think I'm going to buy it. Thanks again!
  10. Hi everyone! I'm going to buy a second-hand copy of this wonderful game but it's last owner told me that figures and monster tokens are glued to the stand. I wanted to know if this may be an inconvenience in the future. I mean, here in Spain the two first expansions haven not been released yet and I don't know if these expansions bring new creature tokens. Can anybody help me? Does anyone know if the new expansions bring new monster tokens? Does it make sense to create new monster tokens for the monsters of the base game? I need to know to finally decide wether I should buy the game or not. Thanks in advance.
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