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  1. His wording makes it sound like he can attack himself, but then you say that's not right but then say you like his wording. Your statement doesn't make sense
  2. Corbin's wording makes it sound like he can attack his self, so your comment doesn't make sense.
  3. before we even START I know the SPIRIT of the rule is so he can collect a bounty on each character. That being said. His wording makes it sound that you get a number of pvp attacks based on the number of players and not so much one per each player, yes? Once per hero per game, you may spend an action to challenge an undefeated hero in your hex. By this reading in a 4 player game counting himself he gets 4 pvp attacks Wouldn't a better wording have been "You may challenge each other hero once per game"? Or am I just wrong about the spirit of this?
  4. Can someone explain to me, like I'm five, the point of this? It seems like it just gives the first player a better distance to your ships.
  5. So is Dodonava (or how ever it is spelled) for a fleet or just for when your flag ship does crit?
  6. Just wanted to make sure, but his ability is only for HIS ship right? not the whole fleet?
  7. I've never played in a store tourney or any organized play. Is 5.00 an ok fee for them to charge or is that about average?
  8. Ok. But I don't HAVE to spend the token even if I use the dial for the command right? Just hold it until whenever?
  9. If I revel a concentrate fire dial and have a token, can I use the dial on one fire and the token on the second attack? The squadron dial / token, does it let squadrons move "out of phase"? In other words does it happen when you flip it over? If this was in the rule book can someone tell me the page? Sorry ahead of time for the newb questions.
  10. The card states they suffer wounds, is there no defense roll?
  11. Using Jyn and her nimble ability, does she get to move out of turn or is the movement saved? I just wanted to make sure.
  12. Killer. Thanks. Wish they had maybe left the rewards blank.
  13. On the reward it says "credits" does that just mean what you get from the game itself or is there bonus if you finish it?
  14. 1. if the card is exhausted can you still self-destruct at the end of a turn? 2. if the above is yes, if it blows up the last terminal in Aftermath AND wounds the last hero...who wins?
  15. Does anyone have it? I'd love a pic of it, digital book downloaders can't get it.
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