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  1. I agree with TyrionXavier. I think you can't use that ability because you don't have a skill point. Its similar to: "Instead of use 1 movement, you heal 1 stamina" (its an example). You cant use this effect if you can't move.. or if it's your third action and you can't do anything else, you can't use it. I don't know, I see it so...
  2. Hi everyone, We have a doubt about the Alien Statue card, of the Season of the Witch expansion. Can you play that card when you have no any skill counter? I mean.. it says: "Instead of spending a skill point on an attribute test, you may take 1 Mark of the Witch to add 3 to the required attribute", if you don't have any skill counter, I understand you can't "choose" to take 1 Mark of the Witch instead spend a skill point, right? We have been one and half hour discussing this issue but we didn't agree on anything.. Thank you.
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