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  1. -Istaril

    The 2.0 rule book.

    AH, yes, I see the X-wing 1.0 RR establishes a priority of source for those things - my apologies. Previous games (e.g. LCGs) have made cannots absolute regardless of source, and ensured they worded anything they wanted to have cards build exceptions to as "may not" "does not" or other word choices.
  2. -Istaril

    The 2.0 rule book.

    I am aware that card texts overrule rules text, granting additional permissions. However, in X-wing 1.0 (and in basically every FFG game to date), a "Cannot" is absolute. No rules text can override a "cannot".
  3. -Istaril

    The 2.0 rule book.

    I understand it's not the RR, and the RR will supercede this, but... it is a bit sloppy. For instance, there's a bunch of "cannots" that we already know pilots can override, and should be written in such a way as to avoid an absolute. I'm not entirely clear on the "Learn to Play, Rule Book, *and* Rules reference" approach either.
  4. -Istaril

    Fallen from favour plot

    It's a common choice when you have no characters, or are about to (e.g. you expect a Valar).
  5. You pretty much have to read and follow all character's texts all the time (while they're in play). So, for instance, if Tyrion and Cersei start an intrigue challenge, you'll get to use Tyrion's "Stealth" keyword, initiate his reaction to initiating an intrigue challenge (gaining 2 gold), and, if Cersei is still around when you win and apply claim, you'll have her increase to your claim too. However, if you were to launch that same challenge with just Cersei, Tyrion could *still* trigger his reaction (he only cares that an intrigue was initiated, not whether he participated, or even who started the intrigue), but since he's not part of the challenge his "stealth" keyword and STR wouldn't matter.
  6. 1) Yes. If Jousting Contest is revealed, you may only declare a single character as attacker per challenge (and your opponent may only declare a single defender per challenge). When your opponent gets a chance to attack, he'll be under the same restrictions (max 1 declared attacker per challenge), as will you (max 1 declared defender per challenge) The situation you describe is correct. Advanced note: Some card effects will allow characters to participate in a challenge through means *other* than being declared as an attacker/defender (e.g. "Wardens of the North", "Kennel Master", "Dolorous Edd" - to take examples that are not from the core). 2) Under normal circumstances, you may declare any number of attackers provided they are eligible (e.g. are standing, have the right icon). Each character will contribute its STR to the resolution of the challenge; you would add Rattleshirt's Raiders STR to that of the Vanguard Lancer, in your example. If Jousting Contest is revealed, you cannot declare multiple attackers. Either way, you may only initiate each challenge once (but you are not obliged ot initiate all 3 challenges - or any challenges, if you choose not to). 3) Yes. If the attacker wins a challenge, the only "inherent" effects (he might have other effects, like Rattleshirt's Raiders's reaction, that trigger off of winning a challenge) are the unopposed bonus (if there is a total of 0 str on the defending side) and the claim. In a military challenge, the losing player chooses a number of different characters equal to the claim value on the attacking player's plot card and kills them. 4) Nope! We're not on the same page here! Remember this is a location. You would marshal it once for its 2 gold cost, and then it would stay in play from then on (unless another card caused it to leave play) without any form of upkeep. Furthermore, the card says *nothing* about kneeling; you don't need to kneel it for either of its abilities (the additional dom strength or the modifier to reserve), and in fact, even if it were knelt by an opponent (say, Lordsport Shipwright (Core)), it would still contribute both of its effects. Those effects are constant effects, you don't need to "play" the effects. As a direct contrast, see a card like Gates of Winterfell; you pay gold to put it into play, but then you specifically need to kneel it to use its effect. 5) Somewhat. It means that each character (in play) is discarded from play (put in the discard pile). This includes your own characters and your opponents. Note that Varys is not discarded; he is specifically removed from the game in order to pay the cost of the ability and get the effect (mechanically this is so he is harder to recycle back into your deck to re-use repeatedly, with cards like Rebuilding (Core)). To clarify your understanding; a duplicate is not a character (it's just a "second life" if you will for the character its on). When Varys triggers, each character is discarded from play - but a player with a duplicated character could choose to discard the duplicate to save the character, preventing the character from leaving play. Attachments on characters that actually left play would return to their owner's hands, except, as you say, terminal attachments - those would end up in the discard pile.
  7. 2. Wraiths applies a 'cap' (it's not a question of the order you apply them, the point is that Wraiths is subtracting 2 from their reserve AND ensuring their reserve cannot drop below 2). If you haven't checked out thronesdb or cardgamedb, both have rules sections more active than this one; the latter has collections of existing rulings associated with cards (e.g. Wraiths in their Midst), while the former has more discussions about the minutiae
  8. -Istaril

    Beyond the Wall, Season 4 Episode 00

    Thanks for reaching out, Tekwych! We have talked a little about Patreon - certainly, The White Book has gone that route (as have many LOTR LCG podcasts). We're still ambivalent - while some of the problems are solved by throwing a little more money at things (a new hosting, a new assembly software), we don't inherently mind doing that ourselves. We've certainly sunk a fair bit in international shipping of prizes, printing our alt-art cards, microphones and other related expenses! The catch is the things we're not sure we can throw money at, only time; editing (especially for episodes where things under an NDA get discussed and subsequently edited out), scheduling with guests, research. That said, I know The White Book has taken advantage of 3rd party editing. It's something we want to look into, even if we still have to do our own for episodes touching on more delicate topics (FFG employees, etc).
  9. -Istaril

    How Is 2nd Edition Doing?

    Probably not the best forum to ask, as the official site here is a bit of a ghost town! You'll have more luck on the cardgamedb boards, or the facebook group for AGOT 2nd edition. Relative to 1st edition, some big metas have dwindled (Madrid and DC, for instance, seems to be down), others have exploded; there's a thriving Southeast asia circuit, the Polish meta is enormous, etc. Overall, numbers are definitely up, although we're probably nearing the point where the barrier to entry is high enough as to dissuade the rapid growth we'd been seeing initially (2 full cycles, 2 deluxe, 3x core for a complete card pool). From the competitive/community standpoint, it's certainly bigger than ever: Gencon sold out faster than every other LCG (Continental Championships), and Stahleck was, once again, the largest thrones tournament ever (despite being capped!). Community tools for tracking tournament attendance have improved. As for the quality of the game itself, well the cardpool is still expanding rapidly (no gap between the 2nd and 3rd cycles, 3rd deluxe already on its way), so there's more depth to the cardpool and it's paying off - factions that had no chance before (NW, for instance, and GJ went through a rough patch) are now among the very best and there's more variety in playstyles. While some people object to the 'put you on the clock' dominance or NW decks, the meta's in a place where it has the depth to adjust to these new strategies. The only faction with real cause for complaint right now is Martell, and it's largely due to them being bad against specific decks that are prevalent right now.
  10. -Istaril

    Anywhere to play in/near Montreal, QC, Canada ?

    There's a facebook group for both Montreal and Quebec City. We (Quebec City) just recently hosted a 19 person SC, and we meet every Thursday for game nights at L'Imaginaire (Place Laurier). The Montreal meta is a little more scattered between 2-3 locations, but there's a very healthy community there as all.
  11. -Istaril

    Keyword, rules & explanations

    They're also all on the back of the Learn to Play guide, as a handy reference (alongside some other things handy to have for your first few games!)
  12. Yup, you were right. The relevant explanation touches on this line, in "Intrigue Claim" of the Rules: "When a player loses an intrigue () challenge as the defending player, that player must discard a number of random cards from his or her hand equal to the claim value on the attacking player’s revealed plot card. If the player has fewer cards in hand than would satisfy claim, as much of the claim as possible must be satisfied. " That is to say, the rules allow you to apply claim but discard no cards (in fact, you can apply a claim of 0), with the basic idea that it works as an "if able" situation. Furthermore, while a player can't initiate an ability that wouldn't change the game state, the game can - forced reactions, when revealeds, claim, dominance and other framework actions are still initiated by the game, and can resolve unsuccessfully. The game doing so still creates a triggering condition.
  13. -Istaril

    New Player in Fort Myers, FL

    This forum is a bit quiet, and more of the activity (forum wise) is on another FFG-owned site, cardgamedb.com. You're likely to have prompter and more detailed replies there. I agree with only sleeving cards in actual "active" decks, and storing the rest unsleeved (I store mine in binders, because I like to browse them) - definitely the cheaper option. Personally, I'm pretty fond of the ultra-pro matte sleeves, although well-sized matte sleeves from several companies will all be fine (I've heard good things about KMC Hyper Matte, and obviously seen a lot of Dragon Shield matte). If you're interested in tournament play, it's best to get opaque sleeves that hide the card-back, since official alt-arts and the like have a slightly different coloration (as they're printed in-house) and you can only play them in opaque sleeves.
  14. -Istaril

    First Impressions

    It's... not really possible to reach a succesful resolution besides dying a horrible death if you don't go into the Cellar and Attic. You need enough clues to advance the act deck... and the Hallway has no clues, the Parlour is blocked off by its text. I think you may have missed something important!
  15. -Istaril

    Chapter Packs and Spoilers (BOOK READERS)!

    A couple of points; the core and first cycle are primarily set in the first book (with some exceptions made for factions that don't feature prominently in that book, like Martell and Greyjoy), and, as a general rule, the subsequent cycles will follow along book by book. So by the time you've finished book 1, cycle 1 should be pretty safe! There are a lot of 'spoilers' in the packs, but many of them are the sort of spoiler you wouldn't neccesarily notice unless you knew what you were looking at. For instance, consider the card text on Summer and Bran - each respresents a fair bit of book material, or the core card "The things I do for love" is thematic in art and mechanics... but an uninitiated person probably wouldn't associate that card with any specific event until after reading the books.