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  1. Not with a limit of one per account and a deadline that's coming soon sadly. I know it's not perfect and not blaming FFG, I just find it weird that they took out the cheaper shipping option, because I'm pretty sure it's not more money for them, just for USPS (or whoever ships, can't remember)
  2. I live in Canada, and before registering, I checked with a normal Naboo fighter the shipping cost from FFG directly. I had two options, one at 12$, the other one at 40$. So I said sure, 12$ US for shipping isn't so bad. But with the code for the Special Edition, I just have the 40$ option for shipping. I emailed them, but I won't pay 40$ shipping for it. So I guess there is a good chance that a lot (not all) of international winners will end up not ordering it.
  3. For another ship of the same size in Canada in their store, I can choose between First Class International at 12.25$ or Priority International at 40.15$. For the Limited Edition, I don't seem to have a choice, so it's 40.15$ and I can't seem to combine with anything else to get more value... I've written to them, will see if they answer. If not, seems a lot of International lottery winners will leave their codes unused and it will all end in the U.S....
  4. I don't have them yet, so I went with what I read online. Of course with a knife everything is customizable, but if using phase I is doable, it might give me better results.
  5. I want to start building a phase 2 clone army, with Rex, phase 2 clones, arc troopers and Barc (to begin with). I have dice and everything from my rebel army so no need for the starter. (I'll try to get Obi from someone who bought 2 starters). I heard that phase 2 clones have almost no customization options. If I use some headless heads, I think I'll have some spare phase 2 helmets. Could I put them on phase 1 bodies (trooper or expansion). I think the body armor is close enough (phase 1 vs phase 2). I wouldn't use illegal heavy options, or personnel upgrade, but I don't want 5 kneeling z6 troopers.
  6. Ok, will try that. Thanks !
  7. Hello, I printed the Commerce Guild from Corvus and wanted to put it on a permanent board. I glued a small styrofoam board to a hardboard, because I knew painting the styrofoam would bend it. I did not expect the same result with the styrofoam glued to a hardboard. Any trick to prevent that in the future or "repair it" ? Thanks As you can see on the picture, I can put my movement template between the table and the edge of the board. The board was straight after gluing the styrofoam, so I'm pretty sure it was the paint that forced the reaction. P.S. I know my print isn't perfect, maybe I'll reprint some pieces later.
  8. Outmaneuver lets your dodge a Crit result it seems
  9. How about something like 2 levels of pierce. Light pierce would not work against armor, only troopers. Heavy pierce would work against everything. It makes vehicules more resistant, and makes you think about including real anti-tank guns. And a keyword like control X, where the unit counts as X unit leader for the purpose of objective control. Like the At-st could have control 3, but the airspeeder being always on the move should not have it. My 2 cents P.s. I know those would require reprints or something, maybe a list on the rules reference...
  10. I've got a core set plus one dice pack, and I know I'll get more dice with the Clone Wars starter, so I'll be at 9 dice each. And who knows if they come up with a third starter for more factions, so no more dice pack for me.
  11. Viperhook

    Premium bases

    Anyone painted the premium bases ? Just bought them and would like an inspiration.
  12. Thanks. Mistakes were made as it was the first tournament for a couple of the players, but everyone loved the experience.
  13. Went to my first tourney and this came up. I charged a flamer AT-RT with wookies but did not kill him. Then he activated, aimed and flamed me. I know he's not engaged, but the way I read the rules reference, since he was in base contact, he should have used the melee weapon, or he could have moved backward and flamed but he would have lost his aim right ?
  14. What about Jyn and Pathfinder's Infiltrate, might be good for killing snipers, so maybe we'll see less of them.
  15. Well in my case, I'm waiting for Clone Wars to jump in for several reasons. Hope they do the same thing that Runewars did (Essential box, so no need for starter). I will start with a new faction that not everyone have. And my interest in X-Wing (which was renewed with 2.0) is starting to go back down.
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