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  1. Viperhook

    Premium bases

    Anyone painted the premium bases ? Just bought them and would like an inspiration.
  2. Thanks. Mistakes were made as it was the first tournament for a couple of the players, but everyone loved the experience.
  3. Went to my first tourney and this came up. I charged a flamer AT-RT with wookies but did not kill him. Then he activated, aimed and flamed me. I know he's not engaged, but the way I read the rules reference, since he was in base contact, he should have used the melee weapon, or he could have moved backward and flamed but he would have lost his aim right ?
  4. What about Jyn and Pathfinder's Infiltrate, might be good for killing snipers, so maybe we'll see less of them.
  5. Well in my case, I'm waiting for Clone Wars to jump in for several reasons. Hope they do the same thing that Runewars did (Essential box, so no need for starter). I will start with a new faction that not everyone have. And my interest in X-Wing (which was renewed with 2.0) is starting to go back down.
  6. They can't sell it directly, even at gencon. I've check other stores like coolstuffin but didn't see any.
  7. I'll add them to the webstore soon. Working on getting it up to date. Not easy to do everything as a one man army !
  8. It was updated today or yesterday, so he should be able now (Preorder Tarkin and Uscru). We have to keep the pressure on to get the Lothal Wastes on preorder soon enough to have it on release day.
  9. With the right pressure, I just had news from my rep that we'll be able to have the new mats (Uscru and Tarkin) for sale soon in Canada. I ordered 5 of each for my store, sad I won't have them for GenCon, but at least we'll have them for the other tournaments !
  10. Thanks ManateeX Any idea where to get it ? Is it in store yet ?
  11. Two questions here : 1- Has any store recieved it yet ? I'd love to have it before gencon, easier for the tournament. 2- Do you keep the token in mission (with the dice add). We played as a use once and discard, not so sure anymore.. If it's once per activatiin, change of plans means it could be used twice in a turn, thrice with emperor or elite officer. thanks
  12. Anybody practicing for the NA championship ? This forum seems quiet on the subject... What can I expect to face, especially with the new map. How do you beat ugnuts ? Never saw anyone playing it (in quebec in person or on a stream). Do you think something without Han, Darth or IG can win this ? Any thoughts for preparing for a big tourney like that ?
  13. Any news on the Uscru skirmish map ? Are they released late after they become part of the rotation, or is there an unusual delay ? Thanks
  14. Thanks, Got my tickets for the in-flight report and Imperial Assault tournament Just need to renew my passport now !
  15. Do the world players usually go to gencon also ? Will I get the chance to meet DT there ?
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