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  1. This seems pretty straight forward. Here is what the card says: Flip this card if Greatjon's unit rolls at least three different die results during an attack. All enemy units adjacent to Greatjon's unit take damage based on the die results instead of just the target unit and none can counterattack. You had two red units and one blue unit adjacent. Die results were a red, valor, morale, and two green (not sure how you got 5 dice, but whatever). The die results would be applied to all 3 adjacent units. Red units (assuming they're not cavalry) would take two hits (one red and one valor) and retreat (assuming they aren't stalwart) while blue unit would take a hit from the valor (assuming it's not cavalry) and retreat (assuming it's not stalwart).
  2. I don't think so. I've played with him, and was not able to cash in on his ability (odds are pretty slim you will get three of the same color). Also, his card does not have a refresh ability. So once his special ability is used, he can't use it again.
  3. Here is what is in the rules: Units with this keyword are able to use specialized weapons in order to avoid enemy attacks. After a melee attack against this unit is rolled, the controller of this unit may discard X order tokens (that match the attacking unit's rank) to ignore X hits. *also if they have a polearm, they discard an additional hit. Here is an example: A blue unit for Lannister attacks a unit of Manderly Trident Bearers. They roll three dice and get to hits. The person controlling the Maderly unit can discard one blue order token (from his order pool) to ignore one of the hits. This unit can also ignore the second hit because it has polearm. Basically X is just the number of order tokens used by the person controlling the unit. If you put in 3 tokens, you can avoid 3 hits (plus any additional due to other rules). Hope this helps. EDIT: Also, just so we're on the same page about attacks and hits. If a blue unit attacks a blue unit, it rolls 3 dice. If the result is 2 Greens and a Blue, the unit that was attacked takes one hit. Basically, you have to roll the color of the unit you are attacking to hit it.
  4. You should check out the new mandatory retreat rules that are in the FAQ found on the support site. Units no longer retreat to their board edge as a result of melee combat; they retreat away from the attack. For your first question, hits and retreats are two separate things. Retreats can happen with or without hits made against the unit forced to retreat. Also, if you unit is unable to make the retreat it takes hits. This would include the board edge limiting their movement.
  5. Honestly, I feel it's really hard to capture any board game in a video. You can cut and edit a good how to video, but trying to capture the critical thinking and tense moments is kind of hard in video format. For battle reports, a good place to start is BGG, where a few regulars post some great battle reports with pictures. Here is the latest: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/970993/stark-raving-thorn-in-the-paw
  6. I've used them in skirmish games. Used the skirmish card to get the rank (color) and then picked what commander card I wanted to use. For our skirmish games, we consider any commander card as an option (Like the Mountain's that can light fire).
  7. Sakerio said: My first time posting, so please forgive any ettiquette errors. In the basic set (we do use new and optional rules) the command card that gives +1 movement to 1 unit and +1 attack to another, would the movement modifier apply in situations such as forest? or scenarios like the "Wolf Raiders" when the Lannisters have to move across the River? Any help would be appreciated, thanks! No, the +1 movement just adds to the total ammount of hex spaces you can move. Terrain like forest or buildings do not consider how many spaces of movement are available to the unit, the unit just has to stop if it enters it. Example if a green calvary unit goes into a forest hex on it's first move, it still has to stop there even though it is capable of moving more spaces.
  8. Yes. You will need to place an engagment token, but the attack still flanks.
  9. kalahari said: 1) Retreat units: Does the attacker decides if the target unit have to retreat or no, or they have to always retreat as a result of a a morale result rolled on the attack dice? 2) The only way to burn a terrain hex is with clegane and those who have the socrch the earth abilities given by a battleplan? 3) Commander card that states rally all units. That means that u can rally all of your units or only those of the Comander zone of the commander that you have played the card? 4) Addam Marband ability. When engaged, Addma's unit may execute a flank attack instead of a normal attack. For example you are attacking a desengaged unit with addam who is not engaged with anybody, rules said that you have to first place the engage token and then resolve the attack, does this trigger the ability when engaged of addam?. I understand that alll the attacks of addam they are going to count as a flank attack. 5) Does your turn end when you rally a unit with a order token o a commander card, or afeter rally i could give a move or attack order? 6) Could you sue only the tactic of a commander card without using the command?. If the answer is yes, do you have to discard the card after using the tactic?. 7) When you use a command card to order x units to move/attack, if you attack should you attack with all your ordered units the same target o i could spread the attack? 8) In a parting blow, could i pursue or advance? 9) If i attack with a melee unit from a forest a another unit in a plain, and i place my engage token i still have the maximum of two dice or i should use the plain combat text?. Because in the case of buildings when you attack from a hex containing a building another unit on another terrain, and you have to place your engage token you lose the cover 1. So in conclusion i think that terrain modifiers that you have to read are those where the defending unit is in. 10) Once i have to palce a devastation token on a hex because a terrain have reach its burn limit, should i remove the fire tokens or they are still on play with the same fire level? 1. No, the unit must retreat if there are morale results. Also the errata contains new manditory retreat rules. 2. With the base set yes, besides the spreading of level 4 fire spreading. I believe Beric from BoB expansion has a special ability that can light stuff on fire. 3. Only units in the zone of control. 4. Are you asking can Adam have a flanking attack when counterattacking? I think you are, and yes I believe that he would be able to flank on a counterattack. Also, just so we're clear on counterattacks, you must have something that gives you that ability (like stalwart). 5. You can only place one order which would be the rally. You would have to wait until the next turn to attack or move. 6. Tactics are resolved after the you issue a command from that card. They also apply to the entire board. 7. I'm not sure what you're asking. The order goes like this: move all units, resolve attacks. There are optional rules in the errata that allow you to combine attacks. The errata can be found at the FAQ page for BoW. 8. No, parting blows and advance can only be made after an attack from that unit (pending conditions). 9. Rules clearly state that units in a forest hex get a maximum of 2 dice. Rules also clearly state a unit attacking a unit in a forest hex only get 2 dice. The situation with the building that you allude to can be thought of this way. If a unit attacks a unit in a building, the unit in the building is using it for cover/advantage so they keep the cover 1. If a unit is on a building hex, but attacks an adjacent unit, they forfeit the cover since they have to be outside of the building to attack. 10. Only way to remove a fire token is to put it out with a unit. Unless it's wild fire Others are more than welcome to correct if I have something wrong.
  10. It states that whatever was placed on the board in the first scenario remains, unless it specifically tells you to remove it.
  11. I play a lot of skirmishes and I would say that the battle over Beric is my favorite second to kings ransome (I think that's what it's called were you have to secretly go after one of the opponents leaders).
  12. Rubinon said: @ Spike: Now I get what you were saying: Baratheon has a command tableau for multiplayer games that says "Forces of R'hllor", whereas Stark has Tully, and Lannister has Clansmen. Okay, I don't think that's enough evidence for a "Forces if R'hllor" expansion. I have no idea who the leaders of that expansion should be (except maybe for Axell Florent), and I think FFG has far better options. But it shows again they don't think of Tyrell as a Baratheon expansion, and that's quite nedly. I'm pretty sure that the R'hllor command crest was added so that Baratheon could be split in three just like the other houses. The rules state that any commander can be used with those crest. That being said, the ally expansions have been made so that they can be used with any house ( may not fit with the story). I imagine what ever ally expansion is next will include a new command crest.
  13. sirvolkar said: Oh, and I second the Boltons as an ally force. Imagine the fun you could have taunting your opponent after capturing one of his commanders, knowing full well that they're likely to end up at the end of a flaying knife…or killing the sadistic Bastard of House Bolton, if you prefer! It would be fun to have the Boltons as a "Stark" ally helping Robb, and set up a battle where if moral gets too low, have them switch sides.
  14. Yeah, errors suck. And it would be great if we could get the corrected cards. But honestly think of the time, resources, and money it would take to re-distribute corrected cards. I rather have them acknowledge their mistake, move on, and instead of fixing the problem, invest that into new models and such. Seriously, it's not that big of mistake.
  15. Looks like the tanks include a bonus tank commander. wonder what that's all about.
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