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  1. Abel was created by Imperium to enable a tighter control over the people through religion. His anti-supernatural bent was largely because Imperium wanted the Sylvain and Duk'Zarist equivalents of Imperium(the names escape me) and the Beryls/Shajads to lose power in Gaia. The Church's official public policy is that there is no supernatural at all except for the powers that come from God. Anybody who knows otherwise is a liability. They seal leaks of knowledge by wiping out any witnesses to supernatural(whole towns if necessary).
  2. It is the same, only the magic user uses Magic Projection instead of attack. The defender can get rather large penalties based on what is happening. For instance if you use a fireball on a group of soldiers, none of them are going to be able to block it(since most normal people can't block spells because they don't have ki training) even though that is what most of them want to use. So they are forced to dodge at a penalty listed in the combat modules section. If they also are not fast enough to passively move out of the area of the fireball, then they also take an additional -80 penalty. For most soldiers this will bottom them out to 0 on their final defense value. So if the results under cold for the ice attack indicate the target takes 10% damage, than the target takes 10% of the spell's damage.
  3. The accumulation multiple is how many dp it takes to increase ki accumulation. For instance if I am an shadow with 10 in every stat. I can accumulate 2 ki points per turn per accumulation stat(str, dex, agi, con, willpower, power) or 12 per turn. If I invest an accumulation multiple in dex, then I accumulate 3 dex ki per turn and 2 in every other stat. This is useful if I have a technique that costs me 3 dex ki points, because it allows me to get the technique out in a single turn without burning any fatigue.
  4. Disgruntled Owl said: How do you handle sneak attacks? I havent been able to find anything in the book that talks about it. I get that the suprise bonus will apply and i would probably give the players other advantages e.g from behind and totally obscured, but does the defender still get the chance to defend or do they have to soak the damage? I mean i guess it could be a measure of their senses and skill, that they can some what mitigate the damage and with some luck and the use of armour avoid any real damage. You still get a chance to defend. If they have to soak, then you are double punishing them(minuses for obscured and behind, and further minuses for having to absorb the blow). Some characters in fiction can pull off a defense even if they are surprised. It is hard in Anima, but doable.
  5. Style is basically just a passive skill to look cool while doing other stuff.
  6. Warrior tends to work well for most samurai. As was stated, most of the fighter archtype classes can fit, even a ranger or shadow. I looked at a samurai weapon module: katana, bow, lance, wakizashi, nodachi for a converted Oriental Adventures campaign, but most players don't want to dump that much DP on being more broad in weapon possibilities.
  7. Yeah, but it is a beauty pageant, and it doesn't matter how powerful you are. If one of the npc women happens to be a fashion designer with 10 appearance and tons of style(a freelancer basically), tons of intellectuals, music and speaks well, but no combat skills at all, why does she lose to some martial artist with 7 appearance. The woman obviously is a better example of beauty, but loses just because she doesn't like to hurt people. Or if the martial artist is eliminated early and the NPC is up against somebody like herself it just becomes some boring unskilled slap fight. I could, maybe, see a splash fight(no weapons, just splashing each other in the pool), but nobody wants to see pretty women all beaten and bloody, especially when one of them is proclaimed most beautiful at the end. There are plenty of battle tournaments in Gaia, but including it here seems out of place.
  8. It sounds good so far. Not really sure a battle tournament fits though.
  9. It actually can't. Because blood of the great beasts gives monster powers, and Zen is an essential ability, which Blood of the Great Beasts specifically says it can not grant.
  10. Non overt ki and such are accepted(ie. inhumanity or ki detection) mostly on the basis that they can't really tell you are doing it to call you on it.
  11. The contractors aren't actually emotionless. That is a major point of the first season(and to a lesser extent the second season as well).
  12. The series seems super unbalanced. You have one person who needs to drink a alcohol for climate control(and since she loves beer, she doesn't care) or a fellow with real magic who just has to reveal illusion tricks as a price. And on the other side you have people who have to break their own fingers for flight.
  13. Hrathen said: I have been thinking about running a game in the modern setting, but using the Anima Rules. I think it will work really well. All I think I need to add is guns. I have been wondering about how to do guns. How, much damage do they do, I would guess, lots more than a bow. But Bows are pretty dangerous in Anima. I also have to come up with some more modern armor types. I am kind of thinking about ignoring worn armor all together. I was wondering if anyone out there has tried something similar. What did you decide about guns? What did you decide about modern armor? Did you run into any other issues running Anima in a more modern setting? PS Don't worry about the supernatural stuff, I plan on making the game full of supernatural stuff. Think Dredin Files. My table(two gms with two different games, of which I am one) generally goes with guns in the 60-100 damage range depending on type. Armor is on the thrust table, because guns shouldn't just be auto-superior to energy damage by ignoring AT. Biggest issue with guns, until you get inhumanity, according to the rules for more modern firearms at the back of the corebook, you get no actual defensive skill. Which means you just get your d100+nothing(with additional minuses for ambush or the like) for defenses if you aren't using a supernatural shield. Our group got really sick of ambushes by gun users. One person decided that if you can't beat them join them, and rolled up an agent of a wissenschaft-expy that uses both dual revolvers and the ki techniques of Gunhell after his first character died.
  14. Isn't the repeating crossbow not the best example, as it only counts the reload time when you are out of ammo in your cartridge? And otherwise you can just attack as normal for your Attack ability. Anyway, Ki techniques are entirely about overcoming limitations. It doesn't matter what the rate of fire is on your projectile weapons, if you have a ki technique that adds attacks, then you get the extra attacks as long as you have ammo or projectiles for it.
  15. A few of them appear in the Dramatis Personae minibook. The translation is on cipher studios anima forum in the Gaia section.
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